• What are Cooking Equipment?
  • What are Cooking Equipment?
  • What are Cooking Equipment?
  • What are Cooking Equipment?

It is obvious that today's developing kitchen technologies have covered the way the Kitchen has covered since its Historical Development. In professional kitchens, even in the Food and Beverage Department Organization Chart , the people who will use the Cooking Equipment are specified...

What are Cooking Equipment?What are Cooking Equipment?
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
What are the Cooking Equipment in Professional Kitchens and Industrial Kitchens? Cooking Equipment in Professional Kitchens and Industrial Kitchens has an important place in Kitchen Planning and Kitchen Units .
Especially in hotel kitchens and restaurant kitchens , it is very important to determine the locations of the most other relevant machines while making kitchen design .
Even in the normal operation of the kitchen, in terms of the order of the Kitchen Organization , the ability of the Kitchen Staff to perform their duties without causing any accident is related to the responsibilities between the distribution of duties of the Kitchen Departments , the organization among the Kitchen Types , the principles of Efficiency in Kitchen Management .
It is obvious that today's developing kitchen technologies have covered the way the Kitchen has covered since its Historical Development. In professional kitchens, even in the Food and Beverage Department Organization Chart , the people who will use the Cooking Equipment are specified, and with the developing technology, qualified personnel problems arise.
Especially in 2021, with the pandemic process, a branch of science called What is Culinary Science in Professional Kitchens and Industrial Kitchens gained importance. With the hygiene rules and the danger of contamination , what is HACCP , HACCP rules have become legal rules that must be strictly followed by large and small-sized business kitchens.
On top of all these developments , branches such as Restaurant Concept Design and Consultancy in Restaurant Projects on a large scale have gained even more importance in recent years . Especially in the internet age , when searches are made on How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen , a lot of relevant or irrelevant right or wrong information is encountered.
When it comes to How to Make a Restaurant Menu in Professional Kitchens and Industrial Kitchens , the restaurant concept is taken into consideration. Articles on What Should I Pay Attention to When Opening a New Restaurant by individuals or institutions, prepared by professionals, are now of serious importance.
If I had to mention some of the articles I wrote in Gastronomy Consulting and Culinary Consultancy on this subject ; How to Open a Restaurant , The Most Common Mistakes When Opening a New Restaurant , How Can I Have the Best Restaurants in the City, Attention to Own a Permanent Restaurant , Should I Get Restaurant Consultancy for Certain Success , The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant .
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How to Set Up a Restaurant Kitchen?
The details about Professional Kitchens and Industrial Kitchens below is a "COMpilation" made by me based on the "Uno industrial page and the book of Doyen Chef Cemal  Türkan ".
Cooking Equipment in Professional Kitchens and Industrial Kitchens has an important place in Kitchen Planning and Kitchen Units. Especially in hotel kitchens and restaurant kitchens, it is very important to determine the locations of the most other relevant machines while making kitchen design.
Cooking equipment in professional kitchens is divided into two groups.
1- Non-Fixed and Portable Cooking Equipment
2- Fixed and non-movable cooking equipment  
Tilting pans: 
They are tools that have multi-purpose uses such as grilling and steaming. It has a rectangular, wide and flat inner surface. With the help of an arm, the food inside can be easily taken into another container by tipping it over. This mechanism also makes it easy to clean.
Steam boilers: 
They are tools that allow the food to be cooked with steam heat, consisting of two layers, with a large capacity. Since the food does not come into contact with high heat, they are cooked without burning or scorching. In pressure types, the cooking time of the food is low. Furnaces: various furnaces are used.
Traditional ovens: 
These ovens are also called convection ovens. They are furnaces with limited capacity and capabilities working with a direct heating system. Cooking takes place with the air movement in the form of the heated air rising to the top and cooling down again. Since this movement is slow, the cooking time will be long.
Mechanical furnaces: 
Similar to conventional ovens, the difference between them is that there are moving tables or a moving belt.
Convection ovens: 
These are the ovens where the hot air moves quickly with the help of a fan and provides an equal distribution of the heat to the food and the cooking time is short.
Steam-convection ovens: 
This oven, also known as a combi oven, is the most useful and efficient oven where all oven features are combined.
Microwave ovens: 
They are electronic cooking tools used to heat food with high frequency radio waves.
They are grills that are heated from the top and allow the upper part of the food to be cooked.
It cooks by transmitting the heat to the food through the surfaces.
They are the tools in which the food is fried in plenty of oil.
They run on gas or electricity. It appears as single, quadruple or oven-mounted cookers in the classical structure.
They are vehicles with a heating system that maintains the temperature of the dishes that are prepared hot until the time of serving.
Sous Vide Cooking Equipment
What are the features of Sous Vide Cooking Equipment?
What are Cooking Equipment?Sous Vide Cooking Equipment allows you to obtain a softer, delicious and well-consistent product.
* Minimum water and weight loss.
* More delicious results, especially with the preservation of water-soluble aromatic substances
* Flavor increases, colors stay as they are, little or no salt is needed.
* More nutritious foods with the preservation of water-soluble minerals.
* According to scientific research, less vitamin loss than steaming and boiling.
* Some oil needs to be added during cooking.
* Standard results with every cooking.
What are the operational and economic advantages in Sous Vide Cooking Equipment?
* Allows pre-cooking of meals especially for busy times, facilitating organization.
* Minimum waste by pre-preparing controlled portions.
* Less energy consumption compared to stoves and ovens.
* The fact that it does not produce any smoke eliminates the temperature rise in the kitchen and the risk of fire.
* Many dishes, from starters to desserts, are prepared in the same tub, thus saving cleaning time.
* With minimal training, even unqualified personnel can easily operate Sammic devices. Especially in the night shifts of the room services.
* Easy production planning enables businesses to develop richer menus.
* During cooking, there is a loss of water from 30% to 5% in the product. These rates mean very little waste compared to ordinary cooking.
* Cheap portions of meat can be made much tastier with sous-vide.
* Can be installed in a standard gastronome in seconds
* Very easy to store and transport
* Accuracy down to ±0.1°C
* Minimum cuvette depth 150 mm
What is Kitchen Technology and  Kitchen Technologies  ?
The most important element in the installation of a professional kitchen is the cost of cooking equipment. In terms of efficiency, cooking equipment must be chosen very well. While choosing these equipment, the ideas of the kitchen chef and the cooks who will use the equipment to be purchased should definitely be taken. An unsuitable cooking equipment not only reduces work efficiency, but also narrows the kitchen area and causes irregularity of other equipment.
Some factors to be considered in the selection of equipment, the number of dishes to be prepared; menu type; the nature of the establishment (hotel, restaurant, school, hospital); width and location of the working area; energy to be used, fuel advantage and many other special reasons.
It is the main tool of the kitchen. In the past, all cooking was done in classic cookers consisting of only one unit. Various cooking elements have now been added to the ranges. The cooker can be mounted in the middle or on the wall. In addition, according to the type of the menu, the difference of the cooker is sought. For example, kitchens that serve a la carte will have a different cooker than other classic cookers. Because in kitchens that serve a la carte, meals are made in small quantities and small equipment is used. 
Therefore, gas burners should also be small...
Special sauces are made for à la carte menu dishes and these sauces are only prepared on the cast cooker plate. Whether the cooker is large or small, gastronorm ones should be preferred if possible. A cooker consists of at least three parts: the open-flame fire part, the plate-covered part of the fire, and the furnace part. In some kitchens, various cooking and heating elements are added to the cooker. For example, such as boiling pan, frying pan, fryer, grill, salamander, bain-marie. 
However, some companies make the cooker elements according to international standards (gastronorm), ensuring that all kinds of equipment or cooking utensils can be easily mounted on the cooker afterwards. In addition, for safety, when purchasing gaseous equipment, the device must have a thermo-couple (automatic gas breaker).
Sometimes the cooker's own ovens may not be enough. Separate furnaces are needed for this. These ovens can be installed next to the cooker or in a separate place. There are several separate oven models that operate in different ways: conventional (static) ovens, convection (turbo) ovens, steam-convection ovens.
Traditional ovens:
They are conventional ovens that work with a direct heating system. In these, the heating system can be coal, wood, diesel, gas or electric. However, since there is a thermostat in gas or electric ovens, the heat setting can be made exactly. Since there is no thermostat setting in other conventional ovens, the desired temperature setting cannot be set exactly.
Convection ovens:
The furnace temperature is moved or rotated by means of a turbine or propeller, thereby making the heat more effective. In this method, only the necessary air is drawn from the outside. In this way, a continuous and uneconomical air flow is prevented, as in direct-heating furnaces. Better results are obtained as the product cooked in the convection system preserves its own moisture. Moreover, all sides of the cooked product are browned evenly. 
It is also a very advantageous method in terms of energy saving. The oven temperature is regulated by the thermostat on it. In addition, the cooking time is determined by an indicator with a warning system and a timer. The baking trays of these ovens are gastronorm compatible trays that allow working in three different capacities.
It can cook 5 to 10 trays of food at the same time, in a balanced and economical way. This means that it saves a tremendous amount of time and manpower. It should also be noted that these ovens run on gas, which can cause problems. If possible, those who work with electricity should be preferred.
Steam-convection ovens:
This dual function oven offers several cooking methods advantages. Traditional dry cooking, frying meat between 50 and 300°C, frying chicken, baking pies; Moist cooking can also be done in order to cook the food better by giving steam to the oven during the cooking of some foods. Steaming is more beneficial for pastry and pastry makers. At the same time, it moistens the food and prevents it from drying out. Steam cooking, such as fish, vegetables at 100°C.
steam cookers
The steam cooking method establishes a very fast and tremendous heat conduction, allowing food to be cooked more quickly and healthily. Steam appliances are being used more and more in professional kitchens. Steamers are produced in various models. The main advantages of steam cookers can be listed as follows:
* Cooking time is faster with low pressure and high pressure cookers than with traditional cookers.
* Warm-up time is very short. So there is no waiting for the water to heat up as in traditional cooking.
* Since the cooking process starts as soon as you put the food, its nutritional values ​​are better preserved.
* You don't need a lot of water to cook. • It is very easy to clean the device as the substances do not stick during cooking. 
* The appearance and vitality of vegetables are preserved very well.
boiling pot
These boiling pots, which are generally made of stainless steel, can be square, rectangular or cylindrical. There is a hot-cold water tap on these pots. There is a grate waste water drain in front of it (on the ground). There are tiltable or fixed ones and their covers are attached. These pots can be mounted adjacent to or separate from the cooker. They warm up with their own heating system; gas, electricity, hot water or steam
tilting pan
It runs on gas or electricity. It is a vehicle that is not very deep, has a flat bottom, and has a square-shaped lid. These pans can be tilted or fixed. The tipping is done by a lever. Naturally, the overturned ones are more practical. This vehicle can also be mounted adjacent to or separate from the range. These large capacity pans are perfect for pilaf, sautéing, roasting, boiling, etc. doing the work. It is really an extremely useful piece of equipment for medium and high capacity kitchens.
Almost all kitchens now use a deep fryer instead of a frying pan. These fryers are comfortable, safe and contemporary equipment. These devices, which are generally made of stainless steel, are powered by electricity or gas.
We can list the features of these fryers produced in various models and diameters as follows: 
* The temperature setting of the frying oil can be adjusted by a thermostat to the desired temperature (the temperature limit does not exceed 220°C so that the oil does not burn and spoil.)
* There is a time setting clock for cooking time safety. 
* To prevent the frying oil from burning quickly and to allow sediment to settle to the bottom, modern fryers have a cold zone section. 
* Fryers with a cold zone contaminate the frying oil less. 
* At the same time, frying oil lasts longer.
* Each fryer has a drain cock to drain and drain the oil.
* There is a maximum mark on the oil cup to prevent the oil from overflowing.
* These fryers do all kinds of fries: potatoes, vegetables, meat, chicken, fish, etc.
The grill must be placed under the hood so that the fumes do not spread. If the coal is burning in the grill, you definitely need a chimney that draws very well. 
Types of grills There are three types of grills: 
1- Those working with charcoal (oak charcoal should be preferred): 
Food cooked on this type of grill is much more delicious than other types. However, it is polluting, troublesome and difficult to maintain. 
2- Gas-powered grills;
This type of grating is made of thick cast iron and is curved forward. The heating of the grill is done with a burner or burners. The temperature can be adjusted as desired. 
3- These grids working with electrical energy; 
They are the cleanest and most comfortable. The heat setting is made by a thermostat at the exact desired temperature.
Salamandra can be compared to an oven without a lid. It is mounted somewhere on the cooker at eye level. It gives the temperature from top to bottom. Since this heat given from the top is very strong, it fry and gratinize the food all at once. In other words, it makes the appearance and taste of the dishes that need to be fried only by frying them. This device is generally found in luxury hotel and restaurant kitchens. Salamandras run on gas or electricity.
It is usually adjacent to the cooker and in the part where food is served. This tool ensures that sauces and some dishes are kept warm. There are gas and electric models, and the temperature of the water heated with a burner in gas boilers and a resistance in electric boilers is kept under control with a thermostat control. Those that are compatible with gastronorm containers and made of stainless steel should be preferred. It is very inconvenient in terms of hygiene to heat a cold food by placing it in this vehicle. Because the food will heat slowly, microbe growth may occur. Meals should be kept hot in a double boiler after cooking or boiling.
temperature cabinet
The inside of these cabinets is heated by the electric resistance, which can be considered warm. The desired temperature can be adjusted from the control panel in front of it. Electricity consumption is less. It is located in the section where hot meals are distributed. At the same time, hot meals are distributed on it. This tool is an auxiliary tool and a very necessary tool for heating plates, keeping some ready meals warm, and dough proofing. It is a must-have equipment, especially in restaurants.
Microwave oven
Unlike other ovens, a microwave oven heats or cooks food from the inside out. All precautions have been taken for safety in microwave ovens. The device does not start until the cover is closed, and the device stops when the cover is opened. In general, the covers are transparent and the inside is visible. 
Thanks to the control panel, defrosting, heating and cooking are done very quickly and easily. Substances are never put into microwave ovens with metal containers. Because the electro-magnetic current does not pass through the metal, heating does not occur and destroys the device. Food should be placed in the oven in containers such as glass, porcelain, plastic, cardboard. The work done by microwave ovens is limited. But because they are so fast and practical, they are a must-have appliance in every kitchen. 
Since this system does not have a frying feature, dries the food while cooking and does not cook it evenly, this tool is mostly used for heating and defrosting (defrosting the frozen material). However, it can also do some cooking tasks. For example, in rush situations, it completes the cooking of an uncooked food. 
The best feature of the microwave oven is that it heats a cold plate of food in half a minute without any action. This is very useful for cooks in tight times.
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