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An investor who has invested large sums in the gastronomy sector with the aim of certain success would like to see the effects of success in his wallet. In the food and beverage sector , developments focused on guest satisfaction rather than just vision and popularity, except for..


Restaurant Consulting...Restaurant Consulting...
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
An investor who has invested large sums in the gastronomy sector with the aim of certain success would like to see the effects of success in his wallet. In the food and beverage sector , developments focused on guest satisfaction rather than just vision and popularity, except for the restaurant budget , should be charted in proportion to their shares in the total. Knowing the share of all revenues and all expenses in the total means you are in control.
According to what is a good restaurant successful and according to what is it unsuccessful? What is the indicator of success in the restaurant?
One of the most important issues in restaurant businesses is the failure to achieve the desired targets. So what is the indicator of success in a good restaurant? What does success look like for a restaurant that was opened with serious budgets with a definite success target?
Very clear; Any Restaurant Business That Doesn't Make Commercial Profit Is Not Successful...
So how does a restaurant business generate business profit? What should restaurant management do to gain commercial profit? Is the indicator of success surveys or turnover? What are the links in the kitchen organization of the restaurant ? 
What should be considered in the management circular for a restaurant that has just opened and aims to become one of the best restaurants in the city ?
How many months do I need to renew the cost of meals - cost control accounts? What are the hidden costs that will be added extra in prescriptions? What is the ratio of the cost of a meal to its selling price? How is the selling price of each meal or any beverage adjusted?
 How Do I Work in Restaurant Consulting & Food & Beverage Consulting in International  New Food Trends & Restaurant Trends in 2022 ?
Within the scope of the agreed concept, duration and articles of agreement in the text of the agreement, after a mutual date was agreed upon by contacting me beforehand in Turkey and abroad.
Who Wants to Work With Me? What are my Service Areas in Kitchen Consulting and Food and Beverage Consulting?
• Those Who Will Open New Restaurants, All Restaurant Management and System and Operation (Min. 6-7 Months, If the Employer Fulfills All Responsibilities for Small Openings and Grand Openings)
• All Kitchen and Service Vocational Trainings
• Food and Beverage Businesses That Have Opened Restaurants Before But Couldn't Achieve The Success They Desired,
• Those who aim to change the concept by purchasing a ready-made restaurant with attractive prices,
• Those who want to increase their service quality by purchasing a new restaurant,
• Boutique Hotels with International Standards
• Star Hotels with International Standards (Inner City or Touristic)
• First Kitchen Installations
• Food and Beverage Menu Designs (Those who want to change the menu,
• Those Who Want Patented Meals Only for the Related Business, 
• Only Those Who Want Cooking Techniques Specific to the Related Business, 
• Those Who Want New Unique Meal Designs Only for the Related Business,
• Those Who Want Special Presentation Techniques To Raise Awareness For That Business Only,
• Special State Meals,
• Private Holding Board of Directors Meals,
• Corporate Companies (Banquet, Protocol, Organization)
All these are primarily shaped according to the service options that will be requested by me. It is important which service any business owner or institution wants from me. After preparing the feasibility of options on the needed issues, I present my work program with time, cost and "target" results in line with mutual agreement.
The Most Asked Questions by Those Who Want to Open a New Restaurant?
Everything is very good in the restaurant I opened, so what is the reason for this?
They say it 's the best new restaurant in the city , but is my location good?
All my guests are leaving happy is it my food that is very good?
I haven't had any problems at the restaurant that I recently opened. Is it because of my service personnel?
The surveys in the restaurant I opened are exactly what I wanted, could it be the public relations department?
The city's most prominent business people like my new restaurant very much, do they like the ambiance?
White-collar workers come to dinner every day, do they really like the food concept of my new restaurant?
Could the success of the restaurant consultancy be the reason why there are no complaints about the food service? 
A good chef; Does he understand both kitchen management , restaurant management , service management, cost and cost calculations and guest relations?
Does the success of the service team depend on the restaurant chef or the organization of the captains?
Am I doing well because I got restaurant consulting for sure success at my new restaurant?
What are the most frequently asked questions by those who want to open new restaurants that have been successful in the gastronomy sector in the past?
Restaurant Consulting
Should I get Food and beverage consulting service for kitchen and service?
If my kitchen chef quits his job at the restaurant I just opened, will I be harmed?
How can I set up my own staff in the restaurant I will open?
Is there a chef in my new restaurant who can train the people I choose "in the areas I want"?
What will an international chef cost my new restaurant?
Do I have to bring a very famous chef to my new restaurant?
Can I get kitchen consultancy service for my new restaurant ?
Is there a chef who can train my entire kitchen team?
So what should I pay attention to when opening a new restaurant?
Can I save my rent if I open my new restaurant on a busy street?
How should I adjust my new restaurant's expenses?
Is there a chef who can give vocational training for the whole restaurant?
Does a chef understand both the kitchen and the service?
How much should my income from restaurant costs be based on my current expenses?
How much should the rent of the new restaurant I will open be?
How do I create reports and charts for my new restaurant?
How do I calculate the costs of food recipes?
How many months do I need to renew meal costs - cost control accounts?
What are the hidden costs that will be added extra in prescriptions?
What is the ratio of the cost of a meal to its selling price?
How is the selling price of each meal or any beverage adjusted?
Should I earn the same amount of money on all meals or drinks? 
What percentage of staff cost should be in all expenses of a restaurant?
What percentage of energy expenses should be in the general expenses of a new restaurant?
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*** You can contact me through my contact information for more information on the subjects specified by labeling, taking into account my professional background in the above article, and to get support for Gastronomy Consulting in the titles within my Service Areas. ***
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Restaurant consultancy is the service offered by professional consultants to improve the operating processes of a restaurant, to ensure efficiency and profitability. Restaurant consultants provide strategic guidance to restaurant owners or operators in areas such as operational, marketing, financial and customer experience.
The main duties of restaurant consultants are:
Business Analysis: Evaluates the current situation of the restaurant and determines the strengths and weaknesses of the business. Performs analysis in areas such as operational processes, personnel management, menu planning, cost control.
Strategic Planning: Develops strategic plans to achieve business objectives. It provides guidance on issues such as positioning the business, determining the target audience, pricing strategies.
Operational Improvement: Reviews business processes and recommends operational improvements to increase efficiency. Provides consultancy in areas such as kitchen layout, stock management, service processes.
Menu Planning: It helps to design an attractive and profitable menu. It offers menu suggestions, taking into account factors such as menu analysis, product costs, flavor profiles.
Marketing and Brand Strategy: Develops the marketing and brand strategies of the business. Provides consultancy on issues such as advertising campaigns, digital marketing, social media management.
The importance of restaurant consulting comes from several reasons:
Expertise and Experience: Restaurant consultants are people who specialize and have experience in restaurant management. Therefore, they have the necessary knowledge and skills to manage the business more effectively and solve problems.
Objective Perspective: An external consultant can objectively evaluate the business and identify areas for improvement. Can identify problems and opportunities and propose solutions without being influenced like an insider.
Efficiency and Profitability: Restaurant consultants can reduce costs and increase profitability by increasing the efficiency of the business. They offer support in matters such as optimizing operational processes, increasing revenue and controlling costs.
Current Trends and Information: Restaurant consultants follow current trends and best practices in the industry. They can transfer sectoral information and trends to the business in order to get ahead of the competition and to provide service in accordance with customer expectations.
Working with restaurant consultants has many advantages for businesses. Business owners and managers can make their businesses more effective and profitable by leveraging the expertise of consultants. In addition, consultants can save business owners time and energy, enabling them to focus on other strategic issues.
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
International And Intercontinental
Restaurant Consultant And Kitchen Consultant
Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine World Envoy