Mistakes When Opening a Restaurant

Although new restaurant openings are not as popular as they used to be after the corona virus, there are always opportunities in the gastronomy sector. Business opportunities in the food and beverage sector vary according to the settled order of the cities, the economic strength of the residents and the food culture, the tourism values ​​of the city and the domestic and international commercial portfolio.

The Most Common Mistakes When Opening a New Restaurant...
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Although new restaurant openings are not as popular as they used to be after the corona virus, there are always opportunities in the gastronomy sector. Business opportunities in the food and beverage sector vary according to the settled order of the cities, the economic strength of the residents and the food culture, the tourism values ​​of the city and the domestic and international commercial portfolio.
Today, even if any food and beverage business receives Gastronomy Consultancy , they can still make the same mistakes if they are made on the occasion of experiences that are not aware of the subject, due to the fact that they prefer popular characters rather than being knowledgeable.
Every business owner asks himself what should I pay attention to in order to be a permanent restaurant owner . In fact, one of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to open a new restaurant is How Can I Have the Best Restaurants in the City? It is his thought.
One of the details that should be applied here is Should I Get Restaurant Consultancy for Definite Success ? It brings questions and anxiety to the fore. In 2021, unfortunately, all countries of the world experienced bankruptcies and opportunities after the Corona Virus . Some of these bankruptcies caused new hygiene rules in Culinary Consultancy or Restaurant Concept Design and Consultancy and serious changes in Restaurant Management .
While many operators in the gastronomy sector were looking for Exemplary Restaurants and new restaurant projects in the world, some of them wanted to get rid of bankruptcies in Fusion Cuisine , Molecular Gastronomy , Refined Cuisine , Cooking techniques in Europe and old Istanbul Culinary Culture as a way out or salvation, but they could not achieve the success they aimed.
Today, restaurant rules are being rewritten from scratch. From now on, a lot of things are changing in the gastronomy industry, and it will. In 2021 and before, the understanding of restaurant management seems to have largely disappeared. Although new measures are taken for the coronavirus in the world, the understanding that it will end in a short time is not a matter to be believed in the memory of the society. 
After the pandemic process all over the world, even world-famous fine dining chef restaurants have started to offer takeaway service with new restaurant projects and Sample Restaurant Menus, Menu Types for homes, and Optional Menus, beyond Food and Beverage Consulting .
As we enter the second half of 2021, the Development of Restaurant Business in Turkey , with more different Menu Consultancy options, What Should I Consider When Opening a New Restaurant ? Beyond the questions , What is the Restaurant Concept ? How is it created? He's oriented to his questions.
How to Open a Restaurant , in order not to make more mistakes for those who will open a new restaurant ? He's also on the most wanted list. Although some of the businesses that want to save their current gastronomy investments from the corona virus crisis have turned their agenda into the concepts of Ottoman Palace Cuisine, Ottoman Food Culture , Food, Culture and Identity , Anatolian Culinary Culture , they soon saw that there was no salvation for them.
Because the solution of the crisis is not about Ottoman Palace Cuisine and Contemporary Turkish Cuisine or restaurant Management Circular. Stuttering because I'm doing bad things can cause you to make even bigger mistakes. Being able to maintain your current status today is the greatest achievement. In such a period, investigations and analyzes of Operator Blindness have already disappeared to a large extent.
Some of my experiences as head chef Ahmet Özdemir below, along with the most common mistakes when opening a new restaurant in my Service Areas , in line with my Purposes and Targets , as well as what should be or should not be, Turkish Cuisine and Fusion Savings in Turkish cuisine for the future of Turkish Chefs . I will try to point it out as well.
Of course, it is not possible to write all the details here, but I will try to write some important topics in the main theme. Persons or institutions that need this information can take it into account. They can also contact me for more details on curious issues...
* Make the concept designs of your new restaurant taking into account the factors that may affect you in the city.
* Be prepared to go through difficult days both physically and mentally and prepare yourself well for the difficulties you will encounter psychologically.
* Considering that the city may have the best restaurants in the future , establish your infrastructure well and make sure to work on your corporate identity.
* For sure success in your new restaurant, keep yourself and your staff prepared in this direction by researching who you will serve before opening the restaurant.
* Never take the menu, decoration or any symbol of other restaurants as an example for yourself, if possible, ensure that the restaurant you will open does not resemble other restaurants in order to create its own identity.
* The word customer is never used in food, beverage and accommodation businesses. Have yourself and your employees instill the word "guest" and the understanding of "guest".
* The name of the restaurant you will open and the concept should be similar to each other.
* Your new restaurant's interior decoration, name, and food menu content must be similar to the restaurant's concept.
* Before purchasing the fixtures of your restaurant's kitchen and service departments, make sure to have Menu Planning , Menu Management and Menu Analysis done .
* When making the Sample Restaurant Menus of your new restaurant, which you want to be the best in the city , be sure to examine the supply chain.
* If your new restaurant is in a hotel or accommodation business, prepare the Organization Agreement Text for the banquet programs by examining the guest portfolio, the commercial capacity of the city, the richness of the food culture and the economic conditions of the audience you may have as your guests while making the Sample Hotel Menus .
* Have your Activity & Banquet Menus ready at any time in your new restaurant and your prices will be fixed. Do not forget that any person can ask for a price on Wedding Menus with 3 different names or by e-mail, especially for restaurants that serve their guests from a wider perspective .
* Be sure to get information about the Newspaper Clippings that may appear about you in the print media and try to examine them before they are published. Or have your department prepare them yourself.
* Make sure that the promotional videos of your new restaurant are prepared by professionals and do not avoid the costs in this regard.
* Do not shout at your employees even if they are wrong during the work and try to keep the morale of yourself and your employees high, at least until the work hour is over.
* If your restaurant is alcoholic, make sure that your food menu varieties are prepared in more detail and that you give more space to appetizers and cold appetizers.
* Try not to use foreign words in the Turkish section of your new restaurant menu. Use foreign words in other languages ​​of the menu. (Sometimes there can be funny and meaningless food names) Also, don't let your dishes go out of your restaurant concept. If you want to do it, you can make special dishes from different cuisines, which you will choose from the "menu of the day". 
The Most Common Mistakes When Opening a New Restaurant
* Have your new restaurant 's Special Meal Presentations prepared according to the restaurant concept, at least one from each menu section, and promote it on your official website or in the written and visual media.
* Trust your action managers with their knowledge, not their authority. Reward your employees who inform their colleagues by repairing their mistakes, not complaining.
* Do not bring authority on your employees. If possible, appoint one of your successful staff from the lower staff to the vacated positions so that other employees believe that they can come to better positions in your business over time.
* While preparing the Management Reports in your restaurant that you will open and you want to be one of the best in the city , prepare or have the Management Circular prepared by considering the future of your business, not the people . At the same time, do not break the rules you set yourself with daily rules.
* If possible, show your guests examples of cleanliness and hygiene, not verbally but in substance. (Open kitchen can be a good example of this)
* Your food standards are important. While preparing the Kitchen Management of your new restaurant , try to choose colleagues who know your current menu, not who know everything. Do not forget that the one who knows everything will definitely change your standards one day with what he knows. 
* The lack of information is corrected, but the lack of character cannot be eliminated. Try to create your staff from willing and reliable people that you can train yourself.
* Do not exaggerate your restaurant's food menu too much. This exaggeration will not only be reflected in your Cost calculations in the future, but will also cause problems with storage conditions, freshness, and staffing. After 1 or 2 months, when the dishes you remove from your written menu are requested by your guests, your employees may say “this dish does not exist” and damage your reputation. 
* In your restaurant management, try to organize Questionnaires and Forms, Schedules and Minutes based on written documents as opposed to verbal instructions . These vary according to the service areas and number of employees of each forwarder. In the following periods, forgetfulness of you or your staff should not be reflected to your guests as problems and irreversible problems.
* Try to make long-term agreements with your employees in all restaurant departments. Do not forget that the changing faces in your business will be a negative evaluation in terms of your guest portfolio.
* Try to index some of your employees' earnings to the restaurant's earnings in line with plus and minus amounts. The win-win relationship will reflect positively on guest satisfaction and restaurant turnover. Having your employees under the hammer will increase their responsibilities.
Very good or very bad!!! Very good according to net or very bad according to what? In particular, set the standards of your food quality once and stick to it. Never change your recipe just because a few guests have criticized the dish or recommended additional ingredients. Because it is your quality.
Standard means quality. In the long run, you will definitely have regulars in that standard food variety. (But it is not necessary to break the guest.
-We were thinking of evaluating this situation, it was a hit, thank you. You can evaluate the situation by saying. In cases with 10% complaints in total , food recipes and preparation should be re-examined and evaluated in a remarkable way.) 
You can contact me for more .
Ahmet Ozdemir
Coord. Exc. Chef
Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine World Envoy 
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Mistakes When Opening a Restaurant
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