How Are Show Kitchens & Open Kitchens Made?How Are Show Kitchens & Open Kitchens Made? What are the Features of Open Kitchens?
Ahmet Ozdemir
Coord. Executive Chef 
What is Show Kitchen? What are its features?
It is one of the options among the answers to the question of how a newly opened restaurant will be successful , although it is a kind of cuisine that is a bit difficult and requires attention . Modern kitchen presentations started to attract attention with new cooking techniques in world gastronomy trends.
Especially after the pandemic, they started to develop new techniques in order to attract more attention from the guests in their à la carte restaurant projects . Developing technologies, new trends, and the most important features in world restaurant trends have already begun to be implemented.
One of the most important features of show kitchens (open restaurant kitchens) where at least one wall is half or fully open is to have a very strong ventilation system.
The cooking shows of the most successful chefs, which we are accustomed to at fairs and festivals, have been reflected in restaurant kitchens and hotel kitchens. Show kitchens are becoming the new trend among the kitchen departments by the kitchen management in professional hotel kitchen organizations . It is a fact that we will see show kitchens, which we have been accustomed to seeing in some fine dining restaurants until today, in middle class and more high class restaurants.
How Are Show Kitchens & Open Kitchens Made?
As I mentioned in my previous article titled New Food Trends & Restaurant Trends in 2022 , it will be one of the reasons why guests prefer restaurants not only in à la carte restaurants , but also in boutique hotels and luxury hotels .
What Does Show Kitchen Or Show Kitchens Mean? What are the Most Important Features of Open Kitchens?
What is Show Kitchen?  What are its features?
Show kitchens are used in restaurant management , which trusts itself and the experience of the kitchen staff , and its employees should have certain experiences. Show kitchens, which have more general expenses compared to normal closed kitchens, also draw attention with their expenses above the standards...
* Fully Open or Kitchen Design Applied Behind the Glass Partition ,
* The Latest Hygiene Rules are Applied in the Gastronomy Sector,
* From Past to Present , Culinary Trends are Transformed into Modern Tastes in Front of Guests,
* Classical and Modern Kitchen Units are Used According to the Restaurant Concept ,
* The Work of the Most Professional Kitchen Attendants . exhibited, 
* Different Characteristics of Experienced Kitchen Workers are Revealed,
* The Culinary Trainings Received with the Accumulation of Years are Revealed in a Few Minutes,
* How a Successful Kitchen Organization Produces as a Team,
* In the main theme, all kinds of work done in the kitchen can be seen by the guests,
How Are Show Kitchens & Open Kitchens Made?
Especially in accordance with the decisions of the restaurant management , for the purpose of guest satisfaction , they are the kitchens where the work in the kitchen is viewed through large screens in areas that the guests cannot see. While dishes are made out of standards in show kitchens, some studies are exaggerated, as the name suggests. If I give a few examples of these; 
* Unreal "Posting" Is Completely In The Foreground,
* Cooks Flame a Little More While Cooking Pan Dishes,
* Dough Makers Do Acrobatic Movements With Dough In Their Hands,
* Steaks are Chopped in a More Showy Way in More Chopping Techniques ,
* Grillers Sometimes Do Special Meat Shows,
* Are there more mobile and showy figures on dinner plates?
* Chefs are more interested in the guests and get their thoughts,
* More room is given to special requests by guests?
* Cağ Kebab And Döner Masters Throw Masat On Their Knives With A Little More Show,
* Smoke is removed from the food plates by using dry ice with carbon dioxide in special food presentations ,
Taste is of course important. But the main features of show kitchens, as I mentioned above, are works based on ostentatiousness. According to the concept of the restaurant, sometimes even private chefs are brought in, especially from the Far East. Because Teppanyaki cooking and presentation concept is very successful in this subject.
What Kinds of Meals Are Cooked in Show Kitchens?
Preparation, storage and storage areas are generally not displayed in show kitchens where different cooking equipment is used compared to sample restaurant menus . Cooking and plate preparation sections are usually either directly visible or via screens. Since show kitchens have a show kitchen planning based on professional techniques, the meals made in the majority are as follows;
* Pan Dishes,
* Grilled Food Options, 
* Steak Types,
* Barbecue Meat Types,
* Aged Meat Varieties,
* Molecular Gastronomy Products from New Food Trends ,
* Types of Food to be Cooked in Classic Ovens,
* Bread Types,
* Pita And Pizza Types,
* Showing Meals in Portable Tandoors,
* Salad Varieties,
* Desserts,
How Are Show Kitchens & Open Kitchens Made?
In addition , some of the cooking equipment used in these kitchens in order to contribute to the Promotion of the Restaurant ; It can be much more than chicken frying machine, age kebab machine, doner machine, sous vide machine, deep fryer, charcoal or lava stone grill, pressure fryer and menu types . Of course, these studies may not be available in every restaurant, as there are new gastronomic trends in the Restaurant Opening Budget .
What is Show Kitchen?  What are its features?
Show kitchens, which have already been implemented in some of the Most Successful Restaurants from past to present, are now indispensable in new restaurant projects. This is a method applied not only in Turkey but also in developed world countries. 
What Is the Purpose of Having a Show Kitchen in a Restaurant?
Show kitchens, which is one of the most asked questions by those who want to open a new restaurant, is a project that is valid for confident restaurants. You cannot employ every kitchen staff in show kitchens, it requires experienced staff. It gives confidence to the guest. Because the guest's eyes are either on the screens or on the kitchen itself. The guest seeks fault, hygiene, cleanliness, attention and care in the preparation of his meal. As the restaurant management, you have already given this opportunity to him by making a show kitchen (open kitchen). 
Open kitchens can create new opportunities for Turkish cuisine, as well as for exhibiting our Local Cuisine Treasures in Turkish Cuisine Promotions in the World.
Open kitchens, also known as show kitchens, are one of the new restaurant marketing strategies in Mostly Brand Restaurants . Open kitchens, that is, show kitchens, which are one of the salvation bagels of restaurants that want to expand their guest portfolio after the pandemic... In general , you give the guest more criticism right in order to have a permanent restaurant . He will surely share his impressions in the Survey and Forms of the Restaurant Management or verbally with those concerned.
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Ahmet Ozdemir
Coord. Executive Chef 
International Restaurant and Cuisine Consultant
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How Are Show Kitchens & Open Kitchens Made?