How to Open a Steak Restaurant? What is Dry Aged? What are the Features of Steakhouse Restaurants?
How to Open a Steak Restaurant? How to Open a Steak Restaurant? What is Dry Aged? What are the Features of Steakhouse Restaurants?
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One of the most sought-after restaurant concepts in Turkey, especially in America and Arab countries, is Steak Restaurant, that is, steakhouse restaurants with its international name. One of the most important products of (Steakhouse) steak restaurants, which serve with à la carte restaurants from the concept of professional à la carte restaurant , is aged and rested meats (Dry Aged). 
How to Open a Steak Restaurant , one of the most frequently asked questions of recent times, How to Set Up an A la Carte Kitchen ? The question has been added.
Especially after the promotion of Turkish cuisine in the world , it is not surprising that the " Best Restaurants in the City" in Arab countries are almost completely full, but the restaurants that do business are "meat restaurants".
So what are the costs of opening (Steakhouse) Steak restaurants or a Steak restaurant? How to Prepare a New Steak Restaurant Budget has already begun to be asked...
Although steakhouse restaurants have different concepts, restaurant costs vary according to the following conditions;
 Will the Steak Restaurant Be Open in the Business Center?
 Will the Steakhouse Open in a Bigger Mall?
 Will the Steak Restaurant be in the City Center or Closer to the City?
 Will the steakhouse be opened in a private and detached building?
 Will the Steakhouse Restaurant Be Open by the Sea?
 Will the Steak Restaurant Be Alcoholic or Non-Alcoholic?
Although the above questions can be multiplied further, they also affect the results of the Restaurant Opening Budget . 
I do not want to give unrealistic figures, taking into account my international professional background , because the figures given are definitely misleading. There are so many different alternatives that it would certainly be misleading for those who give such a figure. When I consider the New Food Trends in 2022, those who want to have one of the most successful restaurants with a result-oriented mindset should make use of the gastronomy consultancy services in my service areas , in order not to encounter surprises in this regard, after forming their thoughts on the main theme .
Even in a ready-made shop, there can be floor and floor differences between the related Restaurant Concept and Concept Designs .
Considering the restaurants opened in 2021 on this subject, the design costs are at least 80,000 - 100,000 dollars, especially in Arab countries, in terms of appearance. Afterwards, if we take into account the tastes of restaurant investors with taste, the sky is the last limit in this regard... The most important thing that I should mention here, tell the professionals of the business what you want to do and ensure that a feasibility is formed by itemizing it. Be sure to ask your interior architect for pricing in your work.
How to Open a Steak Restaurant? What is Dry Aged? What are the Features of Steakhouse Restaurants?
If you are asking How to Succeed a Newly Opened Restaurant in the Food and Beverage Industry , and What to Do to Own a Permanent Restaurant, I will try to give information about Restaurant Projects , taking into account my previous professional articles to the best of my knowledge.
In terms of healthy nutrition, it is not surprising that Steak varieties are more popular with people because of their softness, as they are a fatty meat than a normal steak. In addition, drying the meat by resting provides a different flavor and more softness. Today , these are explained in detail in culinary science and cooking techniques .
In order not to fall into the Most Common Mistakes When Opening a New Restaurant , the most important issue when opening a steak house is where the restaurant should be opened.
When you take into account the expenses you will make, your rental expenses, and the budgets you will spend on Restaurant Promotion , you will start to earn money in a short time since you will be one of the restaurants with a good economic situation and frequented by the upper income class. But here, you should answer the following items in a negative and positive rate, keeping in mind somehow, and you should not forget them. 
 How Many Years Has Your Lease Contract Been Made? 
 Under Which Conditions Can You Extend Your Shop Rent?
 What is the depreciation life of your fixtures and decorations?
 How Reliable Is Your Supply Chain?
 Do the Food Products You Use Have Sustainability?
 Do You Have Any Precautions for the Supply of Kitchen Staff and Service Personnel?
 Who will you work with in Professional Restaurant Management ?
 Have You Created Your Success-Oriented Restaurant Management Circular ?
 Have Necessary Precautions Been Taken in Kitchen Management According to Workflow ?
 Can Your Existing Kitchen Organization Provide Service According to the Number of Incoming Guests?
 Did you give your kitchen staff the necessary kitchen training in order to achieve the service quality you have designed ?
It's not over yet,  the continuation of these questions about Steakhouse Setup Costs will come up on related topics in other paragraphs, and when you say How to Open a Restaurant , you will witness that it is not an easy task. But if you work with people who have a reasonable and logical approach to the subject, you will enjoy your investment and your work.  
How to Open a Steak Restaurant, What is Dry Aged?  What are the Features of Steakhouse Restaurants?
How to Open a Steak Restaurant? What is Dry Aged? What are the Features of Steakhouse Restaurants?
In the answer to the question of How to Set Up a New Restaurant Kitchen , you will encounter new costs after you have Professional Kitchen Design done.
I'm assuming these are probably items already mentioned in the Restaurant Opening Budget. If I talk about the Kitchen Units in the Main Kitchen Planning , one of the most important is the Cooking Equipment and the tools to be used.
Of course, the following are just examples. You will probably use more depending on the restaurant's features and your Menu Types . What are the Equipment Required to Open a Steak Restaurant? What are the fixtures that will be used in the "Kitchen Section" in the Steak Restaurant?
 Deepfreeze with Block Cover (150 Lt)
 Work Bench
 Work Bench With Intermediate Shelf Backless
 Horizontal Type Refrigerator with Drawer
 Garbage Truck (65 Lt)
 Under Hood Shelf
 Hood Lighting Recessed Type
 Hood Wall Mounted Filter
 Upright Refrigerator-3
 Dry Aged Cabinet
 Wall Cabinet
 Wall Shelf-4
 Wall Mounted Hood
 Hand Washing Sink-3
 Electric Oven
 Sink Counter
 Conventional Oven
 Oven Bottom Bench with Base Shelf
 Food Slicing Machine
 Movable Workbench-2
 Inner Tray Kit
 Charcoal Grill
 Fermentation Cabinet
 Microwave Oven 23 Lt
 Mixer (30 Kg)
 Under Counter Cold Wardrobe
 Set Top 4 Cooker
 8 Cooker Range
 Set Top Intermediate Bench
 Deep fryer
 Pressure Fryer
 Set Top Preparation Bench
 Counter Top Bein Marie
 Cold Display Unit
 Tray Transport Trolley
 Under Counter Refrigerator
 Counter Type Cold Cabinet
 Flour Sugar Trolley
 Horizontal Type Refrigerator with Drawer
The taste and presentation of your meals, which is one of the most important tests you will face after the interior features of the restaurant.
Not only known steak varieties, but also rested steak varieties, Argentine steak, Kobe steak, etc. Since you will also have meats, it is necessary to gain the appreciation of the guests with Special Meal Sauces . Of course, despite everything, the kitchen fixtures you will still use are completely related to your Sample Restaurant Menus . At the same time, if you want to stand out in Show Kitchen "Open Kitchens", your kitchen costs will be a little more.
One of the most important questions is How to Age Meat, What is "Dry Aged" ?
How to Open a Steak Restaurant? What is Dry Aged? What are the Features of Steakhouse Restaurants?
The Dishwasher Department, which is one of the other kitchen departments , is very important for the healthy functioning of the business as it carries one of the heaviest loads of the restaurant. In this regard, those who receive restaurant consultancy generally do not experience these problems. Even if you have a very nice kitchen, if you do not build a dishwasher with the necessary features, you will still experience the same problems.
How to Open a Steak Restaurant?  What is Dry Aged?  What are the Features of Steakhouse Restaurants?
Fixtures to be used in the Steak Restaurant (Dishwasher Section) that you will open for a definite success in the sector are as follows in the main theme. Specifically, I would like to point out that it is just an example. These fixtures may increase or decrease depending on the characteristics of the restaurant.    
 Dish Washer - Stripping Funnel
 Dish Washing Machine (With Tunnel Or Lift)
 Dish Washing Machine Output Bench
 Dish Washing Machine Entrance Bench (Sink Counter)
 Garbage Container
 Trash Can (65 Lt)
 Wall Mounted Hood
 Stacking Racks
 Spray Unit
 Grease trap
It is seen that those who do not receive Culinary Consultancy in high-end restaurants or who do not work with people who are knowledgeable in the subject experience serious problems in Banquet Menus and Protocol Services , which are among the Kitchen Types that must provide essential service.
Here , the necessary infrastructure for the relationship and follow-up of the Main Kitchen with the Other Sections must be created by considering it at the beginning of the work. If I need to make an analogy, please do not try to put Renault tires on Ferrari in your serious investments. In my international studies, I have seen those who try because of small costs, it does not work!!!
How to Open a Steak Restaurant?  "Dry Aged & Steakhouse"
After passing the dishwashing room and the main kitchen, I would like to talk about the Service Bar Section, which is one of the most important sections in guest satisfaction . Of course, the fixtures used here will vary according to the characteristics of the restaurant and whether it is alcoholic or not. Just as all parts of a Ferrari are designed according to the power of the engine, the power of the restaurant is the kitchen and the service. It should be designed with the number of people in mind. One of the most important factors here is the number of chairs and the Importance and Features of the Restaurant Food Menu in Menu Management . The smooth service of the restaurant beverage menu and beverage menu is one of them.
How to Open a Steak Restaurant? What is Dry Aged? What are the Features of Steakhouse Restaurants?
What are the fixtures to be used in the Steak Restaurant (Service Bar Section), which is one of the   most frequently asked questions by those who want to open a new restaurant ?
 Bar Blender
 Bar Refrigerator
 Dish Washer
 Ice Breaker
 Ice Machine (40 Kg)
 Work Bench
 Work Bench (With Drawer)
 Work Bench (Base Shelf, Back, Cabinet)
 Tea Cauldron (3 Teapots)
 Wall Mounted Hood
 Sink Counter
 Coffee Mill
 Coffee machine
 Lid Dustbin (65 Lt)
 Solid Fruit Press
 Cocktail Preparation Unit
 Orange Juicer Machine
 Turkish Coffee Machine
 Horizontal Type Refrigerator
Although there are many people who say “I want to open a Steak Restaurant & Steakhouse” in the international position in the gastronomy sector, I also saw those who gave up because of the costs they faced. I also saw those who were halfway through because of the wrong investment feasibility and budgets, which were not made by people who knew the subject. Of course, these are sad situations. If you are going on 1000 km roads with your million-dollar vehicles, you will have navigation. Maybe you can ask in Turkey, but you cannot ask anyone for directions in Europe, America and Arab countries.
Your navigation in this business is your relevant feasibility and budgets prepared by professionals.
Some of the consultations that should be taken in the answer to the question of What Should I Pay Attention to When Opening a New Restaurant, Menu Consulting , How to Make a Restaurant Menu, How to Make a Menu Analysis and Menu Planning are among the most important consultancy. Opening a kitchen and a new restaurant is so important that even Knife Types is more than a detail.
Well (Steakhouse) If I were to talk about the official documents in Turkey in order to open a steak restaurant, these are as follows. But in other countries, legal obligations may require less in some and more in others. Before deciding on this job, you should definitely research the legal requirements to open a Steakhouse & Steak restaurant in Turkey. Some of these are as follows.
 Criminal Records
 Address Notice
 Request Petition for Garbage Container
 Electricity Subscription Documents
 Water Subscription Documents
 Natural Gas Subscription Documents
 Chamber of Commerce Registration Certificate
 Signature Circulars
 SSI Documents
 Photocopy of Deed or Lease Contract
 Copy of Turkish Identity Document
 Certificate of Mastery
 Tax Board
In conclusion, I would like to remind you again.
Best Restaurants, Best Restaurants, Fine Dinnig Restaurant, Sample Restaurant
Answer the questions of How to Prepare a New Restaurant Budget and How to Make a Restaurant Opening Budget for your restaurant investment satisfactorily and have your answers verified by someone who knows, or even a second person. Restaurant costs vary according to countries in international investments. Wherever you are going to make your restaurant investment, make sure to confirm whether your research is based on the current economic data of that country.
In order to have a permanent restaurant in gastronomy , some official works may take a little longer, especially in Arab countries. Considering the necessary delays in advance in your planning will protect you from being wrong. You can see sample restaurants for different restaurant concepts .
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