• How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen?

Food and beverage businesses , which gave their last negative breath on the occasion of full closure in Turkey, are reviewing the latest hygiene rules. Today, restaurant operators have started to restructure their Kitchen Planning while opening new restaurants or in their existing restaurants . Some restaurant owners , taking into account the Restaurant Concept Designs , started to set their own goals, that is, by preparing an Organization Chart according to the Kitchen..


How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen?How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen?

Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR

After the coronavirus and pandemic in 2021, many things have changed not only in Turkey but all over the world. A sentence, before the coronavirus and after the coronavirus, has almost entered the literature. Especially in the food and beverage industry, so much has changed that the gastronomy industry has almost come to the point of extinction.
Food and beverage businesses , which gave their last negative breath on the occasion of full closure in Turkey, are reviewing the latest hygiene rules. Today, restaurant operators have started to restructure their Kitchen Planning while opening new restaurants or in their existing restaurants .
Some restaurant owners , taking into account the Restaurant Concept Designs , started to set their own goals, that is, by preparing an Organization Chart according to the Kitchen Departments they have . Here, the situation is not in favor of making a profit, but in maintaining the current situation of the enterprises.
In order not to fall into the Most Common Mistakes when Opening a New Restaurant, many operators have their Menu Analyzes done by taking into account the Restaurant Menus . Conscious and knowledgeable operators take the kitchen chefs with them , evaluate the Kitchen Units and think about what changes they should make in the Kitchen Types within their structure. Because they are aware that it is not possible to expect success from the old order applications.
When establishing their new How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen, the operators in the gastronomy sector review the lists of additional kitchen supplies, kitchen fixtures and kitchen equipment in their existing kitchens, taking into account the Sample Restaurant Menus . There are also restaurant owners who believe that it will not be possible to prepare themselves for the new order after the coronavirus, and that they should get Gastronomy Consultancy in this regard.
International Kitchen Staff Consultancy ServicesBecause in the new Restaurant Projects , in addition to the Restaurant Concepts that should be taken into account when establishing the restaurant kitchen, they will need new kitchen rules in order to realize the food presentations in the best way , together with new service areas and hygiene rules . They will even reconsider their supply chains against the danger of "contamination".
While many classic restaurants won't change their current food menus, they will reorganize their new kitchens to "come and get" and "takeaway". They will not want to risk too much for sure success in new restaurants , and the number of those who are considering getting Culinary Consultancy on related issues will increase. The reason here is to minimize the risk and  to provide Efficiency in Kitchen Management with Kitchen Organization and a small number of personnel costs .
Restaurant operators and restaurant owners looking for answers in professional kitchens to the questions of How to Open a Restaurant , one of the most sought-after words on the internet, first want to protect their investments and then develop them with flavors and innovations. Even larger restaurants update their Activity & Banquet Menus in addition to their Menu Management within their service area . But even though new investments and new problems arise here, the expected success in the future should not consist of only hope.
Although some of the restaurant operators, who review the latest situations in their current budgets, have come up with the idea of ​​​​taking Restaurant Consultancy , which is given by people who are knowledgeable in the subject, by ensuring their work , the number of business owners who will try their luck in the new period with daily rules is not low. Unfortunately, they have not been able to answer the question "Is it made according to the kitchen?"
One of the issues to be considered in Menu Consultancy when establishing a new restaurant kitchen is the preparation of Optional Menus for different business lunches, company groups and holding dinners, taking into account the size of the restaurant and the details of the service areas . It may be smart gains to add new guest groups to the existing guest portfolios by answering the food offers received by phone and mail method as soon as possible with the most suitable prices and alternative options.
When establishing a New Restaurant Kitchen, it should not be forgotten that in a permanent restaurant business with future goals and where you prepare yourself to become one of the best restaurants in the city , all the above-mentioned issues are integral and interconnected works like the gears of a clock. Inadequate or incompleteness of one of them will pose a problem for your investment to be disabled and reach its goals.
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How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen? What Should Be Considered When Making a Restaurant Kitchen? How to Adjust the Place of Cooking Equipment in the Restaurant Kitchen from the Construction Phase? What should be considered when arranging the locations of the main fixtures and cooking equipment? What are the Connections between Restaurant Menu and Restaurant Kitchen Construction?
When installing a restaurant kitchen, it is important to pay attention to the following factors:
Planning according to business type and menu:
The planning of the restaurant kitchen should be appropriate to the type of business and the menu to be served. Different types of businesses, such as a fast-food restaurant, cafe, or fine dining restaurant, may have different culinary needs. Factors such as the type of food to be served on the menu, the preparation process, the equipment to be used and the need for personnel should be considered.
Space optimization:
In order for the restaurant kitchen to be used efficiently, space optimization should be given importance. Workflow layout, layout of desks, storage areas and locations of cooking equipment should be planned in such a way as to allow the efficient movement of kitchen staff.
Hygiene and safety:
Attention should be paid to hygiene and safety factors in the restaurant kitchen. Consideration should be given to factors such as adequate sanitation areas, garbage disposal points, firefighting equipment and secure electrical connections. It is also important that food preparation and storage areas comply with hygiene standards.
Layout of cooking equipment:
The placement of cooking equipment is important in terms of workflow and efficiency. For example, stoves and ovens should be close to the cooking station, cooling units should be located close to the preparation area. This ensures that food can be prepared easily and served quickly.
Placement of fixtures:
The main fixtures in the restaurant kitchen should be placed in accordance with the kitchen layout. Materials such as pots, pans, cutting boards, kitchen utensils should be arranged in an easily accessible way according to the frequency of use and needs.
Cooperation and communication:
Restaurant cuisine requires effective cooperation and communication between different kitchen staff. Therefore, an order in which employees can easily communicate and an arrangement that supports cooperation should be provided.
Links between restaurant menu and restaurant kitchen construction can be:
Menu items and cooking equipment:
The dishes to be served in the restaurant menu may affect the choice of cooking equipment to be used. For example, a pizzeria may need a wood-fired oven or cooking equipment on a grill.
Storage needs:
Appropriate storage areas are needed for the storage of the ingredients in the menu. For example, a freezer or cold store is essential for storing frozen or fresh items on the menu.
Workflow and preparation areas:
Appropriate workflow and preparation areas should be created for the preparation and presentation of the meals on the menu. For example, special areas such as the fish preparation area for a sushi restaurant or the dough preparation area for a patisserie should be considered.
Personnel needs:
The number of staff and their skills required to prepare the dishes on the menu must be taken into account during the construction of the kitchen. Appropriate personnel planning should be made according to the capacity targeted by the business and the difficulty level of the items on the menu.
Considering these factors, planning should be done in accordance with the needs of the business and the menu during the construction phase of the restaurant kitchen. A successful restaurant kitchen can be created by paying attention to aspects such as workflow, hygiene, safety and efficiency.
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