Who is Executive Chef Ahmet Özdemir

The famous chef, who personally wrote the " cooking oath " for the first time in Turkey , created a virtual cookery library for his young colleagues in the culinary profession, within his own means, on his website . He founded the non-profit Turkish Chef News , again with his personal means, so that Turkish cuisine chefs are better equipped with information from Turkish culinary history.

Who is Coord. Exc. Chef Ahmet Ozdemir? Who is Coord. Exc. Chef Ahmet Ozdemir? 
Born in 1974 in Antalya Gazipaşa, he was born as the 4th and last child of a civil servant family. He completed his primary education at Oba Primary School and started his culinary career in 1989 after secondary school education. Between 1992 and 2004, he developed his professional experience by working as the kitchen chef of Turkey's leading 4 and 5 star touristic facilities. 
Özdemir, who used the title of "chief cook" for the first time in the Turkish cuisine of the Republican era and wanted to be mentioned with this title in his professional life, adopted the principle of keeping the Ottoman palace cuisine and Turkish cuisine promotions alive in his professional work and restaurant menus .
In his professional career, as a head chef, he started to work as a gastronomic consultant on   Mediterranean cuisines, Ottoman palace cuisine, Ottoman and Turkish cuisine, Anatolian folk cuisine and old Istanbul cuisine , as well as restaurant concept design and restaurant consultancy for  new restaurant openings with international standards .
He became one of the most sought after chefs, especially in the openings of VIP restaurants, 5-star and boutique hotels and Holiday Villages in America, European countries and Asia , by establishing the first system and putting it into service.
As the inventor of the head chef, he has 2 unique dishes in his professional life. One of their patented dishes is Topuz Kebab and the other one is Saltanat Sahan . The famous chef, who is also known for the dishes he developed and inventor for the promotion of new restaurants in the field of culinary consultancy in the international gastronomy sector ; He can speak English, German and Spanish languages ​​professionally. 
Özdemir left behind his 32nd year in his culinary adventure.
The famous chef, who personally wrote the " cooking oath " for the first time in Turkey , created a virtual cookery library for his young colleagues in the culinary profession, within his own means, on his website . He founded the non-profit Turkish Chef News , again with his personal means, so that Turkish cuisine chefs are better equipped with information from Turkish culinary history. He realized the " local flavor carriers " project in order to bring local dishes to light in the culinary profession .
Turkish cook news was instrumental in giving Turkish cuisine success certificates to the chefs who contributed to the promotion of Turkish culinary culture, with the decision of the management and advisory board . 
Known for his new restaurant projects in different restaurant concepts , Chef Ahmet Ozdemir traveled 410,000 km in 27 countries in 3 continents, within the scope of his current opportunities, as an Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine World Volunteer Ambassador in his professional life. He made professional presentations to 16 national, domestic and foreign television channels. In addition to his Social Studies , he also made news in 146 local and foreign newspapers and magazines with his professional studies.
Has chef, who is still the chairman of the board of directors and advisory board of Turkish Cook News, and works on Turkish Cuisine and Turkish Chefs having the necessary professional equipment;
He wrote 24 articles and 128 professional and tourism related columns in his professional life, including academia.edu , one of the world-renowned academic sites . With the art of oil painting, which is his second profession, opening a "personal painting exhibition" in Belgium for the first time in the world as a kitchen chef on April 5, 2013 was recorded in the gastronomy world with the  international " het belang van Limburg " newspaper article and Belgian agenda news.
Has chef Ahmet Özdemir still continues his culinary career in the concept of Mediterranean cuisines, especially in the promotion of Turkish cuisine in the international arena.
My International "Professional" Experiences:
Turkey - 13 Years, Asian Countries - 4 Years, European Countries - 5 Years, United States - 4 Years in Different Times.
Training of Expert Chefs in Europe, Asia and the Americas and "Expert"  *  Fine Dining restaurants and Delux Hotels  *  2006 - 2021
Having spent the last 18 years with international standards; His work in Europe, Asian countries and the USA includes Fine Dining restaurants, 5-star hotels and resorts in Washington DC, Geneva, Kuala Lumpur, New York, Brussels, Rotterdam, California, Berlin, Virginia, Boston and Florida states and many famous cities of the world. according to demand with special contracts; I gave service and kitchen training for 6 months, 1 or 2 years. I realized the first kitchen installations and opened them within my international Gastronomy consultancy service areas. 
At the same time , I gave and continue to give master trainer " special"  seminars as a senior " expert " in the training of "expert chefs" who train international cuisine chefs in some gastronomy universities in America and  Turkey. I have been organizing hotel kitchens.For nearly a year, I have been writing articles on “ World gastronomy trends ” professionally, as well as preparing the chef training book for an international gastronomy university.
Eliysium  Group *  Coord. Executive Chef  *  Nigeria  *  Lagos  *  Full-time  *  Fine Dining  * January 21, 2022  *...... 
As Has Aşçıbaşı Ahmet Özdemir , as the kitchens coordinator of the " Eliysium " group in Lagos , Nigeria as of January 21, 2022, I will continue to work on restaurant projects , including the construction phase, to open 4 different restaurants , one of which is "fine dining" , at the same time. I live in the same city.
Hamdan Trading Group  *  Coord. Executive Chef  *  Oman  *  Salalah  *  Full time  *  5 stars  * 17 March 2018  *  17 March 2020
First of all, I would like to state that officially the hotel is a popular city hotel in the 4-star region. But he chose to serve with 4 stars, because according to Oman laws, 5 star standards should include drinks. There are a la carte restaurants in 3 different concepts and a banquet and wedding hall in a separate private building located in the garden. Working mainly on meetings and organizations, Hamdan Plaza Hotel is among the classically preferred places of the city with its à la carte restaurants. I gave vocational training to my current staff (29) by making room menus, a la carte restaurant menus and Activity & Banquet Menus for 2 years. At the Hamdan Plaza Hotel, where I fully fulfilled my professional responsibilities and promises, I decided not to “extend” my contract at the end of my contract and returned to Belgium. www.hamdanoman.com
Kuzenler Tourism Organization  *  Coord. Executive Chef  *  Antalya  *  Full time  *  4 and 5 star hotels 01.01.2001  *  01.01.2006  
coord. Exc. As a chef and manager, I served in the service and kitchen departments of a private company, with full authority and with my 93 staff, in 6 different hotels from a single main kitchen in an inclusive (all inclusive) concept. I coordinated both the main kitchen and the kitchens and restaurants, a la carte bars of the hotels I serve. At the end of my services, I received a certificate of appreciation.
Club Karaburun & Şah-Inn Suite  *  5 Stars  *  Executive Chef  *  F&B Manager  *  Antalya  *  management  *  15.05.1999  *  11.11.2002  
Both the F&B manager and the coordinator in the oldest resort in the region. I worked as a chef. I opened both hotels with a new concept with approximately 192 staff members under me. I managed 7 à la carte e bars, 4 vip restaurants and two separate main kitchens in both hotels of different concepts. I received a certificate of appreciation as a result of my work. Related Appreciation Reference and Acknowledgment. www.karaburunclubhotel.com
Happy Elegant Hotel & Sarıtaş Hotel  *  5 Stars and 4  Stars *  Coord. Executive Chef  *  Alanya  *  Full Time  *  Management  *  01.03.1996  *  01.11.1998    
For 3 years, I was the head chef of both hotels, which are the best facilities in the region. At the end of my 3-year service in the all-inclusive system with approximately 84 personnel in both hotels, I received a commendation for my good relations and professional achievements at the end of the contract. Certificate of Appreciation, Reference-1 and Reference-1 www.happyelegant.com
Vocational Teaching Service in the General Staff  *  11 Separate Provinces and 2 Years Full Time  *  08.08.1994  *  02.02.1996
During my military service, I gave 4-week training on food and beverage and administrative information to the chefs and restaurant chefs of 41 officers' casinos in 11 different provinces with 1st degree protocol value, by the order of the chief of staff of the time. In addition, I gave special training to the executive officers of the officers' clubs in the Istanbul region about protocols and banquets in Sarıyer officer's club. When my military service is over. exchange rate. President and Or. I received a certificate of appreciation from Admiral Vural Beyazıt along with the relevant reference of appreciation.
Hotel Antalya Dedeman And Hotel Conrad Hilton  *  5 Stars  *  Full Time-Management  *  02.02.1994  *  02.08.1994  
I did general practice and internship in food and beverage departments for 6 months. In these two five-star professional facilities in Turkey, I have had great professional gains. I developed my professional career by benefiting from the special interest of my masters and their current experience in protocol-banquet-banquet menus and kitchen management. "Related Reference" www.dedeman.com | www.conradhotels.com 
Hotel Gren Peace  *  4 Stars  *  Head Chef  *  Alanya  *  Full Time  *  Management  *  01.01.1992  *  01.01.1994
It was my first year as a chef in the profession. I became a chef at the age of 19. (Related newspaper clipping) I provided 30% less costly and better quality service in cost controller with my 21 employees compared to previous years. In the circumstances of the day, it was one of the best hotels in the 4-star region. In order to improve myself, I left hotel Antalya Dedeman for internship in my third year. Related Reference and Certificate of Acknowledgment. www.greenpeacehotel.com
Computer skills : 
Apple mac. I have serious computer knowledge beyond expectations in terms of using Mac Osx, Iwork, Pages program, Keynote, Windows - Word, excel, power point, Photoshop, ms project, Ps, Illustrator, Apple professionally. 
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