What Does the Grand Opening Mean?What Does the Grand Opening Mean?
Ahmet Ozdemir
Coord. Executive Chef 
Restaurant businesses usually have an effort to accept guests as soon as possible after the small opening. For this, the feedbacks are examined every day and the results of the survey are taken into consideration with great anticipation.
The testing of the kitchen and service units is over, time has passed since the last controls, and both the kitchen and service personnel have demonstrated what they can withstand by living their final limits.
Although the first guests who came to the restaurant were disappointed in the small opening period, the 4 or 8 week trials, overtime, harsh conditions, high work limits and temporary malfunctions in the systems are now over.
One of my favorite programs in my international gastronomy consultancy is to perform the grand opening after the  small  opening . Sometimes they call it the " grand  opening ".
Although the word "big opening" is used in many different businesses, it generally has a different meaning in restaurant businesses.
In Turkey, you can see this habit  in brand restaurants or in sample restaurants opened as a result of professional approaches  . But when we take into account the 2022 world restaurant trends, I believe that we will encounter big openings more frequently from now on.
So what  does the "Big Opening", or "Grand Opening", Applied in the New Restaurant Trends of 2022 Mean?
What Does the Grand Opening Mean?
* We can't make mistakes in service when coming to our new restaurant in refined restaurants,
* We will fulfill perfectly all that we have promised you,
* In our avant-garde restaurant business , there can be no delays in the orders you place from the restaurant menu ,
* We tried all our staff and made sure of their skills,
* We guarantee that you will like the dishes you will choose on our menu in our establishment, which is one of the Best Steak Restaurants,
* You can recommend us by trusting us and our service quality,
What Does the Grand Opening Mean?
* In our Casual Dining restaurant, our service and kitchen staff cannot have faults in their service,
* You can be sure that we will have a 4/4 service in our Flame Cuisine restaurant,
* All of our staff have received their professional training,
* We will do our best for you and your guest in our Fine Dining restaurant,
* There is no room for surprise mistakes in our Elegant restaurant system,
* You can rely on the services provided in all our service areas,
* You can find what you want in our menu types in our Haute Cuisine restaurant concept  ,
What Does Small Opening Mean?
You will experience this happiness even if sentences with similar words are not formed in response to the service you have received in restaurants that have had or are making grand openings. However, despite everything, even if there are problems, the compensation will be very clear and much easier. Sometimes you may not even realize it.
Yes  The Most Successful Restaurants  are usually those that have grand opening. You can bring your very important guests to dine with us and you can recommend us. Please reflect your thoughts on the service you have received in our surveys so that we can identify and correct the source by taking these into account, and serve you and your guests better by trusting us.
What Does the Grand Opening Mean?
When is the “Big Opening” held?
Restaurant management has adopted this system in order to be among the Best Restaurants in the City and to be a Permanent Restaurant Owner in the city, in order to raise their positive thinking about themselves and their service quality. After the grand opening, there is no room for error in restaurant businesses. 
-yes it can't be my fault, I already did the small opening and now I'm doing my grand opening. In order to be able to say this more easily in terms of  guest satisfaction  , the words "big opening" are  included in restaurant promotions and people trust this restaurant with their guests. In addition, at the entrance of the restaurant or in a place where guests can see it, provided that it is not too exaggerated, it is ensured that it is visible by hanging a 1 meter by 30 cm banner or placing a billboard at the entrance.
How Long Does the Big Opening Last?
What Does the Grand Opening Mean?
In line with the decisions of the professional restaurant management, a maximum of 1 week is sufficient. Since part-time personnel generally work during the fast hours of work in Europe and America, novice personnel are not allowed to work, especially in high-end restaurants, after the grand opening, and some training documents are requested from normal personnel, and they are recruited or not hired according to their grades.
What are the most important points for restaurant businesses after the "Big - Grand Opening"?
* The silence of the service personnel,
* Clear, short and professional answers to the guest,
* The most flexible applications for guest demands,
* Sound system during the meal in the restaurant,
* Closing the conversations with music so that they do not go to the second table,
* Lighting according to the concept of the restaurant,
* Meals are perfect as indicated on the menu or in the images,
* Never saying "no" to the dishes mentioned in the menu,
* In the kitchen or at the service bar A finished product code is "86". 
* Notifying the finished products immediately to the relevant personnel as “86”,
* The order of the meals, the serving times and the chef's visit to the table and getting feedback,
What Does the Grand Opening Mean?
* The variety of garnishes served with the meals and the preference of the guests,
* Pricing policies do not change in a short time,
* Small sweets or different treats to the guest when they leave the restaurant,
* Visible hygiene conditions in the restaurant,
* Towels, napkins and ventilation quality along with the cleanliness of the toilets,
* The minimum level of noise in the lounge area during the service,
* The order and temperature of the dishes and the conditions of their being brought to the table,
* Appropriate and professional behavior according to the new  restaurant concept types ,
Afterwards, to take the feedback under control and to carry it to higher levels at a positive rate. One of the greatest achievements is to keep the existing service quality and standards at the same level for a certain period of time.
In order not to fall into the Most Common Mistakes When Opening a New Restaurant , it is necessary not to forget the saying “It is not important to be big, it is important to stay big” and not to make your staff forget. You should always keep the Restaurant Budget under control so that the temporary drunkenness of success does not lead you to bigger mistakes .
What Does the Grand Opening Mean?
I recommend you to make more careful menu analysis such as winter menu or summer menu in new Menu Designs according to seasonal characteristics, and to add guest satisfaction in restaurant management and Reasons for Guests to Prefer Restaurants to restaurant principles and Restaurant  Management Circular ….
After that, you have completed your grand opening and  Banquet Menus and Protocol  Services,  Activity & Banquet  meals, where you can host your most important guests in your lane, will result in profits of the restaurant business in every way. 
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Ahmet Ozdemir
Coord. Executive Chef 
International Restaurant and Cuisine Consultant
Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine World Volunteer Ambassador
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What Does the Grand Opening Mean?