• What are Kitchen Sections?
  • What are Kitchen Sections?
  • What are Kitchen Sections?
  • What are Kitchen Sections?
  • What are Kitchen Sections?
  • What are Kitchen Sections?

A hotel business is the person who takes full responsibility of the kitchen and is in charge of the management of the kitchen. French expression; It is called “Chef de Cuisine”, and with its English expression “Executive Chef”. It is desirable for the head chef to have good management..

What are Kitchen Sections? "Kitchen Attendants"What are Kitchen Sections? (Kitchen Attendants)
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What are Kitchen Sections?
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What are Kitchen Sections?  Who Are the Staff in the Kitchen  Departments?
Hierarchical Steps in the Kitchen:
In a hotel business, different types of responsibilities arise at different levels within the kitchen department structure. As a result, the authorities and responsibilities at each level are determined in a hierarchical order.
A hotel business is the person who takes full responsibility of the kitchen and is in charge of the management of the kitchen.
French expression; It is called “Chef de Cuisine”, and with its English expression “Executive Chef”.
It is desirable for the head chef to have good management knowledge as well as professional knowledge of the kitchen.
The main duties of this person are as follows:
Selection of kitchen staff.
To divide the work among the kitchen staff, to arrange the work schedules, weekly and annual leaves.
Ordering the materials needed by the kitchen and confirming the orders.
To take part in the planning of the menus.
Making changes in menus, developing new recipes.
To make necessary controls during the receipt, storage, preparation, cooking and service of food materials.
To ensure that the amount and variety of food is produced in accordance with the production planning.
To provide communication between the kitchen and other parts of the hotel.
To ensure the complete implementation of hygiene rules in the kitchen.
Carrying out the preparations for the banquet.
To ensure that personnel undergo health checks at certain times.
Prepare the staff menu.
Assistant Chef:
He is the person who helps the head chef in the management of the kitchen.
In French, the assistant chef is called “Sous Chef” and this term is widely used in hotel management.
He is a candidate to be a head chef and must have the qualities that a chef should have.
Its main tasks are:
To deputize for the head chef when he is not present.
Distribution of duties in the kitchen.
Receiving the orders coming to the kitchen during the service and forwarding them to the relevant departments.
To follow the material needs of the departments in the kitchen and to inform the chef.
Making the final checks of the meals that are served.
Assisting the chef in preparing the menus, writing the recipes, determining the work schedule of the staff.
Department Heads:
He is the person responsible for any part of the kitchen.
His position in the department he is responsible for can be compared to the position of the chef in the kitchen.
It is responsible for the production of all kinds of dishes related to its section on the menu.
They are expected to have very good professional knowledge of their own departments.
They are the people who take part in the preparation and cooking of the meals produced in the department they belong to.
They are the assistants of the section chiefs and for this reason, these people are called "Demi Chef de Partie" in French.
Other duties include:
To detect material deficiencies in their own departments.
Ensuring that materials are requested from the warehouse with the approval of the chief.
To prepare the necessary food and equipment for food production.
Taking full responsibility for that section when the section chief is not present.
They assist the cooks in their department .
They are also known as kitchen commissary or yamak.
Bringing the materials needed in the department to the department of receiving from the warehouses, Helping with food preparations, Trying to increase his knowledge constantly
It is the duty of these people to clean the section they are in.
They are people who complete their education by working in each department for a certain period of time in order to learn the culinary profession and generally by passing from department to department.
Departmental Chefs in the Kitchen:
Sauce Cook (Chef Saucier):
He is responsible for the preparation of all hot sauces used in the kitchen and the cooking of meat dishes.
In the absence of a fish cook, it also undertakes the task of preparing hot fish dishes and sauces.
He should be able to prepare all the main hot sauces, and should have knowledge of which dishes and which sauce will be compatible.
He is the head of the hot kitchen.
Vegetable Chef (Chef Entremetier):
Known as a vegetable and egg cook. He is a cook who prepares all kinds of vegetable dishes, pasta, rice, ravioli, potato garnishes and other vegetable side dishes.
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What are Kitchen Sections? (Kitchen Attendants)It is also responsible for making egg dishes.
The task of preparing the insides of various pastries is also the responsibility of this cook.
It usually works depending on the hot kitchen.
If there is no soup cook, he will also do this task.
Soup Cook (Chef Potager):
Found in very large kitchens
It is the cook who is responsible for the preparation of all kinds of soups.
In addition, the task of preparing the broths is also in the hands of this cook.
In the absence of this cook, the vegetable cook takes on the task of preparing the soup.
He takes charge in the hot kitchen.
Grill – Kebab Chef (Chef Rotisseur):
It is the cook who prepares grills and similar dishes and is also responsible for the preparation of deep-fried fries.
It can be found in large kitchens.
In smaller kitchens, a cook appointed by Saucier does the job.
This cook also works in the hot kitchen.
Cold Kitchen Chef (Chef Garde Manger):
He is responsible for the preparation of all cold sauces, salads and appetizers used in the kitchen.
He is the only person responsible for the preparation and serving of the cold buffet.
He makes sculptures from oil, sugar and ice and decorations from vegetables and fruits for the cold buffet.
He is the head of the cold kitchen.
Appetizer Cook (Chef Hors D'Ouvrier):
He is responsible for the preparation of all kinds of cold dishes such as appetizers, canapes, sandwiches, salads and the decoration of these dishes before they are served.
He should have sufficient knowledge and experience in decorating the dishes he prepares.
It works in the cold kitchen.
Fish Chef (Chef Poissonier):
Responsible for cleaning, portioning and cooking all kinds of fish and seafood.
Purchasing, receiving, storing and preparing fish requires great care.
The preparation of fish broths and sauces obtained from fish broth is also the duty of this cook.
Butcher (Chef Boucher):
It performs the cleaning and shredding of meats in line with the demands of the kitchen departments and distributes the prepared meat to the relevant departments.
In some hotels, it can also work directly under the cold kitchen chef.
Staff Meal Cook (Cuisinier du Staff):
He is the person who prepares meals for the employees in the hotel business.
He usually works in the staff kitchen, which is located in a separate place from the main kitchen.
It is not necessary to be as qualified as other department cooks working in the main kitchen.
Breakfast Cook (Cuisinier du Dejeuner):
The cook is responsible for the preparation of the morning breakfast.
Squeezing fruit juices, preparing fruits, preparing jams and marmalades, cooking eggs, preparing meat products and taking them to the breakfast buffet are the main tasks.
Vegetable (Legumier):
He is the cook who works in the vegetable preparation department and carries out the preparatory work such as sorting, washing and chopping the vegetables.
They are on a par with the cook or assistant cook.
Pastry Cook (Chef Patissier):
He is the head of the patisserie department.
He is responsible for the preparation of all kinds of cakes, desserts and ice creams.
In addition, their sauces, garnishes and decorations are also the duty of this cook.
It also prepares dough for foods such as phyllo, noodles, pies, and ravioli needed by hot and cold kitchens.
Baker (Chef Boulanger):
It prepares the bread types, croissants and buns needed by the hotel business.
Generally, working hours are between 24:00 at night and 08:00 in the morning.
He works in the patisserie department, reporting to the pastry cook.
Night Cook (Chef de Garde):
He works night shifts when the chief cook or assistant cook is not in the kitchen, and his duty usually starts close to the end of the working hour and continues throughout the night.
During this period, he is responsible for the complete execution of the work in the kitchen and the preparation of the meals to be produced the next day.
Substitute Chef (Chef Tournant):
They are the cooks who take their weekly or annual leave in the kitchen or who work instead of the cooks who cannot work due to illness or similar reasons.
All departments in the kitchen must be self-educated.
Diet Chef (Chef Regimier):
She is a cook who is responsible for the preparation and cooking of diet food.
He should be as knowledgeable as a nutritionist.
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