International Food and Beverage Consulting

Those who aim to change the concept by purchasing a ready-made restaurant with attractive prices, Those who want to increase their service quality by purchasing a new restaurant, • Boutique Hotels with International Standards • Star Hotels with International Standards (Inner City or Touristic) • First Kitchen Installations • Food and Beverage Menu Designs (Those who want to change the menu, • Those Who Want Patented Meals Only for the Related Business , • Only Those Who Want..

How Do I Work on Kitchen Consulting and Food and Beverage Consulting?
Within the scope of the agreed concept, duration and the articles agreed in the text of the agreement, after a mutual date was agreed upon by contacting me beforehand in Turkey and abroad…
Who Wants to Work With Me? What are my Service Areas in Kitchen Consulting and Food and Beverage Consulting?
•  Those Who Will Open New Restaurants, System and Operation of the Whole Restaurant (small opening and Grand Opening Min. 6-7 Months)
• All Kitchen and Service Vocational Trainings
•  Food and Beverage Businesses That Have Opened Restaurants Before But Couldn't Achieve The Success They Desired,
•  Those who aim to change the concept by purchasing a ready-made restaurant with attractive prices,
•  Those who want to increase their service quality (Guest Satisfactionby purchasing a new restaurant,
•  Boutique Hotels with International Standards
•  Star Hotels with International Standards (Inner City or Touristic)
•  First Kitchen Installations
•  Food and Beverage Restaurant Menu Designs (Those who want to change the menu,
• Those Who Want Patented Meals Only for the Related Business ,
•  Only Those Who Want cooking techniques Specific to the Related Business, 
•  Those Who Want New Unique Meal Designs Only for the Related Business,
• Those Who Want Special Presentation Techniques  To Raise Awareness For That Business Only ,
•  Special State Meals,
•  Private Holding Board of Directors Meals,
•  Corporate Companies (Banquet, Protocol Organization)
All these are primarily shaped according to the service options that will be requested by me. It is important which service any business owner or institution wants from me. After preparing the feasibility of options on the needed issues, I present my work program with time, cost and "target" results in line with mutual agreement.
Working Method -01-
New Restaurant Opening “My Preferred”
After contacting me and on the agreed date and time, I will be at the relevant place. So to speak, I work on the condition that I take the " 4 walls from the very beginning" together  with the owner of the business and the person assigned to me, and deliver the keys  within  the criteria and targets that are formally understood by them, but as " full authority"  in the operation.  This person will work in guest relations, cost control and cost and personnel management as the manager or supervisor of the restaurant in the future .and will be trained to have the knowledge to control that business in every field. At the same time, this person will control all official transactions and finances of the business.
Concept Detection;
My work begins according to the concept requested by the business owner. But still, I conduct examinations in the relevant city for 1 week and present the most appropriate concept to the management with the feasibility I have prepared here. Sometimes different results may come out, but the decision is theirs.
After the concept decision is taken, I hold a meeting with the business owner or the tradesmen determined by the management, such as interior architects, exterior architects, electrical and plumbers, and discuss the working method, delivery dates and important exceptions, and present them to the person I am responsible for in the form of a written document.
kitchen consultancy, (Cuisine Consultancyvocational training and consultancy on business blindness
I personally follow the developments during the construction. On the one hand, while the work continues, on the other hand, I deal with the preparations we will need when the business is opened, such as menus, printed documents, promotional activities, public relations and personnel selections we will need. 
I don't have my own team. I create the team that the business will need and train the personnel who pass the interview alone as the company's own team.
In particular, I subject the inexperienced “journalist” personnel selected by the Business management who will work in the kitchen to certain tests, “who only know how to hold a knife”. The most important thing I want here is reliability, willingness and ability of the person. Because at this stage, these people will become masters who deserve a salary of approximately 2.5 or 3 times after the training I have given while they deserve only the minimum wage.
Another point that I pay attention to is that the previous experience of these people is not important. It will be enough for them to make the menu here as I teach. Experienced and costly personnel are not required for this. 
I would like the kitchen staff, who were specially selected 1.5 months before the establishment of the business, to be hired with half a salary. I start their vocational training according to the prepared menu. The duration of these trainings varies according to the richness of the prepared menu and the quality standards of the restaurant. This is definitely stated in the text of the agreement. 
I ensure that the kitchen is designed according to the prepared menu and I make the necessary cost calculations and ensure that the relevant people are entered into the relevant system. In the meantime, I write articles to the media about the new restaurant to be opened in the relevant region and give recipes and ensure that the name of the business is mentioned sufficiently at the beginning of the image and wondered.
15 days before the opening of the restaurant, I get to the final stage of all my work by ensuring that the promotions programmed in the written and visual media begin.
10 days before the pre-determined small opening of the food and beverage business, I ensure that all personnel start full-time work, and I start vocational training for at least 6 hours a day.
By making a small opening on the scheduled date, I ensure that the actual operation is started within my complete control. For the first 15 days, the enterprise will operate at 50% capacity. As the sole authorized person, I can take decisions for the benefit of the enterprise in this matter and other matters specified in the text of the agreement. Maybe you may not understand my side and my decisions at first. But you can be sure that you will understand with admiration in the future. 
Kitchen Consulting
3 months after the opening, I give my relevant activity reports about the personnel who can manage in the kitchen and the living room to the person I am responsible for, and give priority to the training of the people we agree with and convey the necessary information from the professional point of view.
In the first 3 months, I spend more time in the kitchen as a one-on-one operation. I personally check the restaurant during the service for short periods. I focus on training during non-service hours. But in the future, I start to focus on the restaurant by authorizing the people I have trained in their own fields, provided that they are under my control, and I follow the developments.
The reputation that a newly opened business will leave on its guests, especially within a period of 3 months, is very important. You can see this success with negative or positive movements in the guest traffic 6-7 months after the first opening.
I make the preparations for the grand opening of the business to take place approximately in the 6th month from the first opening date or on the previously agreed date.
In the meantime, I control both the restaurant and the kitchen with my management and control procedures, reports, circulars and charts, and inform the person I am responsible for negative and positive issues on the relevant dates. 
One week after the grand opening, I make the necessary updates on all menu costs, reports, management circular and guest relations and present the bone staff to the person I am responsible for with a report. By explaining the necessary criteria, I personally implement the issues we have agreed upon and authorize the identified persons and inform the staff with a memorandum. 
At the end of the seventh month, I completely withdraw from all my work and responsibilities and only watch the whole team for 1 month. 
In my eighth or ninth month, if we sit down with the owner and give a mutual agreement, I will leave the area by delivering the restaurant with the targeted turnover, targeted personnel service quality and targeted guest satisfaction.
After 2 months, I come back to the establishment for 1 week and present my report by checking the applicability and flavors of the recipes and the controls I deem necessary. If I need it or at the request of the owner of the business, I participate in the operation again for 1 or 1.5 months. These checks can sometimes take up to 3 times every 2 months. This decision belongs to the owner of the business based on my reports.
Working Method -02-
Food and Beverage Businesses That Have Opened Restaurants Before But Couldn't Achieve The Success They Wanted
Food and beverage businesses that have opened a restaurant before but could not achieve the desired success can call me. I can't say anything about what needs to be done here now. For treatment, I need to see and examine the patient. Finding the fault or faults in any restaurant requires detailed investigation.
Businesses that have previously built a restaurant in European or Asian countries, but did not work with people who are knowledgeable about the subject in the first place and therefore could not achieve the necessary success, regret their work when they look back on the past. 
They say I wish I had done it or I wish I had done it. But unfortunately, these regrets are useless in real life. They are just positive reminders to avoid making the same mistake again in the future.
Just as a child is stillborn A restaurant can sometimes be stillborn. Just as a child is born sick, he can be born sick in a restaurant. The restaurant opens as a commercial business and needs to make money. A business that does not make money and does not make its owner happy is not a commercial enterprise. 
Kitchen Consulting
These sickly born restaurants can be cured…. Changing the sign or changing the staff is not a solution. First of all, the location of the disease should be determined so that it can be treated.
Sometimes the menu changes or is updated, sometimes the personnel who are seen as indispensable but do not respond to the treatment are given vocational training, and if necessary, it is recommended to change them. As an issue that I come across from time to time, I would like to point out that the concept may also need to be changed.
I can even say that there have been restaurants that I have recommended to be closed in order to protect the financial expenses of the business owner. Because there is very little possibility that can be done for that restaurant , and even if significant changes are made by spending serious amounts, the risk is very high.
Sometimes the Restaurant Has A Very Good View,
Sometimes the Restaurant Has Very Good Atmosphere,
Sometimes the Restaurant Has High Quality Fixtures And Decorations,
Even though it is in a very good location, it does not do business and does not make its owner happy…
In a commercial sense, a restaurant demands balance. The menu, decoration, the vision of the operator, the general quality of the restaurant, the diversity and economic power of the people living in the region it belongs to, and other businesses that may be competitors in that region should be evaluated as a whole. 
In order for any restaurant in any place to survive, all expenses are calculated and their multipliers are determined and the monthly turnover is revealed.
In order to achieve this turnover, the appropriate restaurant  concept is determined. According to this concept, all calculations are made and realized. If you want to run a commercial business, you have to consider some elements. 
Working Method -03-
Those who buy a new restaurant and aim to provide a much higher quality service
Kitchen Consulting and Food and Beverage Consulting 
You have bought a new restaurant and you aim to provide a much higher quality service. You want to come up with special dishes in the region you are in and earn more in return. You want the restaurant you bought to get rid of its old identity with a few magic moves or changes and to get the new guest portfolio you desire.
You want to give your new restaurant a brand new identity with attractive financial opportunities. In return for these thoughts, you would like to reach your goal by getting consultancy with a professional study by people who know the subject with the budget you have planned without risking your investment.
You can also call me for this and similar studies. After telling me what you think about the subject and your goal, I will prepare my feasibility and present it to you by making the necessary investigations. If the conditions are right, we can make the relevant changes together. If you like the feasibility of the restaurant I have prepared, but if you want to make it yourself, I will share my thoughts about it. Ultimately, the decision is yours. 
Working Method -04-
Boutique Hotels And Star Hotels (City Hotels Or Touristic Hotels)
Boutique hotels and star hotels (city hotels or touristic hotels) serving in Asian countries, European countries and Turkey with international standards
Culinary consultancy, food and beverage consultancy are among the services I have provided in boutique and star hotels within my service areas. These services include only the installation of the main kitchen, the installation of a la carte kitchens, the design of the relevant menus , hands-on training and the production of the menu .
Any hotel may request a special restaurant that will serve its own guests and guests from outside, serving the cuisines of the cuisines I have mentioned below.
There is no need for large budgets or standard monthly personnel expenses specific to that restaurant only. I only come to the kitchen given to me in my working principles alone. According to the agreed menu, I will create your staff from the personnel you prefer.
Depending on the richness of the menu we will create, the professional training of the personnel who are requested to be trained covers a maximum of 4-5 months. As I mentioned before, I do not work with a team. I create my own kitchen team by training from the people chosen by the business. Establishing the staff who dominate the menu jointly determined by me and the aforementioned business is the work that has proven to be much more profitable for businesses in the long run. More details will be given in mutual negotiations.
Do not forget;
The master or chef you need does not need to know everything and every cuisine. It will be enough for you to know the dishes in your menu 4/4 and make your guests happy 4/4.
Which Kitchens Are My Working Concept?
Ottoman Palace Cuisine (menu making, design and applied vocational training)
Old Istanbul Cuisine (menu making, design and applied vocational training)
Traditional Turkish Cuisine (menu making, design and applied vocational training)
Mediterranean Cuisine (menu making, design and applied vocational training)
Vegetarian Cuisine (menu making, design and hands-on vocational training)
Anatolian Cuisine (menu making, design and applied vocational training)
Steak Restaurant (menu making, design and practical vocational training)
Arabian Cuisine (menu making, design and applied vocational training)
Indian Cuisine (menu making, design and hands-on vocational training)
kitchen consultancy, vocational training and consultancy on business blindness
Working Method -05-
Private State Meals, Holding Boards of Directors, Corporate Companies (Banquet, Protocol, Organization)
It is in my working principles to share the necessary explanations on this subject by mail, telephone or mutual conversation method. Related sample images, presentations and menu details include special security and privacy rules. You can contact me for details.
In European and Asian countries, people or organizations that will open new restaurants or buy restaurants may want to get information about the cities...
For those who want to get information about Food and Beverage, those who only want counseling by phone or video call, my “hourly wage” is 1,000 TL. Consultancy fees will be refunded if I work together with an agreement at the end of the work (between PM-12;00 and PM-22;00 Turkish time) . “I would like to provide full service to the best of my knowledge, since there are many people asking for opinions on this matter ”
International Food and Beverage Consultancy Aims and Goals; 
In our century, countries  are evaluated with their historical cultural values, civilizations, technological and economic powers  as well as their culinary cultures. A person and people who eat 3 meals a day have started to look for differences in the world. 
We are in a time where we can make serious contributions to  our country's promotion with our cuisine, our  heritage of taste from our history and our richness in this field  .
Although many restaurants , both in our country and abroad,  insist that they belong to our cuisine, they do not reflect the Ottoman and Turkish cuisine culture in reality. 
When our guests, especially from the Far East and European countries,  come to Turkey, they look for Ottoman and Turkish cuisine in the mentioned restaurants and  hope for different versions of their own cuisines, which is still surprising. 
However, these people have come to discover the culinary culture of the country where they come on vacation, as well as the  culture,  architecture and social lifestyle.   The word Anatolia in their preference for us has great expectations for them. 
It is the biggest duty of the enterprises in the field in question to their country to live and keep  the meaning of this word by showing our country guests  our customs and traditions, table culture, historical tastes and spiritual values  .
Food and Beverage Consulting
If our existing businesses are made at real world standards and  our original values, menu, decoration, are made by people and companies who are familiar with the subject,  it will accelerate our country promotions in every field correctly.
In this regard, there is an imperative need to open restaurants where our historical cultural heritages are exhibited, especially in the tourism cities of our country  , and then in Asian and European countries, and to increase the service quality of the existing businesses with the necessary  training and to equip their menus with Turkish dishes  from our kitchen  .
Our country, which has physical and cultural borders in both Asia and Europe  ,  is an invaluable value that is admired and envied by the countries of the world.
Being aware of these values ​​coming from history,  I  give service under the name of  "international food and beverage consultancy"  by prioritizing  our real richness and Anatolian identity as it deserves .
Individuals and Institutions in Need at Home and Abroad;
As head chef Ahmet Özdemir, who has an international position in the fields of food and beverage, in the fields of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine, Ottoman palace cuisine, Anatolian cuisine, Mediterranean cuisine, menu planning, concept determination, vocational training;
Food and beverage consultancy ,  culinary consultancy ,  operator blindness ,  What Should I Consider When Opening a New Restaurant ?, Should I Get Restaurant Consultancy  for Certain Success  ?,  Menu Consulting ,  Restaurant Management ,  Gastronomy Consulting ,  Concept Consulting ,  How Can I Have the Best Restaurants in the City ?,  New The Most Asked Questions by  Those Who Want to Open a Restaurant, A Permanent Restaurant Owner Attention To Be !!! I provide vocational training and consultancy services. Persons and institutions that need my professional information for related projects can contact me from my CONTACT  information between 10:00 am and 22:00 pm Turkey time  .
Domestic And Abroad;
Formal and unofficial festivals and organizations, association, institution, establishment and foundation dinners, cocktails, protocols, banquets and business dinners in private and official properties, and catering services on VIP Restaurant, Hotel Openings, Concept Menus and one-on-one staff training  . With the professional staff we have, our service quality; 
I am in an effort to bring businesses that have world standards, worthy of our country's cuisine, our identity and the promotion of Anatolia, with our  professional experience in 3 continents, 26 countries, 101 metropolises and more than 350 thousand km   .
Costs are the main fixtures, but overall costs will be determined after the physical areas of the business are determined.
For those who ask How Can I Have  the Best Restaurants in the City in the Gastronomy Industry  and  What Should I Do to Own  a Permanent Restaurant , some of my restaurant projects are as follows:
Gastronomy Consulting ,  Culinary Consulting ,  Food and Beverage Consulting ,  Restaurant Consulting ,  Menu Consulting ,  Restaurant Concept Design  and Consultancy , one of the Most Asked Questions by  Those Who Want to Open a New  Restaurant and related consultancy in the gastronomy sector, How to Open a New Restaurant and When Opening  a  New Restaurant What Should I Pay Attention To ? I guarantee that you will not make many mistakes when you say it.  
In your new restaurant or restaurant chain, I guarantee that you will not rot many unnecessary and unnecessary fixtures in your warehouses, that you will not waste money for many unnecessary materials in restaurant materials and that you will not make unnecessary personnel changes. Your newly opened  Restaurant Concept  and  concept design  will be prepared together with the interior architect and dental architect you will "appoint". 
Restaurant Projects  in  My Service Areas prepared by me consist of  feasibility, presentation style,  Management Circular ,  Management Reports ,  Kitchen Management ,  Organization ,  Cost - Cost ,  Questionnaire and Forms ,  Charts and Minutes ,  Restaurant Management  and ideas and are included in the restaurant project fee. If I am in charge of the one-on-one operation, I receive an extra fee by mutual agreement with the person or institution that is my employer.
The duration of new restaurant projects has been calculated as approximately 6-7 months if the project details are adhered to. The payments of the restaurant project, which will be a permanent restaurant in your city, are calculated in 3 parts.
1. payment: when the work is started by mutual agreement.
2. payment: when the small opening is made.
3rd payment: when all trainings are completed with the grand opening and the newly opened restaurant reaches the "quality management, personnel training and monthly turnover" targets set by mutual agreement.
Activity & Banquet Menus ,  Sample Restaurant Menus ,  Menu Types ,  Menu Planning ,  Optional Menus ,  Menu Analysis  and  Menu Management are included in the price of the new restaurant  project  to be opened   ...
Food presentations that do not exist anywhere else, food menu without alternatives, abstracted harmonious decoration, concept design, surprising service portfolio, astonishing price policy and much more are in my restaurant projects....
"New Business Opportunities in Food, Beverage and Gastronomy Sector After Corona Virus"
New  Restaurant Project  Dubai :
“ On the Immune system and Mediterranean cuisine concept, taking into account the corona virus measures   ” $ 50,000
New  Restaurant Project  Jakarta  :
“ On the concept of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine, taking into account the corona virus measures  ” $ 50,000
New  Restaurant Project  Tokyo  :
“ On the concept of international cuisines, taking into account the corona virus measures  ” $ 50,000
New  Restaurant Project  London  :
“ On the concept of international cuisines, taking into account the corona virus measures  ” $ 50,000
New  Restaurant Project  Istanbul  :
“ Considering the corona virus measures,  $ 50,000 on the concept of the immune system and Mediterranean cuisines
New  Restaurant Project  "LAGOS- NIGERIA": $50,000
"The project is in the construction phase and the small opening time is calculated between 11-30 August. (Completion phase)
Visit the link for related explanations Professionals Gathered in Elysium Fine Dining "LAGOS" - Lagos Restaurant Project "...
As Has Chef Ahmet Özdemir on Special Tastes ( InterContinental ) from  Intercontinental Cuisine, as the kitchen coordinator of the "Eliysium" group, located in Lagos, Nigeria , as of March 02, 2022, to open 4 different restaurants , one of which is "fine dining" , into service at the same time. I continue my restaurant project work, including the phase of.
"In these projects, there is a concept within a concept and a style of presentation. Currently, there is no such concept in the relevant cities."
You can  review my current business agreement text  for people or institutions who are thinking of  working with me.
*** You can contact me through my contact information for more information on the subjects specified by labeling, taking into account my professional background in the above article, and to get support for Gastronomy Consulting in the titles within my Service Areas. ***