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What are the Features of My "Turnkey Package" Restaurant and Kitchen Consultancy? How to Plan and Execute All Processes for Establishing the Business from Scratch in Restaurant and Hotel Businesses? Location Selection, Design Budgets and Construction Consultancy...

* Hotel-Restaurant "Turnkey" Consultancy PackageMy International and Intercontinental services are sometimes as Hotel Kitchen Consultancy, sometimes as restaurant consultancy, gastronomy consultancy in high kitchens or kitchen consultancy. You can find my "Service Areas" in the headings Embossed in "Red" below...
* Hotel-Restaurant "Turnkey" Consultancy Package
* What are the Features of My "Turnkey Package" Restaurant and Kitchen Consultancy?
* How to Plan and Execute All Processes for Establishing the Business from Scratch in Restaurant and Hotel Businesses?
* What is Location Selection, Design Budgets and Construction Consultancy in Restaurant and Hotel Businesses?
* What is Consultancy for Business Licenses, Certificates and Other Legal Procedures in Restaurant and Hotel Businesses?
* What is Menu Creation, Equipment Selection, Staff Recruitment and Training in Restaurants and Hotel Businesses?
* What are the Tips of Restaurant Management in Restaurant and Hotel Businesses?
* How to Create Restaurant Management Circulars in Restaurants and Hotels?
* How to Write the Personnel Hierarchy and Duties in Restaurants and Hotels?
  Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
Features of "Turnkey Package" Restaurant and Kitchen Consultancy:
Planning and Execution of All Processes for the Establishment of the Business from Scratch in Restaurant and Hotel Businesses, which is one of the topics I frequently discuss in my online restaurant and Kitchen Consulting in gastronomy  :
Creating a detailed business plan: 
Detailed planning of basic factors such as business model, vision, mission, target audience, New Restaurant Budget planning.
Market analysis: 
Competitor analysis, target audience analysis and evaluation of the needs of the local market, taking into account the new  Restaurant Opening Budget .
Location Selection, Design Budgets and Construction Consultancy:
Location analysis: 
Determining the most suitable location based on factors such as guest traffic, competition and rental prices according to 2024 World Gastronomy and Tourism Trends .
Indoor and outdoor design: 
Planning of aesthetic and functional areas in accordance with Restaurant  Concept Types and Features in the World.
Management of construction and renovation processes: 
Conducting inspections during new Restaurant Projects in cooperation with expert construction companies  .
Consultancy for Business Licenses, Certificates and Other Legal Procedures:
Guidance in obtaining all necessary licenses and permits.
Assisting in obtaining certificates such as food safety and fire safety according to 2024 Hotel Trends and accommodation trends .
Menu Creation, Equipment Selection, Personnel Recruitment and Training:
Menu engineering: 
Creating Sample Restaurant Menus suitable  for material costs, cooking times and target audience  in the importance and features of the restaurant food menu,  Menu Engineering,  Restaurant Menu Design,  Menu Analysis  and  menu management .
Optimum equipment selection: 
Determining the materials required for kitchen  cooking equipment and seating arrangement.
Managing the personnel recruitment process: 
Publishing job postings, interviews, selection processes,  creating "Surveys and Forms" ,  Schedules and Minutes for kitchen and service employees  .
Staff education: 
Organizing training on topics such as service quality,  hygiene rules , guest relations.
Tips for Restaurant Management:
Guidance on issues such as Cost Control And Stock in Food-Beverage and Hotel Businesses  , Guest Relations Management, and how to act in times of crisis.
Creation of Restaurant Management Circular:
Creating Restaurant Management Circular and  Restaurant Management Reports  and procedures on issues such as the general operation of the business, service standards, quality control processes  .
Writing Personnel Hierarchy and Duties:
Defining all positions within the business and  the Staff Hierarchy and the Duties in these positions. For example;  Determination of job descriptions, responsibilities and authorities for positions such as cook, waiter and cashier, with service and  kitchen training .
** Among my consultancy packages, "Turnkey Package" is the most comprehensive consultancy service for restaurant and hotel businesses. This package includes expert guidance at every stage, from the basic setup of the business to operating processes, and aims to help the business achieve success from scratch.
Important note:
The topics I have mentioned above are only outlines. In face-to-face conversations, the details and  the road map will be given verbally and in writing  to the responsible people in the meetings to be held .
Responsibilities of the "Turnkey Package" Consultancy Package End Here...
The information below is just additional information. The topics I mentioned above include the responsibilities of the Turnkey package. The words marked in Red above and below have nothing to do with the package and are only included for those who want to have more detailed information on the subject.

Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR International And Intercontinental Restaurant Consultant and Kitchen Consultant

**** What is the contribution of professional consultancy services in the planning and execution of all processes for the establishment of the business from scratch in Restaurant and Hotel Businesses? What risks do Consultants protect Restaurant and Hotel Businesses from?
Obtaining Pre Opening  professional consultancy services in the establishment of restaurant and hotel businesses from scratch   is of great importance for the successful operation and sustainability of the business. The contributions of us consultants to businesses and their risk protection methods, which I have clearly seen and experienced in Gastronomy, Hotel Kitchen Consultancy, restaurant consultancy  or  kitchen consultancy in high kitchens,  can be listed as follows:
Market Research and Analysis:
Consultants  conduct detailed research on the target audience, competitive situation and market trends in the region where the business will be located in 2024 Restaurant Trends.
Risk Protection: 
It reduces the economic risks of entering the wrong target audience or a saturated market.
Concept and Branding:
In 2024 gastronomy trends  , consultants provide guidance on issues such as branding, logo design, mission and vision creation.
Risk Protection: 
Restaurants of the Future in Gastronomy  reduce the risk of failure with a concept that is not distinctive and unique in the market.
Financial Planning:
It helps create a realistic budget regarding startup costs, operational costs and expected revenues in 2024 World Gastronomy  .
Risk Protection: 
It protects you from running into financial trouble due to unexpected costs and poor budgeting.
Supply Chain and Logistics:
Provides suggestions on Supplier Selection, material purchasing and logistics planning in Gastronomy  .
Risk Protection: 
It protects you from operational disruptions in  the restaurant management due to poor quality material supply or logistics problems  .
Training and Personnel Selection:
It provides support in selecting, training and directing the right personnel in 2024 Professional Kitchens and  Restaurant Kitchen Trends.
Risk Protection: 
It protects against service quality problems that may occur due to inadequately trained or unqualified personnel in 2024 Food Trends.
Location Selection and Design:
It helps to determine the optimal location and carry out effective in-house design.
Risk Protection: 
In New Gastronomy Trends, it protects the operating efficiency from decreasing due to being positioned in the wrong location or dysfunctional design.
Legal and Regulatory Consultancy:
Provides guidance in obtaining relevant licenses, permits and certifications.
Risk Protection: 
It protects against criminal sanctions or suspension of the business's activities due to legal non-compliance.
Marketing and Promotion Strategy:
 Assists in restaurant promotion matters in planning and implementing an effective marketing campaign  .
Risk Protection: 
It protects against the risk of inadequate promotion or not reaching the target audience.
Professional consultants foresee many risks that restaurants and hotel businesses may encounter during the establishment phase of Sustainable Restaurant Cuisine and Sustainable Restaurant Menu Cuisine standards in 2023 World Gastronomy Trends  and offer ways to minimize these risks. This helps the business overcome potential obstacles it may encounter in the beginning and achieve sustainable success.
My important note -01:
 *** You can contact me through my contact information for more information on the subjects specified by labeling, taking into account my professional background in the above article, and to get support for Restaurant ConsultingKitchen Consulting  in the titles within my Service Areas. ***
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
International And Intercontinental
Restaurant Consultant and Kitchen Consultant
World Ambassador of Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine
My important note -02:
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