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Hotel & Restaurant "Standard" Consultancy Package, Features of analysis of current business processes? Features of the menu revision? features of personnel training? What are the features of operational cost analysis? Evaluation of the functionality of physical space?

Hotel & Restaurant "Standard" Consultancy Package* Hotel & Restaurant "Standard" Consultancy Package
* What are the features of analysis of current business processes?
* What are the features of the menu revision?
* What are the features of personnel training?
* What are the features of operational cost analysis?
* What is the evaluation of the functionality of physical space?
   Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
Features of Standard Consultancy Package in My Restaurant and Kitchen Consultancy:
Analysis of Current Business Processes Features:
Due Diligence:
Determining the current status of the business according to 2024 World Gastronomy and Tourism Trends.
Process Mapping:
An analysis in which a step-by-step road map of all processes carried out in the business is prepared.
Efficiency Evaluation:
Determining how efficient the current processes are, considering the Restaurant Concept Types and Features in the World.
Bottleneck Analysis:
Determining the bottlenecks in the processes and areas where there is a high probability of slowing down or making errors, according to business standards, by investigating the Emergency Plan and other analyses.
Features of Menu Revision:
Cost analysis:
Calculation of the costs of the products in Sample Restaurant Menus in gastronomy, Cost Control And Stock and other issues.
Popularity Ranking:
Determining which dishes are most popular in 2024 Restaurant Trends.
Profit Margin Analysis:
Determining the profitability rate of each product in Menu Analysis and menu management in new restaurants and hotel businesses.
Trend Tracking:
Evaluating whether new and popular food trends will be added to the menu in 2024 Hotel Trends and accommodation trends.
Features of Personnel Training:
Basic Service Training:
After the necessary examinations, training of kitchen and service staff on basic issues such as Staff Hierarchy and the Duties, guest service, communication skills, and label rules.
Technical Training:
Especially culinary training and service vocational training, as well as training on food preparation, cooking and presentation techniques.
Hygiene education:
Training on subjects such as hygiene rules, food safety, personal hygiene, kitchen hygiene in hotel and restaurant businesses.
Teamwork Training:
Development of collaboration and team communication skills in Professional Restaurant Management Circular and  Restaurant Management Reports.
Hotel & Restaurant "Standard" Consultancy PackageHotel & Restaurant "Standard" Consultancy Package Features of Operational Cost Analysis:
Examination of Cost Components:
Separately examining cost components such as raw materials, energy, personnel and rent in the New Restaurant Budget.
Profitability Analysis:
Calculating the difference between the total revenues and expenses of the business.
Cost estimates and budget planning for future periods in the new restaurant opening budget.
Optimization Suggestions:
Providing suggestions to reduce costs or increase efficiency.
Evaluation of the Functionality of Physical Space:
Space Layout:
Efficiency in Kitchen Management in à la carte restaurants with international standards, evaluation of the effectiveness of the physical layout of the restaurant or kitchen area.
Traffic Flow:
Analysis of how fluid both staff and Guest Satisfaction and other movements are.
Equipment Placement:
Determining where cooking equipment and other equipment should be positioned most effectively and efficiently for kitchen types.
Ambience Rating:
Evaluating the impact of elements such as lighting, sound and decoration on the Guest experience in Restaurant Concept Design in order to be one of the best restaurants in the city.
These features in sustainable restaurant cuisine and Sustainable Restaurant menu in New Gastronomy Trends define the basic components of a standard Restaurant Consultancy and Hotel Kitchen Consultancy. However, there may be changes and additions to Fine Dining Restaurants depending on the approach of the consulting firm and the specific needs of the business.
The topics I have mentioned above are only outlines. In face-to-face conversations, the details and the road map will be given verbally and in writing to the responsible people in the meetings...
The Responsibilities of the Standard Package End Here...
The information below is just additional information. The titles I mentioned above include the responsibilities of the Standard package. The words marked in Red above and below have nothing to do with the package and are only included for those who want to have more detailed information on the subject.
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Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
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