• How Do You Reach Experienced Turkish Chefs and Chefs in Turkish Cuisine?

The search for masters of Turkish cuisine, especially in Turkmenistan, Dubai and Qatar, led to the establishment of new kitchen consultancy and personnel consultancy companies, which provided the establishment of kitchen staff. As a result of my international work on kitchen..

How Do You Reach Experienced Turkish Chefs and Chefs in Turkish Cuisine?
My International and Intercontinental services are sometimes as Hotel Kitchen Consultancy, sometimes as restaurant consultancy, gastronomy consultancy in high kitchens or kitchen consultancy. You can find my "my Service Areas" in the headings Embossed in "Red" below...
Elevating Turkish Culinary Expertise Globally - International Kitchen Staff Consultancy Services
In the ever-evolving landscape of global gastronomy, the demand for experienced Turkish chefs and culinary professionals has witnessed a significant upswing. In the year 2021, Turkish cuisine made substantial strides, particularly in European and Asian countries. This surge in interest, predominantly from Arab countries, including Oman, Dubai, Qatar, Bahrain, Lebanon, the USA, European nations, and Kuwait, has sparked a notable demand for Turkish chefs, Turkish kitchen chefs, and experts specializing in Turkish desserts.
The increasing search for Turkish culinary masters, particularly in Turkmenistan, Dubai, and Qatar, has given rise to the establishment of new kitchen and personnel consultancy firms catering to the specific needs of these regions. With two decades of international experience in overseeing kitchen and restaurant openings, I've observed a surge in demand, especially post-pandemic. (2024 Food Trends)
Crisis situations often act as a litmus test, distinguishing successful ventures from unsuccessful ones and offering new opportunities for growth. (2024 Restaurant Trends) Over the last six years, I have received substantial requests for kitchen staff, aligning with my diverse consultancy services in global cuisines and restaurant management within the gastronomy sector.
As the demand for experienced cooks, knowledgeable chefs, and individuals with mastery in various Turkish culinary fields seeking opportunities abroad increased, I decided to establish a new framework in this domain, encompassing "personnel consultancy services." (Guest Satisfaction)
The inclusion of "kitchen personnel consultancy services" has been driven by the overwhelming demand. My objective is twofold: to assist Turkish cooks in finding rewarding opportunities and to contribute to the authentic representation of Turkish cuisine on the global stage. (2024 Hotel Trends)
How Will I Provide International Service in Kitchen Staff Consultancy Services?
This endeavor will be conducted on a commercial scale, driven by the belief that professional success over the years will bolster the global promotion of Turkish cuisine. I aim to cater to the needs of individuals, companies, and institutions (hotels, restaurants) seeking qualified manpower from Asian and European countries for roles such as kitchen staff, Turkish cuisine cooks, chefs, and Turkish Cuisine masters – all with a specified fee.
For 3-4-5 star hotels, boutique hotels, and restaurants abroad, particularly outside Turkey, kitchen staff with requisite qualifications and experience for middle-class, upper-middle, and high-end restaurant options will be prepared and officially readied for international placements. Additionally, specific cadres can be requested without the need for formalizing a cadre.
In a supplementary consultancy service:
I extend my expertise to train Turkish cuisine masters sought in countries beyond Turkey. (Turkish Cuisine History) The focus will be on designing comprehensive menu training programs. The Turkish cuisine food menu, including sample restaurant menus, will also be prepared by me.
The Turkish cuisine menu, crafted for new Turkish cuisine cooks and chefs, will be utilized in training personnel in the relevant country. These trainings will last 3-4 months, adjusting to the richness of the menu. The most significant gain for individuals, institutions, or private companies (hotel, restaurant) abroad has been the rapid transformation of a person working at a minimum wage status into a skilled Turkish cuisine chef who can execute the menu adeptly.

How can I reach Turkish cuisine chefs?

It's a triumphant scenario – the individual gains valuable skills, the employing institution gains a qualified staff member, and Turkish cuisine gains global recognition.
Our aim is to win and thrive, and Turkish cuisine is our tool.
While there may be alternatives available at a lower cost, I, personally, will not charge any fees from those working in Turkish cuisine personnel consultancy, be it domestically or internationally. (Turkish Culinary CultureHowever, a fee will be applicable for employer-sized clients engaging in consultancy services. This fee will be discussed in the feasibility study and included in the invoice between myself and the employers seeking my services.
Building upon my extensive consultancy services, including but not limited to:
* Gastronomy Consulting
* Kitchen Consulting
* Restaurant Consulting
* Food and Beverage Consulting
* Menu Consulting
* Restaurant Concept Design and Consultancy
* Restaurant Projects
* How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen
* How to Make a Restaurant Menu
* What is the Restaurant Concept? How to Create
* How to Open a Restaurant
* What Should I Consider When
* The Most Common Mistakes
* Operator Blindness
* Kitchen Management
* Restaurant Management
* Kitchen Planning
* Installation of Kitchen Units
* Kitchen Design
* Cooking Equipment
* Kitchen Organization
* Characteristics of Kitchen Staff
* What is Efficiency in Kitchen Management
* Cookery Training
* Industrial Kitchen Planning
* Sample Restaurant Menus
* Menu Types
* Sample Hotel Menus
* Menu Planning
* How to Analyze the Menu
* Menu Management
Turkish cuisine will now be included in this service portfolio, expanding to "international kitchen staff consultancy services," incorporating the aforementioned extra services. (Istanbul Cuisine - Ottoman palace cuisine - Anatolian Cuisine - Levantine cuisine) I am poised to provide related services in Asian countries, the USA, and European countries. For program details and service types for your requests, please contact us by email or phone at least "1 month" in advance.
"Turkish Cuisine" Specialization Areas Available:
"Turkish Cuisine" Baker
"Turkish Cuisine" Appetizer Chef
"Turkish Cuisine" Pan Cook
"Turkish Cuisine" Griller
"Turkish Cuisine" Butcher
"Turkish Cuisine" Kebab Chef
"Turkish Cuisine" Fish Cook
"Turkish Cuisine" Pita Master
"Turkish Cuisine" Restaurant Kitchen Chef
"Turkish Cuisine" Hotel Kitchen Chef
"Turkish Cuisine" Turkish Food Chef
"Turkish Cuisine" Baklava
"Turkish Cuisine" Dessert Shop
"Turkish Cuisine" Bakery
For inquiries related to kitchen staff, culinary training, and "Turkish Cuisine" special menu preparation, please send a detailed email to akdenizsef@gmail.com
Thank you for considering our consultancy services. We look forward to contributing to the global success of your culinary endeavors.
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