• Turkish Cuisine Staff, Masters and Chefs
  • Turkish Cuisine Staff, Masters and Chefs
  • Turkish Cuisine Staff, Masters and Chefs
  • Turkish Cuisine Staff, Masters and Chefs
  • Turkish Cuisine Staff, Masters and Chefs

Baker, Cold Food Master, Hot Meals Master, Pan Master, Kebab Grill Master, Expert and Experienced Butcher, Kebab Master, Fish Master, Pita Master, Bakery Master, Restaurant Kitchen Chef, Hotel Kitchen Chef, ucculent Master, aklava Master, Dessert Master, "Turkish Cuisine" Bread Master...

Turkish Cuisine  Chefs
Elevating Culinary Excellence Worldwide - International Kitchen Staff Consultancy Services
Embarking on the belief that our collective professional achievements can be a driving force in propelling Turkish cuisine to global acclaim, I am pleased to introduce consultancy services catering to the needs of individuals, companies, and establishments (hotels, restaurants) seeking proficient manpower from both Asian and European countries. My expertise spans various fields, including kitchen staff, Turkish cuisine cooks, Turkish cuisine chefs, and Turkish cuisine masters, available for recruitment at a specified fee.
For 3-4-5 star hotels, boutique hotels, and restaurants outside of Turkey:
Tailoring to the requirements of middle-class, upper-middle, and high-end restaurant options, I specialize in selecting and preparing kitchen staff with the desired skills and experience for overseas deployment, excluding Turkey.
Moreover, specific cadres can be requested without the need for formalizing a cadre.
In my secondary consultancy service:
I extend my expertise to train Turkish cuisine masters who are in demand globally, transcending the boundaries of Turkey. The focus here is on designing comprehensive menu training programs.
I undertake the creation of the Turkish cuisine food menu, including sample restaurant menus, upon request.
New Turkish cuisine cooks and chefs will undergo a 3-4 month training program based on the Turkish cuisine menu I've crafted. This training equips them to function as assistant cooks in their respective countries, capable of executing the menu fully and proficiently.
The training duration is tailored to the richness of the menu, ensuring a comprehensive learning experience. The most significant benefit for entities in foreign countries has been the rapid transformation of an individual working in a helper capacity with a minimum wage status into a skilled Turkish cuisine chef, adept at executing a diverse menu.
Turkish Cuisine Chefs, Turkish Chef, Restaurant Consultancy, Kitchen Consultancy.
It's a win-win situation – the individual gains valuable skills, the employing institution gains a qualified staff member, and Turkish cuisine gains global recognition.
Our objective is to win and to earn, with Turkish cuisine as our tool.
While there may be alternatives available at a lower cost, I, personally, do not charge a "no fee" from local or foreign employees seeking Turkish cuisine personnel consultancy. However, a fee will be applicable for employer-sized clients engaging in consultancy services. This fee will be discussed in the feasibility study and included in the invoice between myself and the employers seeking my services.
Expanding the service portfolio, Turkish cuisine now joins the array of offerings. "International Kitchen Staff Consultancy Services" will include the aforementioned extra services, delivered in Asian countries, the USA, and European countries. For inquiries, please contact me via email or phone at least 1 month in advance for program details and service types.
"Turkish Cuisine" Specialization Areas Available:
* "Turkish Cuisine" Baker
"Turkish Cuisine" Cold Food Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Hot Meals Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Pan Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Kebab Grill Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Expert and Experienced Butcher
"Turkish Cuisine" Kebab Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Fish Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Pita Master, Bakery Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Restaurant Kitchen Chef
"Turkish Cuisine" Hotel Kitchen Chef
"Turkish Cuisine" Succulent Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Baklava Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Dessert Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Bread Master
For inquiries related to kitchen staff, kitchen training, and "Turkish Cuisine" special menu production, please send a detailed email to akdenizsef@gmail.com.
Thank you for considering our consultancy services. We look forward to contributing to the global success of your culinary endeavors.
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