Small Opening What Does "Small Opening" Mean?Small Opening What Does "Small Opening" Mean?
Ahmet Ozdemir
Coord. Executive Chef 
Restaurant businesses generally try to accept guests for a moment by the operators after they exit the construction phase. While testing the kitchen and service units, gas controls, final controls of the electrical installations, some businesses accept guests. In fact, this is not an absolutely correct theory, and the first guests of the restaurant are usually sent off with disappointment.
In my international gastronomy consultancy , one of my red lines among my service areas and one of the most important issues is that I don't even give "comaç" to anyone without a small opening...
You are likely to encounter the small opening word, " small opening ", generally in European countries and states of the United States.
In Turkey, you can see this habit in brand restaurants , exemplary restaurants or restaurants opened as a result of professional approaches. But when we take into account the 2022 world restaurant trends, I believe that we will encounter it more often from now on.
What Does Small Opening Mean?
So what does "small opening" mean in 2022 new restaurant trends ?
Small Opening What Does "Small Opening" Mean?
* When coming to our new restaurant, please consider that we may have errors in the service,
* There may be delays in the orders you place in our restaurant business,
* You may not like the dishes you choose in our new restaurant menu ,
* Our service and kitchen staff may have defects in service,
* Please note that we do not have a 4/4 service yet,
* We will try to do our best for you,
* We check the errors that may occur in our restaurant system,
* Our new menu types may not be what you want,
* We will try our best to do better,
* We apologize for any mistakes, it won't happen next time….
Small Opening What Does "Small Opening" Mean?
--- you will encounter sentences consisting of similar words in the face of negativities. This is also normal. In other words, since you are the first people to serve the restaurant, you go to that restaurant knowing that there is a "small opening" or you chose us this way, be prepared for these as well.
Yes , we are on the way to become one of the Most Successful Restaurants . Do not bring your very important guests to eat with us for a while and try us yourself. Please reflect your thoughts on the service you have received in our surveys so that we can correct our mistakes by taking these into account and serve you better...
When is the "small opening" held?
The restaurant management has adopted this system in order to be among the Best Restaurants in the City and to have a permanent restaurant in the city, in order to reduce the first impression of them to -0- in negative situations. 
Small Opening What Does "Small Opening" Mean?
-Yes, it may be my fault, but I already do small opening, that is, "small opening". In order to be able to say this more easily in terms of guest satisfaction , the words "Small opening" are included in restaurant promotions and people come knowing this. In addition, at the entrance of the restaurant or in a place where guests can see it, provided that it is not too exaggerated, a poster with a size of 30 cm by 1 meter is hung to make it appear.
How long does the "small opening" last?
It may vary between 4 weeks and 8 weeks in line with the decisions of the professional restaurant management. Here, the shortness or length of the time is related to the efforts of the kitchen training and service personnel at the level of mastery. Since part-time personnel generally work during the fast hours of work in Europe and America, the ideal timing may be 6 weeks.
For restaurant businesses, what are the points that they should pay attention to in small opening, namely "small opening"?
Small Opening What Does "Small Opening" Mean?
*  Speeches By Service Personnel
*  Clear And Short Answers To The Guest,
*  Applications That Can Be Stretched To Guest Demands,
*  The Sound System Of The Restaurant
*  Restaurant Lighting,
*  Food Quality,
*  Never Saying "No" To The Dishes Mentioned İn The Menu,
*  In The Kitchen Or At The Service Bar A Finished Product Code İs "86". (Professional Restaurants Don't Say "Out Of Product" )
*  Notifying The Finished Products İmmediately To The Relevant Personnel As “86”,
*  Cooking Times Of Food
*  The Quality Of The Side Dishes Served Alongside The Meals,
*  Price Policy,
*  Treats To Guests,
*  Hygiene Conditions İn The Restaurant,
*  Cleaning Of Toilets,
*  Minimum Noise During Service,
*  Temperature Of Food
*  Appropriate Behavior According To The New Restaurant Concept Types ,
Afterwards, after the positive feedbacks are corrected, Banquet Menus and Protocol Services, Activity & Banquet meals, where you can host your most important guests on the way to the grand opening, await the restaurant business. Of course, all this is after the necessary changes are made in the Restaurant Management Circular ....
Small Opening What Does "Small Opening" Mean?
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Ahmet Ozdemir
Coord. Executive Chef 
International Restaurant and Cuisine Consultant
Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine World Volunteer Ambassador
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Small Opening What Does "Small Opening" Mean?