• How to Advertise a Restaurant?
  • How to Advertise a Restaurant?
  • How to Advertise a Restaurant?
  • How to Advertise a Restaurant?
  • How to Advertise a Restaurant?
  • How to Advertise a Restaurant?

According to the Restaurant Concept Design , Why Should the Notables of the City Come to Your Restaurant? What Do You Have Worth Preferring? Which of your services do you plan to stand out with? What Are Your Most Ambitious Meals? How do you plan to introduce the greatest..

How to Advertise a Restaurant? "Restaurant Promotion"How to Advertise a Restaurant? "Restaurant Promotion"
Coord. Executive Chef 
You have somehow launched your new restaurant by making serious investments with the aim of certain success and you are getting ready to welcome your first guests. With its bitter and sweet, you are planning to relieve a great tiredness by opening your restaurant to service. Maybe this investment of yours can be punctuated by owning the best restaurants in the city in the future. Well, do you know that opening your restaurant is a new beginning and the main challenge is just starting with different balances?
* According to the Restaurant Concept Design ,
* Why Should the Notables of the City Come to Your Restaurant? 
* What Do You Have Worth Preferring? 
* Which of your services do you plan to stand out with? 
* What Are Your Most Ambitious Meals? 
* How do you plan to introduce the greatest features of your restaurant to your future regulars?
Headlines such as these are the topics that you should focus on and think about the most. I have also included in my article How to Prepare   a New Restaurant Budget , which is one of the articles I have written in the past .
Restaurant promotions are one of the main details that should be included  not only in the restaurant construction budget, but also in the Restaurant Opening Budget .
*  So what are the most economical ways to make the best restaurant promotions ?
*  Which formulas can be applied in restaurant promotions?
*  Which service areas of your new restaurant should you promote?
*  Is there a standard for restaurant promotions?
*  Is the presentation of the restaurant sections important or is the restaurant menu important?
*  What is the role of restaurant management based on guest satisfaction in promotions ?
*  At what stage should social media be used in restaurant definitions?
*  To what extent should the role and importance of social media be in restaurant promotions?
There are sure to be answers to your questions. But these questions do not mean the same for every restaurant. So these are not standard. At the same time, the promotions are related to the seasonal characteristics and the food culture of the region where it is found. You should identify the priority issues in your restaurant promotions.
*  Number of Departments in the Distribution of Tasks in the Restaurant Management Circular
*  Location And Location Of The Restaurant,
*  Details of Your New Restaurant 's Kitchen Types and Menu Types ,
*  Features of the New Restaurant Concept ,
*  Service Areas of Your Restaurant,
*  The Class in which the New Restaurant Has Been Found Compared to the General,
*  Your Guest Portfolio You Plan to Serve, 
*  Your Turnover Targets in Your "Multiplier" Accounts in the New Restaurant Cost Calculations ,
How to Advertise a Restaurant? In line with the joint decisions of the New Restaurant management , promotions of extra income-generating services may be included in addition to the standard services of the restaurant. I mentioned these services in my 2022 World Food Trends & Restaurant Trends article. 
The subject I would like to emphasize in particular is;
Another restaurant's promotional policies cannot be your promotional policy. Promotional policies are prepared again, taking into account the characteristics of each restaurant that I have mentioned above. Restaurant promotions can be accounted for in general expenses, but cannot be seen as an expense. Because restaurant promotions are a key for you to earn more by increasing your turnover and your restaurant's vision, self-confidence, standard and guest satisfaction are presented to your "regulars" - you are doing the right thing by coming to our establishment. It is the reinforcement of thought.
The most accurate and precise restaurant promotions are hosting the guests coming to your restaurant in accordance with your concept. The restaurant principles that I explained in my article titled "The  Importance and Features of the Restaurant Food Menu ", determined by the restaurant management, are very important here.
Sometimes, a guest you offended may actually be promoting you while complaining about you...
I personally disagree with the statement "The guest is always right" in the new restaurant business. There are "principles" in professional restaurant businesses today. If you don't have rules and a service line in an à la carte restaurant business, success may turn away from you. Although restaurant operating principles can be stretched and personalized, other guests should not be a "bad example" and sometimes a "language" appropriate for the guest should be said no.
 Searching and Finding the Answers to the Question  of What Should I Pay Attention to When Opening a New Restaurant Can Be Effective in Your Success-Oriented Work.
But do not forget that the rules, systems and principles should be specific to your restaurant. Just as you have the tailor make your own clothes, you will be more Successful Restaurant in the promotions specific to your restaurant. Another restaurant's promotional activities may seem larger or smaller to you "like a trust suit". The documents and visuals you use in your restaurant promotions should reflect reality and the guests who are affected by them should be able to see the same when they come to your restaurant.
How to Advertise a Restaurant?No matter how much your business gets better, you should definitely discover the reason for this and invest more in that reason...
Usually, restaurant operators try to find the reasons when their business goes bad, and sometimes they terrorize the restaurant. This is a completely wrong concept. When things are good, you have to look for the cause and protect that cause. If you don't know the reasons why your restaurant is getting better or worse, it means you don't have control over your restaurant.
You can read my article on How a Newly Opened Restaurant Succeeds on this subject. If you receive feedback from your existing guests through " Polls and Forms ", you should definitely evaluate them well and know the share of the total guest traffic coming to you due to your promotions on social networks. At the same time, with different techniques, you can try to have the issues that cause operator blindness determined by someone who is knowledgeable in the subject, if necessary, from the eyes of another person.
Turkish-Cuisine-Chefs-Turkish-Chef-Restaurant-Consultancy-Kitchen-Consultancy*  Why Do Guests Prefer You?
*  What Reasons Your Best Regulars Come To Your Restaurant?
*  What Is Your Most Requested Food In Restaurant Menu Analysis ?
*  Who Is Your Favorite Personnel? 
*  What are the Problematic Jobs in Restaurant Management Reports ?
*  Are Schedules and Minutes Made Correctly in Restaurant Management ?
*  What is the Effect of the Restaurant's View on Your Business?
*  What is the Role of the Quality of Your Meals in Guest Satisfaction?
In order to be a permanent restaurant owner , what percentage of the budget restaurant turnover should be allocated for the promotion of a real restaurant?
Here, the continuity of sustainability is more important before the budget. I don't think it will have much effect on the promotion of the restaurant if an advertisement worth thousands of liras in a few days and everything goes quiet afterwards. It is also very important to determine the areas to be advertised in a noticeable way at certain periods and to share your videos properly together with the slogans and images to be used.
*  Follow-up of publications on gastronomy pages and social networks and websites with food and beverage culture by the relevant unit,
*  Making regular posts on your social media accounts that belong to your own business,
*  The style in your social media accounts reflects you,
*  Making your social media posts on a time-planned and regular basis,
*  How much your photos, videos and slogans in your posts reflect the truth and you,
*  Which of your features are advertised for promotional purposes on social media,
*  The rate of mentioning in articles or columns mentioning your service areas and restaurant concept features,
*  On which websites the relevant articles or columns are published,
*  Evaluation of the negative and positive measures of the responses to the comments made on their social posts, 
*  How much you are mentioned among the Best Restaurants in the City ,
How to Advertise a Restaurant?Here are some of the decisions that need to be made by your social network manager, ad management units, and restaurant management. I can't offer a clear restaurant promotion because what needs to be done is not at the same standards for all restaurants.
It would be wrong for me to do this, and it would be misleading.
The key point here is again the features of the restaurant. In this regard, I think it requires you to get consultancy services from professionals about restaurant promotions.
Restaurant promotions, which are one of the most frequently asked questions by those who want to open a restaurant, should be made by a unit you have created or by individuals or organizations that have a foundation in the subject.
Otherwise, your expenses and work may be fruitless. In order to catch tuna, you have to go to sea, you cannot catch tuna in the red. Or you cannot find in Istanbul what you lost in Antalya.
In another analogy, the better the doctor diagnoses his patient, the healthier he can be treated. As a result, buy clothes according to your own measurements or apply to your tailor. 
It may be a healthy decision for the future of the restaurant to allocate minimum 5% of the restaurant turnover to general advertisement and general promotion according to the new gastronomic trends in restaurant promotions, which are among the Reasons for Guests to Prefer Restaurants . This ratio should be structured between advertising and promotion types in the restaurant promotion budget. Advertising and promotion types by the restaurant management can be as follows;
*  3 Monthly Ads,
*  3 Monthly Promotions
*  6 Monthly Promotions,
*  6 Months Ads,
*  Annual Promotions,
*  Related TV. Programs
*  Special Meal Presentations to the Press,
*  Social Network Promotions,
*  Social Network Ads,
*  Daily Newspaper And Magazine News,
*  Newspaper, Magazine and Website Advertisements,
*  Brochures,
*  Advertising Brochures,
Advertising is a separate work, promotion is a separate work. Please do not think that both are the same. In particular, in your restaurant promotions , include Cooking Techniques , Summer Menu, Winter Menu , Service Areas, Restaurant Menus and your special meals. Do not forget that the shape of your restaurant, the quality of your chairs and tables, or your view will bring you a few guests, but your taste is always for a person who eats three meals a day.
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