The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?
The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
Today, especially after the coronavirus epidemic, people or institutions that want to open new restaurants have started to think a little more deeply. They are absolutely right until the end. If you are going to open a new restaurant by making a significant investment, you have to take logical and reasonable steps for the future.
* I wonder if I open a new restaurant in the busiest part of the city? 
* Or should I 'open' my new restaurant at the marina or by the sea?
* How can I create a concept in my new restaurant ?
* So who will I appeal to in my new restaurant? 
* How should the economic situation of my guests be in the restaurant I opened? 
* Which occupational group will I appeal to in my new restaurant? 
* How should I plan a menu ? 
* How should I adjust the location of my restaurant?
* Should white collar workers come to my new restaurant?
* Office workers' lunch saves me'?
* How many staff should I employ in restaurant departments?
* Should I get a very professional chef for my new restaurant?
* Or should I train my new kitchen chef according to my own food menu?
* Should I get Food and beverage consulting service for kitchen and service ?
* If my kitchen chef quits his job at the restaurant I just opened, will I be harmed?
* How can I set up my own staff in the restaurant I will open?
* Is there a chef in my new restaurant who can train the people I choose "in the areas I want"?
* What will an international chef cost my new restaurant?
* Do I have to bring a very famous chef to my new restaurant?
The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?
* Can I get kitchen consultancy service for my new restaurant ?
* Is there a chef who can train my entire kitchen team?
* So what should I pay attention to when opening a new restaurant ?
* Can I save my rent if I open my new restaurant on a busy street?
* How should I adjust my new restaurant's expenses?
* Is there a chef who can give vocational training for the whole restaurant?
* Does a chef understand both the kitchen and the service?
* How much should my income from restaurant costs be based on my current expenses?
* How much should the rent of the new restaurant I will open be?
* How do I create reports and charts for my new restaurant?
* How do I calculate the costs of food recipes?
* How many months do I need to renew the cost control accounts of the food costs?
* What are the hidden costs that will be added extra in prescriptions?
* What is the ratio of the cost of a meal to its selling price?
* How is the selling price of each meal or any beverage adjusted?
* Should I earn the same amount of money on all meals or drinks? 
* What should be the ratio of personnel cost in all expenses of a restaurant?
* What percentage of energy expenses should be in the general expenses of a new restaurant?
* The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?
The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?
* What percentage of rental expenses should be included in the total expenses in a restaurant to be opened?
* How many times the annual rent should the depreciation expenses be in a restaurant to be opened?
* How to create overhead multipliers based on fixture costs of a new restaurant? 
* How long does it take for a new restaurant to start making money?
* How much budget should I allocate for promotion in the new restaurant I will open? 
* How should I promote my new restaurant?
* How useful is it to advertise in newspapers and magazines for new restaurant promotions?
* I wonder if I should promote the chef of my new restaurant to be opened?
* Example Should I promote restaurant menus by keeping them in the foreground?
* When should the promotion of the new restaurant start?
* How to best promote a newly opened restaurant?
* What should I pay attention to in order to have a permanent restaurant in the city ? 
* Should I adjust the prices according to the rent in my new restaurant?
* What should be considered when making a budget for the first 6 months in a restaurant to be opened?
The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?
* When should the small opening of the new restaurant be made?
* When should the grand opening of the new restaurant be held?
* What should be considered in a newly opened restaurant?
* How often should inventory counts be done in a new restaurant?
* Should I get a good manager for my new restaurant?
* Should I get an accountant for my new restaurant?
* Do I need to hire a public relations manager for a newly opened restaurant?
* Should there be only one human resources manager in the restaurant I will open? 
* What are the factors to consider when creating a new restaurant concept?
* Is the new restaurant concept about budget? Or 
* Is the restaurant concept related to the location of the new restaurant?
* Is the concept of the new restaurant related to its current standards?
* How to define "Best Service" in a newly opened restaurant?
* To what extent should the hygiene rules be in the new restaurant to be opened?
* What does quality mean?
* What does standard mean?
* How should a new restaurant be named? How to choose the name of the new restaurant?
The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?
Check your success from time to time with your managers or managers who approve everything you say and say "you are right sir" in every speech... Being good is different, being fair is different! It should be fair to the guest and good staff. Being fair is difficult. Because in order to be fair, you have to say "you're wrong" to someone.
If you want to open a good restaurant, finance is not the only thing you need. If you want to have a permanent restaurant in the food and beverage industry as you move towards 2021, having “sometimes just one difference” among the best restaurants in your category in the city can put you in the best places in the industry. If you can find that difference in nature and be aware of it, if you can put it in your restaurant in a suitable way, success will always be with you.
My most important advice for those who will open new restaurants is "to instill a team mentality in your staff"
Sometimes the service is bad, the waiter blames the cook, Sometimes the food is bad, the cook blames the waiter, the toilets are dirty, even the cleaner blames someone. Even the busboy blames the waiter, the waiter blames the busboy. It's sad, but the cook blames his assistant, the griller solemnly blames his chef. In short, all employees can defend themselves against the manager or the owner of the business by blaming each other in some way. In a way, they justify themselves. 
“You should not be helpless in the middle of meaningless accusations” The solution to some problems in the gastronomy sector is not written in the restaurant handbook...
Unfortunately, academic studies or successes are helpless in such problems... but experiences in the field can see the real problem or the person responsible...
But no manager or business owner can get out of the business by blaming his own staff and his own restaurant against the guest. Once the guest is offended… if he goes quietly without reproaching, he will not come to the relevant restaurant again.
The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?
It is very important to establish the team mentality in the new restaurant staff. One person's success is not important. If you have a team that says "we" rather than "I", success will be with you. If you can raise a team that does not blame each other, but covers each other's mistakes, you will achieve success and be happy in a profitable way.
For such misfortunes, you should receive daily, weekly and monthly documents such as task distribution, responsibilities, related opening and closing reports, management circular, annual reports among your existing employees in your newly opened restaurant. If you don't know what's going on in your business, it means you don't have control over your business. At the same time, you may find yourself on the rocks because that business is a ship in the ocean without a rudder.
In this type of food and beverage businesses, with the relevant follow-up documents:
I recommend you to bring specific rules for your business such as Restaurant Management System , Management Circular, Reports , Kitchen Management , Organization Agreement Text, Cost – Cost , Questionnaire and Forms , Charts and Minutes , Restaurant Management .
Those who are curious about the first 3-4 months usually come to a new restaurant. Don't be fooled by the crowded guest portfolio. Starting from the sixth month, the regulars of your newly opened restaurant begin to form...
Persons or institutions that will open a new restaurant will definitely ask themselves some of these questions, sometimes at the very beginning of the job, sometimes in the first three months. If you start asking yourself most of these questions after the first six months, it means you are losing your business. Just as a living thing is sometimes born dead, it can sometimes be born dead in businesses. Maybe you won't go bankrupt, but that investment of yours will.
Do not forget !!! 
Popularity is a separate issue, professionalism as knowledgeable and experienced in the field is another:
Being a popular and famous chef, making recipes by appearing on television, newspapers and magazines, and showing in organizations and festivals does not mean that one is a "professional and knowledgeable chef in his field"...
Promoting the newly opened restaurant is a separate issue, linking the departments of the new restaurant, which works like the wheels of a clock, based on a win-win relationship and team mentality, and establishing a system where each employee will support each other by checking each other is another issue.
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