2024 World Gastronomy Trends...
What are the 2024 World Gastronomy Trends?
Coordinator Chief "Ahmet ÖZDEMİR"
Even though it is at the end of 2023, I will try to indicate the gastronomy trends predicted for 2024, taking into account the articles I have previously written on gastronomy and the developments in world gastronomy. However, the Popular Gastronomy trends observed in recent years seem to highlight issues such as sustainability, health awareness, and the integration of technology into food preparation and presentation in world gastronomy.
I thought it would be appropriate to write the article in the last quarter of 2023. Because I think that next year's gastronomy establishments are renewing their programs these days and starting to work on the necessary preparations. I realized that I touched too much on the details of the main headings in the 2022 and 2023 gastronomy trends that I wrote before. In this article, I will increase the number of titles and briefly touch upon the very important details that I have gained experience in my gastronomy consultancy.
*** What are the 2024 World Gastronomy Trends?
*** What Does 2024 Mean in World Gastronomy?
*** What are the 2024 Restaurant Trends? (Most Successful Restaurants)
*** What are the 2024 Kitchen Trends?
*** What are the 2024 Food Trends?
*** What are the 2024 Beverage Trends?
*** What are the 2024 Accommodation Trends?
*** What are the 2024 Hotel Trends?
*** What Details Will Be Taken into Account in Gastronationalism in World Gastronomy ?
*** How to Prepare for 2024 Gastronomy Trends?
*** What Will Be the Importance of Local Cuisines and Local Flavors in 2024?
*** What Will Be the New Trends in Gastronomy, Food, Beverage, Accommodation, Brand Restaurant and Professional Kitchens in 2024?
*** What will be the biggest differences between the Sustainable Gastronomy Trends of 2022 and 2023 and the World Gastronomy Trends of 2024?
*** What are the recent gastronomic developments in the world?
*** What kind of developments may occur in possible new restaurant technologies and new hotel technologies in 2024?
We can list the possible gastronomy trends for 2024 as follows:We can list the possible gastronomy trends for 2024 as follows:
Sustainability principles such as using local and seasonal products, zero waste goals and reducing plastic use continue to gain popularity.
Plant Based Foods:
Interest in vegan and vegetarian diets is increasing. At the same time, innovative solutions such as meat alternatives, especially laboratory-grown meat, are also becoming popular.
Fermented Products:
kombucha , kimchi and other fermented foods and drinks are at the forefront due to their benefits for intestinal health .
Healthy Living and Immune Supporting Nutrition:
After the pandemic, foods and supplements that support the immune system become even more important.
Technology and Food:
Technological innovations such as smart kitchen appliances, (Kitchen Organizations) applications and artificial intelligence-supported recipe suggestions are becoming more common in the kitchen.
Intercultural Culinary (Culinary Chef) Fusions:
Hybrid recipes and dishes that combine the cuisines of different cultures are becoming popular.
Home Cooking and Education:
The pandemic has increased home cooking habits. This trend may continue with home cooking kits, online cooking courses and interactive kitchen equipment.
Products Suitable for Special Diets:
The popularity of products specifically produced for special diets such as keto , paleo , gluten-free is increasing.
Soft drinks:
With the healthy living trend, non-alcoholic cocktails and drinks are becoming popular.
Experimental and Fun Presentations:
Experience orientation is increasing in gastronomy. The presentation of dishes is becoming as important as their taste.
These predictions about 2024 Gastronomy Trends were made based on the trends observed in 2023. Actual trends of 2024 may differ depending on socioeconomic, cultural and technological changes.
*** What Does 2024 Mean in World Gastronomy?
As of 2024, world gastronomy has been affected by many factors and is shaped by changing consumer habits, technological innovations, global events and environmental concerns. To understand 2024, it is necessary to focus on the determining factors of that period. However, I will express my thoughts on the gastronomy trends of 2024, taking into account the gastronomy trends of 2023 that I have written. However, based on recent trends, I can list the possible major headlines in 2024 as follows.
Sustainability and Environmental Awareness:
Issues such as reducing food waste, sustainable agricultural practices and seafood consumption, and consuming local and seasonal food to reduce the ecological footprint are at the forefront.
Health and Nutrition Awareness:
In the post-pandemic period, people are more focused on health and nutrition. This may increase demand for products such as fermented foods, probiotics , immune system supporting foods.
Technology and Gastronomy:
The use of artificial intelligence, robotics and other technological innovations may increase in the kitchen and restaurants of the future.
Intercultural Fusion:
Interaction between the cuisines of different cultures can lead to new and creative dishes.
Food safety:
Safety standards in food production and distribution may become more important to consumers.
Home Cooking and Digitalization:
The habit of cooking at home, which increased during the pandemic period, may continue with trends such as new kitchen appliances and online cooking courses.
Plant-Based and Alternative Proteins:
Vegan and vegetarian diets may increase in popularity, as well as interest in alternative protein sources, such as laboratory-grown meats.
These are some possible directions of world gastronomy in 2024. However, exact trends and developments may vary depending on global events, technological advances, and consumer preferences at the time.

We can list the possible gastronomy trends for 2024 as follows:

*** What are the 2024 Restaurant Trends?
Based on my additional information in my article on gastronomy trends 2023, it is possible to predict possible trends in the restaurant industry in 2024. However, according to these predictions, while it will make restaurant Consulting services more indispensable, it may not reflect the exact future trends in some geographies. Considering these elements, I can list the possible trends for restaurants Concept Design and other features in 2024 as follows.
Technological Integration:
The use of technological elements such as smart ordering systems, robot waiters, artificial intelligence-supported menus and virtual reality dining experiences may increase in restaurants.
Health and Safety Precautions:
In the post-pandemic era, we may see restaurants focus more on hygiene and safety practices. Air filtration systems, contactless payment options and digital menus can be part of this trend.
Restaurants can invest more in sustainability practices. This can include practices such as reducing food waste, zero waste, sustainable restaurant menus and sourcing local ingredients.
Delivery and Takeaway:
The pandemic has caused restaurants to increase delivery and grab-and-go services. This trend may continue as restaurants develop special menus and packaging solutions for delivery.
Flexible and Transformable Spaces:
It may be trending for restaurants to have flexible spaces designed to quickly adapt to different events and social distancing requirements.
Plant Based Menus:
Demand for vegan and vegetarian options may increase. Restaurants can respond to this demand by offering plant-based meals and alternative proteins.
Intercultural Fusion Menus:
Dishes created by combining different cuisines may become more common in restaurant concept types and restaurant menus.
Personalized Experiences:
Restaurants can highlight individual experiences by offering guests special menus, special drink pairings or personalized services.
Natural and Open Areas:
Outdoor dining and experiences in natural settings may continue to be popular for restaurants.
Trained Personnel in the Field :
It may be an expected trend for restaurant staff to become more educated in food knowledge, wine pairings and service quality.
These predictions are based on observations through 2023. However, to see what 2024 will actually bring, it is necessary to examine the real trends of that period.
*** What are the 2024 Professional Hotel and Restaurant Kitchen Trends?
As someone who has written about 2022 and 2023 world gastronomy trends and based on the knowledge I have gained in my international travels and studies around the world, we can make possible predictions about kitchen (home kitchen) trends in 2024. However, these estimates may not reflect the exact trends at the time. According to these criteria, as Professional Menu Consulting Services Will Increase, I can list the 2024 Professional Hotel and Restaurant Kitchen Trends as follows.
Zero Waste Kitchen:
Waste reduction and circular economy principles can be more adopted.
Use of Local and Seasonal Products:
The use of seasonal products from local farmers may increase.
Energy efficiency:
The use of energy-saving devices and renewable energy sources may increase.
Technology and Automation
Smart Kitchen Devices:
IoT- based devices can optimize energy usage and inventory management.
Artificial Intelligence and Data Analytics:
It can be used to understand guest preferences, manage costs and optimize operations.
Automation and Robots:
Robots and automated systems may be used more for simple tasks.
Nutrition and Health
Healthy Menus:
More plant-based options and functional foods can be added to (Menu Trends) menus.
Allergy-Friendly Options:
There may be menus that meet different dietary needs, such as gluten-free and lactose-free.
Transparent Content Labeling:
More information can be provided about the ingredients and source of foods and beverages.
guest experience
Personalized Service:
Personalized meal recommendations can be offered through mobile applications or smart menus.
Virtual and Mixed Reality:
Presentation of menus or the history of the restaurant through virtual/mixed reality.
Online and Portability:
Online ordering and delivery options may improve further.
Cultural Interaction and Fusion
Ethnic and Fusion Cuisines:
Combining dishes from different cultures to create new and interesting tastes.
Historical and Traditional Dishes:
Serving local and traditional dishes with a modern twist.
Educational Experiences:
Providing educational information on topics such as the history of food or how it is made.
I would especially like to point out that these trends are only my predictions, taking into account the issues I mentioned in my 2022 and 2023 gastronomy trends articles, and they may change over time in some geographies depending on the real developments in the sector.
2024 World Gastronomy Trends...
*** What are the 2024 Food Trends?
Based on the information I have provided in my 2022 and 2023 gastronomy trends articles, we can make a number of predictions about food trends in 2024. However, these predictions may not fully reflect the trends of 2024. I can list possible trends as follows.
Plant Based Foods:
With the increasing popularity of vegan and vegetarian diets, plant-based meals, alternative meat products and dairy products may come to the fore.
Fermented Foods:
Fermented products ( kombucha , kefir, kimchi , etc.) may increase in popularity due to their health benefits.
Increasing time spent at home due to the pandemic may popularize the trend of growing your own food at home.
World Cuisines:
Interest in the cuisines of different cultures may increase, which may increase interest in ethnic dishes and intercultural fusion-style dishes.
Natural and Organic Products:
With increasing awareness of food safety and healthy living, the demand for natural, organic and additive-free foods may increase.
Healthy Snacks:
Healthy, nutritious and natural snack alternatives may be popular instead of processed snacks.
Local and Seasonal Products:
Efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of food may increase interest in local and seasonal produce.
Adaptogens and Superfoods:
Adaptogens (herbal ingredients that help cope with stress) and superfoods ( chia seeds, spirulina , curcumin , etc.) may remain popular.
Personalized Nutrition:
Personalized dietary recommendations based on individuals' genetic, biochemical and lifestyle factors may gain importance.
Digital Dining Experiences:
The popularity of food-related content may increase through virtual cooking courses, online recipe platforms and social media.
These predictions are based on observations through 2023. However, to see what 2024 will actually bring, it is necessary to examine the real trends of that period.
*** What are the 2024 Beverage Trends?
Based on the information I have provided in my 2022 and 2023 gastronomy trends articles, it is possible to predict possible trends in the beverage industry in 2024. However, these estimates may not reflect the exact trends at the time. Considering these elements, I can list the possible trends for beverages in 2024 as follows.
Zero Alcoholic Beverages:
The popularity of non-alcoholic beer, wine and cocktails may continue as health and driving safety awareness increases.
Fermented Beverages:
Kombucha , kefir and other fermented beverages may increase in demand due to their health benefits.
Plant-Based Milk Alternatives:
Almond milk, oat milk, walnut milk, and other plant-based milk alternatives may increase in popularity due to the prevalence of veganism and lactose intolerance .
Stimulant Alternatives:
Besides coffee , matcha , yerba mate and other natural stimulant drinks may be popular.
Sustainable Packaging:
As awareness of the impact of single-use plastics increases, beverage brands may turn to sustainable packaging.
Functional Drinks:
Drinks with specific functions, such as boosting energy, relaxing, focusing or supporting digestion, may be trending.
Artistic Coffee and Tea Presentations:
Artistic presentations such as latte art, colorful matchas , or special tea infusions can be popular.
Premium and Handcrafted Beverages:
Premium beverage options such as handcrafted sodas, specialty cocktails or specialty distilled spirits may stand out.
Superfood Drinks:
Superfood drinks such as acai , curcumin , chia seeds or spirulina may remain popular.
Personalized Drinks:
Preparing personalized drink mixes via QR codes, mobile applications or artificial intelligence-supported machines may be a trend.
These predictions are based on observations through 2023. However, to see what 2024 will actually bring, it is necessary to examine the real trends of that period.
2024 World Gastronomy Trends...
*** What are the 2024 Accommodation Trends?
Based on the information I have provided in my 2022 and 2023 gastronomy trends articles, it is possible to predict possible trends in the hospitality industry in 2024. However, these estimates may not reflect the exact trends at the time. I can list the possible accommodation trends I experienced especially in my Hotel Kitchen Consultancy as follows.
Technology Integration:
smart room systems, digital keys, check -in/ check-out via mobile application and personalized room settings may become more common.
Environmentally friendly approaches such as ecological hotels, sustainable construction materials, energy saving and waste reduction practices may be popular.
Health and Hygiene:
of the pandemic , increased cleaning standards, ventilation systems and technological solutions that reduce contact may come to the fore in hotels.
Personalized Experiences:
Hotels that offer customized room settings, activities or menus based on guests' personal preferences may be trending.
Working from Home Opportunities:
With the popularity of remote working, concepts that offer work spaces in hotels, high-speed internet and office-like facilities may come to the fore.
Local Experiences:
Hotel concepts can focus on local experiences that reflect regional culture, art and cuisines.
Small and Boutique Hotels:
Small and boutique hotels that offer personalized services and authentic experiences may increase in popularity.
Diversity and Inclusion:
Inclusive and diversity-oriented accommodation options that appeal to different cultures, genders and age groups may be trending.
Long Term Stay:
With the rise of working from home and distance learning, the demand for long-term accommodation may increase.
Nature-Oriented Accommodation:
Isolated accommodation options in nature ( e.g. treehouses, chalets) can be especially popular for those who want to escape city life.
These predictions are based on observations through 2023. However, to see what 2024 will actually bring, it is necessary to examine the real trends of that period.
*** What are the 2024 Hotel Trends?
To predict the trends in the hotel industry in 2024, we can list the following possible hotel trends based on the information I have provided in my 2022 and 2023 gastronomy trends articles. However, these predictions are not precise and may not fully reflect how that period will actually develop:
Technological Innovation :
Features such as voice-controlled devices, digital keys, smart lighting and temperature control are expected to become widespread in hotel rooms.
Hygiene and Health:
After the pandemic, hygiene practices in hotels, disinfectant stations, air filtration systems and solutions that reduce contact may come to the fore.
Sustainability and Environmentally Friendly Approaches:
Sustainable practices such as energy-saving solutions, zero waste goals, and the use of organic and local products may increase in popularity.
Personalized Services:
There may be an increasing trend to offer customized room options, activities or menus based on guests' preferences and needs.
Delivering Unique Experiences:
Hotel concepts can offer unique experiences to guests by reflecting local culture, art and natural beauty.
Working Opportunities:
If the remote working trend continues, hotels may be more inclined to offer quality internet connectivity, workspaces, and special packages for business travel.
Wellness and Spa Services:
As the health and wellness trend increases, interest in yoga, meditation, natural therapy and spa services may increase in hotels.
Inclusive and Diverse Services:
Providing inclusive and diverse services for different cultures, age groups and genders may be a trend.
Boutique and Theme Hotels:
Boutique hotels that offer individual experiences, themed hotels that focus on history, art or a particular concept may become popular.
Luxury and Privileged Services:
High-quality services, special privileges, personalized activities and ultra-luxury accommodation experiences may be in demand.
The above predictions are based on observations through 2023. But to see what 2024 will actually bring, it's best to examine the actual trends of that period.
*** What Details Will Be Considered in Gastronationalism in World Gastronomy in 2024 ?
Gastronationalism is a concept that emerged with the aim of preserving and celebrating the culture of a nation or ethnic group by promoting its traditional dishes and drinks. Derived from the combination of the concepts of gastronomy and nationalism, this term means the promotion, protection and protection of the culinary heritage of a nation or ethnic group.
Here are some details to consider for those who study the concept of gastronationalism or want to work in this field:
Historical and Cultural Origins:
Traditional foods and beverages of a country or region reflect the history, geography, social structure and economic conditions of that region. In this context, examining these details is essential to understanding the origin of a dish.
Regional Differences:
A nation's culinary culture may vary depending on geographical regions or ethnic groups. Recognizing and preserving these differences is important in gastronationalism .
Use of Local Products:
Traditional dishes are often prepared with local products. The protection, promotion and sustainable use of these products plays a critical role in gastronationalism .
Traditional Construction Techniques:
Traditional methods of preparing meals determine the character and taste of that dish. It is essential that these techniques are preserved and transferred.
Cultural Interaction and Adaptation:
The culinary culture of a country or region can be shaped by interaction with other cultures throughout history. Identifying and understanding these interactions is important in gastronationalism .
Education and Promotion:
It is critical to organize events such as training programs, workshops, festivals and gastronomy tourism to protect and promote traditional culinary culture.
Producing, collecting and using local products in a sustainable manner is important in terms of both preserving the ecological balance and ensuring the sustainability of traditional culinary culture.
Economic Opportunities:
Gastronationalism can support the local economy. Promoting traditional dishes and drinks can promote gastronomic tourism, which can contribute to the local economy.
Finally, gastronationalism is not just about preserving and promoting foods and drinks; It is also a way for a nation or ethnic group to express its identity and pride in its cultural heritage. Therefore, it is important to consider every aspect of this concept.
2024 World Gastronomy Trends...
*** How to Prepare for 2024 Gastronomy Trends?
To prepare for 2024 gastronomy trends, I can list the following steps and strategies under the following headings.
Do Research:
Pay attention to industry reports, gastronomy magazines, blogs and social media platforms to predict future trends . Posts by innovative restaurants, chefs and food bloggers can also give clues about trends.
Invest in Education:
Keep your team members updated with ongoing training. Learning about new cooking techniques, sustainable practices or emerging food technologies is important in keeping up with trends.
Focus on Sustainability:
Sustainability is a growing trend in the food industry. You can move your business in a sustainable direction by focusing on issues such as the use of local products, waste reduction and energy efficiency.
Embrace Technology:
Modernize your business by investing in technological innovations such as digital menus, online ordering systems or artificial intelligence-powered kitchen tools.
Organize Experimental Events:
Host special events, workshops or theme nights to try new products, cooking techniques or menu items.
Listen to guest Feedback:
Stay in constant communication with your guests to understand what they want. Feedback shows you where your business needs improvement.
Be Flexible:
The world of gastronomy is constantly changing. To adapt your business to these changes, be flexible and don't hesitate to make changes quickly when necessary.
Cultural Awareness:
Getting to know the cuisines of different cultures and creating new creative recipes inspired by these cuisines can help you catch up with global gastronomy trends.
Increase Health and Nutrition Awareness:
The healthy living trend continues. You can contribute to this awareness by offering healthy, organic or diet options in your menu.
Connect with other professionals in the industry by attending gastronomy events, fairs and conferences. Such events provide excellent opportunities to learn new trends and practices.
Finally, it's important to remember that not every trend is right for your business or target audience. When embracing trends, you should make strategic decisions by taking into account your brand identity and the expectations of your guest base.
*** What Will Be the Importance of Local Cuisines and Local Flavors in 2024?
The importance of local cuisines and local flavors may increase in 2024 under the influence of many factors. Here are some possible reasons and reasons for the increasing importance of these cuisines and flavors:
Protection of Cultural Heritage:
Local cuisines reflect the history, culture and lifestyle of a region or community. Preserving local flavors is part of the effort to pass this heritage on to future generations.
Revitalization of Tourism:
Gastronomy tourism is becoming an important sector in many countries and regions. Local flavors can increase the appeal of a destination for tourists.
Consuming local produce limits the carbon footprint by reducing the need to transport food over long distances.
The Quest for Uniqueness and Authenticity:
In a globalizing world, consumers are increasingly seeking more authentic and unique experiences. Local cuisines can provide this authentic experience.
Health Awareness:
Local foods are generally more nutritious because they are fresh and unprocessed. People may be looking for healthier options, which may increase the popularity of local cuisines.
Economic Development:
Promoting local products and cuisines can support local economies. It can increase the overall economic well-being of the community by providing income to farmers, manufacturers, and local businesses.
Celebrating and promoting national or regional identity through gastronomy can lead to an increase in the importance of local cuisines and flavors.
Education and Awareness Raising:
Interest in local cuisines can increase through media, books, workshops and festivals. This is supported by events and materials that tell consumers the value and importance of local cuisines.
Technological developments:
Social media and gastronomy platforms have become important tools to discover local flavors and introduce these flavors to large audiences.
For the reasons mentioned above, we can say that the importance of local cuisines and flavors will increase in 2024. However, it is necessary to closely follow the real trends and dynamics of the period to see what impact these trends will really have.

2024 World Gastronomy Trends...

*** What Will Be the New Trends in Gastronomy, Food, Beverage, Accommodation, Restaurants and Professional Kitchens in 2024?
It is difficult to predict the exact trends regarding gastronomy, food, beverage, accommodation, restaurants and professional kitchens in 2024, but based on the observations observed until 2021 and the predictions of possible future trends, we can list some possible trends in which professional Kitchen Consulting services will be in demand as follows:
Discovery of World Cuisines:
Interest in the cuisines of different cultures continues to increase. African, Central Asian and Latin American cuisines may become more popular.
The promotion and preservation of local and national cuisines may come to the fore.
Plant Based Products:
The popularity of vegan and vegetarian products continues to increase.
Fermented Foods:
Fermented foods may increase in popularity due to the health benefits of probiotics .
More Sustainability:
There may be increased awareness of issues such as waste reduction, use of local products and sustainable hunting.
Zero Alcoholic Beverages:
Non-alcoholic cocktails, beer and wine may gain popularity.
Health Focused Beverages:
adaptogens , prebiotics and probiotics may come to the fore.
Eco-friendly hotels and sustainable accommodation options may become popular.
Personalized Experiences:
Thanks to technology, more options can be offered to personalize the stay experience.
Digital Menus and Ordering:
The tendency to order and pay via QR codes and mobile applications may increase.
Open Spaces:
of the pandemic , the trend of outdoor dining may continue.
Professional Kitchens:
Smart Technologies:
It's possible that artificial intelligence and automation will become more common in kitchens (Innovative Kitchens).
Food Safety and Hygiene:
Higher standards in hygiene and food safety may be adopted after the pandemic.
These trends are predictions based on the information I have provided in my 2022 gastronomy trends and 2023 gastronomy trends articles. However, many factors may influence how these trends will actually take shape by 2024. Therefore, it is important to closely follow current developments and news about the sector.
*** What will be the biggest differences between the Gastronomy Trends of 2022 and 2023 and the World Gastronomy Trends of 2024?
Considering the general trends of the gastronomy world and how these trends may change, you can take the following into consideration when I make a general prediction based on the information I have acquired around the world in line with my personal experiences.
Gastronomy Trends for 2022 and 2023:
Ecologically sustainable products and ethically sourced foods remain popular.
Herbal Nutrition:
Vegan and vegetarian dishes are increasing in popularity.
Local Products:
farm-to-table ' concept, which uses products from local farmers and producers, is popular.
Healthy eating:
Health-promoting foods like fermented foods, probiotics , and superfoods are on the rise.
Application of artificial intelligence and machine learning to gastronomy, for example personalized diets or automated kitchens.
Cultural diversity:
Presenting dishes from different cultures to a wider audience and the rise of ethnic cuisines.
World Gastronomy Trends for 2024 (My Personal Predictions):
Digital Gastronomy:
Integration of more advanced technologies into the dining experience, such as dining experiences through virtual reality or food production with 3D printers.
More Sustainability:
Zero waste kitchens, renewable energy sources and minimizing carbon footprint.
Personalized Nutrition:
Completely personalized diet plans based on genetic data and biometric data.
Foods Produced in a Laboratory Environment:
lab-grown meat or plant-based meat products.
New Nutrition Forms:
For example, the rise of edible seaweeds, algae or insect-based protein sources.
Biggest Differences:
Technological Advances:
It is expected that technology will play a much greater role in gastronomy in 2024.
Sustainability Level:
Deepening the concept of sustainability and extending it to energy use rather than just product sourcing.
Personalized nutrition can become even more sophisticated based on genetic and biometric data.
New Protein Sources:
The emergence of entirely new types of food, such as laboratory-grown foods or alternative protein sources.
It is possible that in 2024, cuisines from more cultures will become mainstream and gastronomy will become more inclusive.
Considering the recent gastronomic developments in the world;
There are many innovations and developments in the world of gastronomy. Among these, the following main topics stand out:
Technology and Innovations
Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning:
Artificial intelligence and machine learning are used to personalize recipes, analyze menus and understand consumer preferences.
3D Food Printers:
3D printers are used especially in special areas such as cake decoration.
Automated Kitchens:
Robots and automated systems, fast It is used in many areas from food chains to luxury restaurants.
Sustainability and Ecology
Zero Waste:
The zero waste movement, which aims to reduce food waste, is becoming popular.
2024 World Gastronomy Trends...
Renewable energy:
Restaurants and food production facilities are transitioning to sustainable energy sources.
Lab-Grown Meat:
Producing animal products in a laboratory environment aims to reduce the environmental impact of meat production.
Health and Nutrition
Functional Foods:
Foods with health benefits, such as probiotics , prebiotics and superfoods, are becoming popular.
Herbal Nutrition:
The number of vegan and vegetarian products is increasing.
Personalized Nutrition:
Personalized diets based on DNA, lifestyle and health data are on the rise.
Cultural and Social Developments
Gastronomy Tourism:
Food culture has become a part of tourist destinations.
Cultural Change and Fusion Cuisines:
Combining dishes from different cultures and creating new tastes is popular.
Home Cooking and Online Courses:
Due to the pandemic, interest in home cooking and online cooking courses has increased.
New Products and Flavors
Alternative Protein Sources:
More research is being done on alternative protein sources such as insects, algae and lab-grown meat.
Innovative Drinks:
Fermented drinks, mocktails and herbal drinks are becoming popular.
These trends and developments show that gastronomy is not only the art of cooking, but also includes many different disciplines such as technology, sustainability, health and cultural interaction.
*** What kind of developments may occur in possible new restaurant technologies and new hotel technologies in 2024?
Although I do not have specific data for 2024, based on current trends, I can list the possible technological developments in the hotel and restaurant industry as follows.
Restaurant Technologies
Artificial Intelligence Menu:
Artificial intelligence can offer personalized menu recommendations based on guest preferences and past orders.
Drone and Robot Deliveries:
Delivery of orders by drones or robots.
Virtual Reality Menus:
Guests can examine menu options in 3D through virtual reality glasses.
Smart Desk Technology:
Guests can order, pay and even play games for fun via smart tables.
Hotel Technologies
Room Access Mobile Applications:
Opening room doors via smartphones.
Artificial Intelligence Assistants:
Artificial intelligence assistants in the room can quickly respond to guests' needs.
Smart Room Systems:
Lighting, air conditioning, television, etc. that can be controlled with IoT devices. features.
Online Check -in / Check-out :
Fast and contactless check-in and check-out via mobile applications.
For Both Sectors
Blockchain Technology:
Blockchain technology can be used for payments, authentication, and even supply chain management .
Big Data and Analytics:
data analysis to better understand guest behavior and optimize operations.
Sustainable Technologies:
Energy-saving appliances, waste management and sustainable food sources.
Digital Reality Tour:
Offering potential guests a digital tour of the hotel or restaurant.
What I have stated above are only some predictions for the future when I evaluate the past and take into account the developments in the last 10 years, and they are details that may change depending on technological developments in hotels and restaurants, guest expectations and global economic conditions...
2024 World Gastronomy Trends...
With each passing day, innovative information, technological developments, natural and organic foods, economic opportunities in nutrition, gastronationalism, gastronomy research and the effort to create difference have become some of the factors that shape the world gastronomy and are among the determining factors in the culinary cultures of geographies. The spread of the Internet has had a great impact on gastronomy through the sharing of information, even in third world countries. On the one hand, the flavors of the past are trying to come to light, on the other hand, molecular gastronomy is trying to return to the past with innovative flavor breezes in the hands of professional chefs...
It should not be forgotten that "hotel and holiday in space" opportunities are also on the agenda, where holidaying in space is discussed and options are discussed...
At the same time, on the one hand, accommodation establishments in skyscrapers resembling spaceports, on the other hand, the transformation of caves and old buildings inspired by primitive times into accommodation establishments while preserving their naturalness. Of course, we should not forget the options of both working and holidaying, which are made and encouraged in natural environments and specially prepared farms. The fact that many more tourism trends are in demand and on the agenda among the 2024 gastronomy trends challenges our imagination.
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2024 World Gastronomy Trends...