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Special merits are required in order to work in the kitchen and service departments, which are actually separate departments in the food, beverage and accommodation sector, but are successful when combined with each other as a whole. In this regard, manual dexterity, vocational training and experience in line with knowledge create the peaks of success that result in craftsmanship.


Kitchen Consulting, Menu Consulting, Restaurant Consulting ...

My International and Intercontinental services are sometimes as Hotel Kitchen Consultancy, sometimes as restaurant consultancy, gastronomy consultancy in high kitchens or kitchen consultancy. You can find my "Service Areas" in the headings Embossed in "Red" below...
Special merits are required in order to work in the kitchen and service departments, which are actually separate departments in the food, beverage and accommodation sector, but are successful when combined with each other as a whole. In this regard, manual dexterity, vocational training and experience in line with knowledge create the peaks of success that result in craftsmanship.
In our profession, (Cooking Profession) after a special request, any lack of knowledge is eliminated. Since it requires a separate skill to be able to see who needs what information in Kitchen Trends and service employees after the necessary examinations, relevant businesses receive Cuisine Consultancy services for success-oriented targets in the areas they need.
These services(Turkish cuisine consultancy) sometimes reach their success-oriented goals with vocational training and one-to-one practice beyond just consulting services. 
After the necessary determinations about which of the relevant trainings should be, sometimes the knowledgeable and experienced consultants decide on the subject, (Gastronomy Concepts) and sometimes the experienced business owners. Ultimately, it aims to increase the service quality focused on Guest Satisfaction  or to standardize the services provided.
Establishing your standards in your business means that your regulars who are satisfied with your services will also form over time...
Quality does not mean that a product is very good. Quality means standard and "sustainability". It is important to be able to consistently produce a product as a standard. This means that, for example, in food, Artisan Dishes, beverage and accommodation businesses, a guest who liked a meal 3 months ago can find the same taste in the same way when he arrives 3 months later. We can add to this the standards of behavior and attention of service personnel.
Important reminder note:
My International and Intercontinental Hotel and Restaurant Consultancy Packages include; You can examine the "Standard Package", "Silver Package", "Gold Package", "Turnkey Package", "Platinum Package" options...
Who Wants to Work With Me? What are my Service Areas in Kitchen Consulting and Beverage Food Consulting?
* What are the 2024 Restaurant Trends?
* What are the 2024 Hotel Trends
* What are the 2024 Food Trends?
* What are the 2024 World Gastronomy Trends?
* What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
* What are the Restaurant Concept Types? Restaurant Concept Examples,
* How to Make a Restaurant Opening Budget?
* How to Prepare a New Restaurant Budget?
* Those who want to have a new How to Design a Menu,
* Why My Restaurant Fails, Why My Business Is Bad, What Is The Solution, Those Who Are Seeking,
* Those Who Want to Have a Grand Opening in the Restaurant,
* Those who want to make a small opening in the restaurant,
* What are the latest Hotel And Restaurant Technologies?
* What are the Latest Hotel Kitchen Technologies?
* What are the Latest, Kitchen Technologies and Restaurant Technologies?
You can also get information about the following topics in my consultancy system; Kitchen Consulting System, Restaurant Consulting System, Kitchen Organizations, Open a Successful Restaurant, Restaurant Concept Consultancy, Kitchen Staff Consultancy, My Management Systems, Menu Consulting System....
* What is the Difference of Industrial Kitchen Consultancy from Other Kitchen Consultancy?
* All Kitchen and Service Vocational Trainings ( depends on the Restaurant Concept and the current education level of the employees)
* Food and Beverage Businesses That Have Opened Restaurants Before But Couldn't Achieve The Restaurant Succeed They Wanted,
* Those who aim to change the concept by buying a ready-made restaurant with attractive prices,
* Those who want to increase their service quality by buying a new restaurant,
* Those who want to open a new  Restaurant Trends  and those who want to get support on related issues,
* Boutique Hotels with International Standards
* How is Menu Engineering Applied?
* 4 and 5 star or boutique hotels in the city or touristic that will be newly opened with the Kitchen Planning in the First Kitchen Installation.
* Installation of First Kitchen Units in Star Hotels with International Standards (Urban or Touristic) 
* How to Open a Steak Restaurant with the Purpose of Certain Success, Those Who Want to Get Information About the
* Features of Steakhouse Restaurants,
* Food And Beverage Restaurant Menu Designs (Those Who Want to Change the Menu)
* Those  Who Want Patented Meals Only for the Related Business,
* Those  Who Only Want cooking techniques Specific to the Related Business,
* Those Who Want New Unique Meal Designs Only for the Related Business,
* Especially  those who want to create Kitchen Management,  Organization,  Cost Control And Stock  Surveys and Forms,
* Those Who Want to Create Restaurant Management Circular and  Restaurant Management Reports on Relevant Issues,
* Those Who Want Special Presentation Techniques To Raise Awareness For That Business Only,
* Private State Meals at Home and Abroad,
* The Relationship between Service Errors, Service Compensation Strategies and Customer Satisfaction in Restaurant Businesses...
* Private Holding Board of Directors Meals in Turkey and Abroad,
* Banquet, Protocol Organization  services for Corporate Companies at home and abroad.
* What is an Emergency Plan in Restaurants? How to Implement an Emergency Plan in Restaurants?
* Those who want to get information about Kitchen Planning  in restaurant kitchen or hotel kitchen,
* Those who want to get information about Kitchen Units in Innovative Kitchens, Industrial Kitchens,
* Those Who Want to Have Activity & Banquet Menus Made in Existing (Special Night Menus) or New Restaurant and Hotel Businesses,
* Those Who Want to Have Sample Restaurant Menus  and  Menu Types in (Famous Menu Types) New Restaurant and Hotel Businesses,
* Menu Planning in Restaurant and Hotel Businesses,   Those Who Want to Have Optional Menus,
* Those Who Want to Get Support on Issues such as Menu Analysis  and  Menu Management in New Restaurant and Hotel Businesses, 
* Those who want to have Kitchen Design in luxury restaurant kitchens,
* How to Become a Desired Culinary Chef in Gastronomy Tourism, International Gastronomy?
* In gastronomy enterprises; What are the Staff Hierarchy and the Duties of the Staff?
* What are the Menu Trends of the Future?


* Those who want to learn about their Cooking Equipment  needs in Kitchen Types,
* Those who want to have a Kitchen Organization among those working in restaurant kitchens,
* Those who want to determine the Characteristics of the Kitchen Staff Consultancy in the hotel kitchens (Turkish Cuisine Chefs),
* Those who want to eliminate the connections and organizational deficiencies between the Kitchen Types in private kitchen organizations,
* Those who want to Tourism Trends increase the level of Efficiency in Kitchen Management in à la carte restaurants with international standards,
* What Is Steak From (My Steak Articles) The Best Meat Types? What are the Original Steak Varieties?
* Those who want to receive Culinary Training According to  How to Make a Restaurant Menu  and  Restaurant Concept in highly refined kitchens,
* Those who want the connection and organization of the kitchen departments  in multi-purpose organization kitchens,
* Those who want to have Industrial Kitchen Planning  in restaurant kitchens or city Hotel Kitchen Trends,
* Those who want an audit on Operator Blindness in their restaurant or hotel business(Mystery Shopper Practices),
* International  Gastronomy Consulting  Those who want Halal Gastronomy,
* Those who need Kitchen  Consulting &  Kitchen Consulting in European and Asian countries,
* Those who need Restaurant Consulting service in high kitchens,
* Those who want Food and Beverage Consulting  service with the aim of increasing turnover in service and kitchen departments for different purposes,
* How Is Meat Aged? What Is "Dry Aged"? 
* What are the Hygiene Rules in the Gastronomy Sector?
* What is the Relationship of the Main Kitchen with the Other Sections? 
* Those who want Menu Consulting  with the aim of increasing the service quality for different reasons,
* Those who are thinking of getting Restaurant Concept Design and Consultancy in order to be one of the best restaurants in the city,
* How to Build a New  Restaurant Kitchen? those who think, How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen?
* How to Make a Restaurant Menu, considering that the current menu is insufficient? those who say,
* Considering that the concept is now obsolete,  What is the Restaurant Concept? How is it created? those who research, How to Create a Concept?
* How to Open a Restaurant? How to Open a New Restaurant, Those who want to find themselves in the gastronomy (History Of Gastronomy) sector by saying,
* What should I pay attention to not to do something twice when opening a new restaurant, those who think
* Those who do not want to fall into the Most Common Mistakes When Opening a New Restaurant,
* What's the Sauce, which is nowhere to be found in its new restaurant? How to Make Special Meal Sauces? those who research,
* Those who want to receive Foreign Turkish Chefs and Chefs in TurkishCuisine Services related to Turkish cuisine outside of Turkey,
* Gastronomy enthusiasts (Sustainable Gastronomy) who want to raise awareness with New  Restaurant Projects...
* Those who want to get support about Hotel Kitchen Organization in city hotels or seasonal hotels in new studies.
* Those Who Want to Establish a New A la Carte Kitchen, How to Install an A la Carte Kitchen? What Are its Features?
* Those Who Want to Have a New Show Kitchen, Open Kitchens Established,
* Those who want to make a real restaurant promotion in different sizes and suitable for its purpose, 
* What is Levantine Cuisine? What is the Levantine Called? (Popular Gastronomy)
* Those who want to establish a chain brand restaurant from the beginning, Most Successful Restaurants ?
* Those who want to have Open Buffet Hotel Menus in Example Hotel Restaurant Concepts,
* Those who want to learn about the importance and features of the restaurant food menu,
* Those who want to study about (Mevlevi Culinary Culture) Mevlevi Cuisine in Trends in Gastronomy,
* Those Who Want to Increase the Quality of Service Focused on Guest Satisfaction, Factors Affecting Customers in Restaurant Management,
* Which Kitchens Are My Working Concept?
My Service Areas Sample menu making, design and applied vocational consultancy services from A to Z in the kitchens mentioned below;
Why Is My Restaurant Failing? Why Is My Job Bad, High Restaurant  Concept Types  and Service Areas in the Field of International Cuisine,
* Rich and Rooted Ottoman Palace Cuisine Concept, Ottoman Food Culture,
* Old Istanbul Cuisine Concept,
* Traditional Turkish Cuisine Concept (Turkish Cuisine History, Turkish Culinary Culture), (Ottoman Kitchen History),
* Mediterranean Cuisine and Mediterranean Cuisine,
* Vegetarian Cuisine,
* Traditional  Anatolian Cuisine Concept (Sociology of Food),
* Steak Restaurant with Special Preferences(Successful Restaurant),
* Asian and  Arabian Cuisine Concept,
* Indian Cuisine Concept....
- And as I have stated in the  Picture Frames from the World in my International Professional Studies in 3 continents and over 400 thousand km in the Kitchens, I personally provide consultancy services in the above-mentioned areas, but with my Professional Team when necessary, based on my Professional CV.
But my advice and preferred working order is to train the personnel found by the enterprises themselves in the desired level as the own team of the enterprise and to train them professionally with the desired characteristics...
All these are primarily shaped according to the service options that will be requested by me. It is important which service or services any business owner or institution wants from me. After preparing the feasibility of options on the needed issues, I present the work program with time, cost and " target " results in line with mutual agreement.
You may want to read the other My Kitchen Articles (Top Academic Articles) that I see as the following resource in professional kitchens...
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*  What is the Food & Beverage Department  Organization Chart?
*  What is Gastronomy and  Culinary Science? What is Gastronationalism & Culinary Nationalism?
*  What are Kitchen Sections  in Professional Kitchens? 
*  A Critical Look Special Meal Photo And  Food Stylist, How to Make Special Food Sauces, What is Sauce? 
*  What is the Cultural History, Food History  of Food in Gastronomy Studies?
*  What is the Sous Vide Cooking Method  in Modern Kitchens?
*  What are the Cooking Techniques in Professional Kitchens?
*  The Place of Turkish Cuisine in Fine Dining Restaurants Today 
*  Attention To Be A Permanent Restaurant Owner, What are High Cuisine, Avant-garde Cuisine and  Refined Cuisine?
*  What are the Views on Molecular Gastronomy in Parofesional Kitchens?
*  What is Professional  Hotel Kitchen Information ?
* How is it done? How Is a Hotel Kitchen Made? What are its Features? What Is Considered?
Persons or institutions that have the idea of ​​working with me, you can review my current sample  business agreement text for preliminary information. Agreements are prepared according to mutual agreement clauses in line with the services to be received by individuals and institutions. The texts mentioned in the relevant link are just examples.
Why Consultancy for New Restaurant Openings? What is the Importance of Consulting Professionals in Restaurant Openings? How to Select a Consultant? What Is Considered While Choosing Consultants? What is a Successful Culinary Consultant, a Successful Restaurant Consultant, a Successful Menu Consultant?
There are several important reasons to seek advice when opening a new restaurant:
Expertise and Experience:
Restaurant opening comes with many challenges and complexities. Getting professional support from a consultant allows you to use the expertise and experience in restaurant opening. Consultants are people who have a working background in the restaurant industry and are knowledgeable about restaurant management.
Strategic planning:
For a restaurant to open successfully, strategic planning is required. Consultants help you make a strategic planning by analyzing the company's goals, target audience and competitive environment. This means correctly positioning the restaurant, determining marketing strategies and properly managing operations.
Cost Optimization:
It is important to keep costs under control when opening a restaurant. A consultant guides you through budget planning, cost analysis and efficiency. This enables efficient management of material procurement, personnel management, equipment selection and other cost factors.
Operational Efficiency:
Consultants provide valuable suggestions for optimizing the restaurant's operations. This includes topics such as kitchen layout, workflow, menu engineering, staff training. Operational efficiency enables you to provide fast and quality service.
My important note -01:
 *** You can contact me through my contact information for more information on the subjects specified by labeling, taking into account my professional background in the above article, and to get support for Restaurant ConsultingKitchen Consulting  in the titles within my Service Areas. ***
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
International And Intercontinental
Restaurant Consultant and Kitchen Consultant
World Ambassador of Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine
My important note -02:
You can review my latest work Elysium LAGOS, It may be important for you to see the fine dining, garden restaurant and bistro restaurant menus within the Elysium group...
Network and Collaborations:
A consultant may have an extensive industry network, which may provide you with supplier connections, marketing partnerships or other collaborations. This can help the restaurant succeed more quickly.
It is important to pay attention to the following factors when choosing a consultant:
Experience and References:
Learn about the consultant's experience and background in the restaurant industry. Find out about previous restaurants, testimonials and success stories.
Assess whether the consultant has an area of expertise and experience that fits the restaurant's opening needs. For example, culinary consulting, menu consulting or business consulting.
Communication and Cooperation:
It is important to be able to establish good communication and cooperation with the consultant. Make sure you can work collaboratively with your advisor and make an arrangement that allows you to communicate openly and regularly with him.
A successful culinary consultant (New Gastronomy Trends) is someone who has the expertise to optimize the restaurant's kitchen operations and serve creative dishes. A successful restaurant consultant has the expertise to plan the overall strategies of the business, manage operations and provide marketing guidance.
A successful menu consultant is someone who has expertise in creating, renewing and managing the restaurant's menu. These consultants work to increase the success of the restaurant by considering factors such as the restaurant's target audience, market trends and operational efficiency.
Turkish Cuisine Chefs, Turkish Chef, Restaurant Consultancy, Kitchen Consultancy.
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