• How to Make a Restaurant Management Circular?

Concept of Restaurant Business, City Where It Was Found, Origins of People Living in the City, Food Culture Level of City Population, Economic Conditions of the City Population, The City's Share in Domestic and Foreign Tourism, Capacity of the Business in the Existing Food and..

How to Make a Restaurant Management Circular?
Restaurant Management Circular is prepared by considering the following items and more....
*  Concept of Restaurant Business, 
*  City Where It Was Found, 
*  Origins of People Living in the City, 
*  Food Culture Level of City Population,
*  Economic Conditions of the City Population, 
*  The City's Share in Domestic and Foreign Tourism, 
*  Capacity of the Business in the Existing Food and Beverage Sector, 
*  Number of Employees of the Restaurant Business, 
*  Number of Guest Indoor and Outdoor Service Areas, 
*  Service Portfolio and Targeted Service Quality of the Restaurant Concept,
*  Task Distribution of Restaurant Employees,
*  Formal and Informal Responsibilities of Restaurant Employees (Related to the Business Owner) 
*  Special Requests of the Business Owner in Restaurant Management,
It is prepared by the expert, taking into account ...
Although the restaurant management circular does not change for each similar business in tourism, it changes for restaurants with different characteristics. In the restaurant management circular, the most correct thing is to review all the features of the restaurant business and to rewrite it by people who know the subject, as I mentioned above, with minor changes and task combinations in some of the main items . While some items and task distribution are seriously misunderstood in some restaurant businesses, they may be extremely accurate in some other businesses ...
The items I have stated below are not " standard." The specified items are shared only as examples  for the  purpose of understanding the main detail  . If the relevant articles are written correctly, the restaurant business should work in harmony with each other like the gears of a motor . The most important issue here is the  correct analysis of your business and the allocation of the " responsibilities " that should be to the personnel who can bear it..
Management Circular
(.................) Fundamental Principles And Management  Circular
(..................) with the aim of creating corporate and chain brands with an infrastructure in international standards, with a guest mentality, not a customer, which has taken its place in the concept of Ottoman and Turkish cuisine with confident steps in its own lane It is a restaurant that can set an example for the region and the country, and VIP services can be provided in organizations such as a la carte dinner, banquet, lounge, cocktail, protocol, banquet, wedding, meeting and seminar…
Our Basic Principles
We are a restaurant with international standards, where our history, culture, family and table manners, moral values, and historical flavor heritages that are about to disappear are kept alive in the best way. In this sense, we welcome our guests who prefer us as if they were our guests. Our service staff is also trying to make those who prefer us experience outstanding examples of family and table manners. Since our professional service staff, who always prioritize our customs and traditions, is also our family, our basic principle is the understanding that one family hosts another family in a spiritual sense.
(..................) He Lives With You !
“The biggest capital of an enterprise is not its material assets, but its personnel”. Our basic principle is to invest in people and grow together with those who serve us, to be remembered and to win together with our current employees all over the world.
As it has been experienced with examples in our history since our existence, we cannot reach the success in our goal due to our customs and traditions, the first step is “respect” when climbing the stairs.
1- Self Respect
2- Respect For One's Job
3- Respect For People
4- Respect For Our Values ​​That Make Us Who We Are
“If you respect you will be respected, if you remember you will be remembered, if you love you will be loved, if you want you will succeed”
The hierarchical structure of our restaurant, which has international standards, located at the address ( ………………………………………) and the hierarchical order of its colleagues, which is the most important capital, and the remuneration schedule are as follows. The authorization graph targeted in our business is as follows.
Operation Manager
Kitchen Chef
Restaurant Chief
Kitchen Chef; “0.000.Tl”
1- Sous Sef - “0.000.Tl”
1- Warmer “0.000.Tl”
1- Cold Shop “0.000.Tl”
1- Dessert Shop “0.000.Tl””
1- Grill "0.000.Tl"
1- Pan "0.000.Tl"
1- Breakfast “0.000.Tl”
2- Tanner And His İncome İs “0.000.Tl”
Total Budget: “0.000.Tl”
Restaurant Chef; “0.000.Tl”
1- Captain “0.000.Tl”
1- Cafeteria Waiter “0.000.Tl”
1- Cafeteria Barista “0.000.Tl”
1- Cafeteria Commissioner “0.000.Tl”
1- Hall Barista “0.000.Tl”
3- Hall Waiter “0.000.Tl”
2- Food Carrier “0.000.Tl”
1- Square-“0.000.Tl”
Valet Total Budget: “0.000.Tl”
Operation Manager
(..................) all departments related to ottoman and turkish cuisine 
Responsible with
1. (.....) Food and beverage department sells its business objectives within the framework of the business objectives determined by the board of directors. Create the department budget. It determines the sales volume and cost ratios for the targeted profitability in line with the budget, and develops the criteria that determine the production and service quality.
2. It adopts the goal of being more profitable in the long run by satisfying the guest instead of maximum profitability. He believes that the management principles such as keeping the facilities, tools and equipment in working condition, providing service according to the determined standards and maintaining the balance between sales and cost will lead the Food and Beverage department to success.
3. Makes the necessary plans to achieve these goals within the framework of the determined goals. (Planning the realization of sales with menus, promotion programs and numbers, especially production and service, establishing maintenance and repair systems to maximize costs.)
4. Responsible for the training of the personnel so that the functions of the department can be carried out completely and efficiently.
5. The (..................) manager coordinates daily and weekly meetings between the sub-units of the department, and the coordination between his own department and other departments (........ ..........) through department heads meetings to be held under the management of the board of directors.
6. He is directly responsible to the board of directors for the performance of the personnel working in the food and beverage department, and the cost, sales and profitability of the facilities.
7. Analyzes Food & Beverage departments in terms of operating cost, sales increase efficiency, business simplification and sanitation. Makes the necessary corrections in order to achieve maximum performance, makes constructive suggestions, and performs payroll control.
8. Develops and implements training programs for Food & Beverage department staff.
9. Checks whether the recommended methods and standards are complied with.
10. is directly responsible to the (..................) board of directors for the instructions and assignments to be made within the scope of his/her duty and regarding the cooperation and activities to be carried out with the department heads.
11. Food & Beverage department sub-units assist their chiefs in their duties and give necessary instructions.
12. Supervises and coordinates the works such as preparing the menus, pricing, serving the meals, sanitation conditions, arranging the working hours of the employees, and pays attention to the quality in the preparation and service of the meals.
13. Ensures that the purchasing officer complies with the food specifications and quality criteria prepared by the Food & Beverage department.
14. Leads the weekly business meeting where issues related to the perfect performance of all functions of the department are discussed; It enables the discussion of issues such as banquets to be given, operational problems, changes to be made in practice, and innovations to be brought.
15. Develops job descriptions for all duties in the Food & Beverage department to easily familiarize employees with their duties.
16. (..................) hires or dismisses Food & Beverage department personnel, provided that the board of directors is informed and in cooperation with other department heads.
17. Inspects all units of the Food & Beverage department daily.
18. Develops new ideas to increase sales, reduce costs and increase productivity together with the sub-unit chiefs of the department.
19. Prepares monthly activity reports and sends (.................) to the board of directors.
20. It sends the weekly meeting notes to the board of directors (..................) and informs about necessary improvements.
Kitchen Chef;
It manages, supervises, plans, administers, trains, is responsible, communicates, prepares. To ensure the implementation of hygiene procedures in the most economical and healthy way for the functions of the kitchen department such as personnel management and menu planning, research of products to be purchased, storage, business planning, production and presentation. 
To ensure that all the work in the kitchen department is carried out in a healthy manner and within the framework of standards.Making the selection of the kitchen staff, Supervising the compliance of the personnel with the hygiene rules that they are responsible for, Preparing the list of materials to be purchased and controlling their prices To ensure economy by ensuring that the qualified materials are used in the right place, Keeping materials according to the durability period in the armpit storage, Preparing inventory, Making creative studies to increase the efficiency of the kitchen, 
Production planning in accordance with occupancy and functions to prepare and implement training programs and to train its personnel To make menu planning studies to increase sales To ensure that all machines and tools are used in appropriate conditions and to lead the innovations and researches that expand the horizons of the section chiefs To set the standards for the production stage To be creative, to always renew oneself, to be researcherTo prepare the work schedule and leave schedules of the staff Paying attention to occupational safety, complying with the rules of hygiene and cleaning Reading, reading and applying the instructions
Restaurant Chief
Features Required:
• To have a healthy physical structure, to be distinguished in appearance and behavior
• Having a good general culture, knowing at least two foreign languages
• To have perfect service knowledge gained by long working years,
• Being an example to all personnel and establishing an undisputed authority over them with their professional knowledge, meticulousness in work, justice and discipline,
• Knowing the rules of etiquette and protocol very well, ensuring that they are applied on site,
• To understand human psychology very well,
• To have as much knowledge about food as a cook,
•To have an associate degree restaurant education
• To represent the guests in the best way in every department (.....) they are in,
• (..................) together with the business manager, selecting the service personnel and starting the job,
• By inspecting all service departments, ensuring that the service is carried out perfectly,
• Keeping the files of the service personnel and following the leave, promotion, points, wages and attendance status,
• To hold a general meeting in the departments on a certain day of each month,
• To provide better training of the personnel by organizing vocational courses with their assistants (..................), attending meetings with their managers and presenting them with a report on their department,
• To organize the work of the personnel by preparing the shifts,
• To ensure that the service departments are equipped with the most appropriate tools and equipment,
• Preparing food and beverage cards,
• To determine the service rules to be applied together with the (..................) Manager and ensure that they are carried out in the best way,
• Welcoming the guests according to the place, showing the place and presenting the menu cards,
• To ensure good results by closely following the activities in the Banquet unit.
1- Preservation of the waybills of the purchase of goods, materials or services entering (..................)
2- If payment is made to the seller by check, promissory note or bank transfer, the receipts must be obtained.
3- Comparing the incoming invoices with the waybills or examining the consistency of the waybill with the order given when it arrives.
4- Detection of faulty, defective, defective goods and service, which are connected with the material delivery point of purchase (warehouse, construction site, goods acceptance department).
5- If possible, photocopying and filing of the inventory and current account invoices of the vendor.
6- Keeping the guarantee documents of the purchased fixtures
7- Checking the dates of the received invoices and waybills, checking their signatures
8- Recording all kinds of expenditure and expense documents, including receipts, in computer excel (format has been determined)
9- Keeping a copy of each invoice on the cob and keeping a copy in the folder
10- At the end of each month, contacting the main accounting and obtaining the payroll and personnel wage slips.
11- Distributing the received pay slips to the personnel against their signatures and putting a copy in the personnel file.
12-Immediate notification of the reports of the personnel receiving the report to the main accounting
13-Timely delivery of all kinds of documents related to the main accounting, information from the official offices to the accounting office
14- Delivery of information, receipts and letters from banks to the main accounting
15-Proper storage of passwords and similar documents given for the company.
16- Registering the company's fixtures in a list by specifying who uses it.
17- Checking the compliance of the stock entries with the delivery procedure
18- Keeping track of stocks and ordering when necessary
19- To control the costs in the departments and to report the irrational costs.
20- Controlling the correct and on-site use of all materials used in the departments and preparing reports
21- Preparation of monthly and annual cost report (Cost Report)
22- Accounting the warehouse entries and exits on a daily basis,
23- Controlling financial and technical problems in the food and beverage department
24- The cost of the food and beverages sold, the personnel meals, together with the relevant department responsibles.
25- Controlling the price movements of the purchased materials, conducting market research
26- Following the sales progress of the materials offered for sale and reporting the malfunctions
27- To be prepared for accounting records by counting food and beverage, to fulfill duties and transactions
28- Fulfilling the duties assigned to him by the business manager completely.
International food and beverage consultancy, kitchen consultancyTHE COMMON FEATURES THAT ALL OUR STAFF SHOULD BE ATTENTION TO ARE AS FOLLOWS
- First see the work you do, the task you represent, the product you sell, know what, how and why you do it -
Be courteous, respectful and sincere
- Be more interested, helpful and understanding towards the elderly, the disabled and female guests
- Do not turn a blind eye to developments
- Remember that you are assigned to serve the guest -
Follow etiquette, (..................)'s established policies, disciplinary rules, and your job's standards and procedures
- Panic in your job and don't rush. Don't make small things big and big problems small
- Report events and your impressions of people as they are. Do not exaggerate or downplay
- Do not use ambiguous, unprofessional words such as “I guess, I guess, maybe, I guess” to guests' questions about various facilities and activities. Call someone who knows about what you don't know and give precise information to the guest
- Speak to the guest and your colleagues in a gentle and low voice.
- If you speak respectfully and levelly to the guests in an audible tone, you will make the guest more attentive.
- Establish eye contact
- Do not be overly cordial with the guest - Do not turn your back on the guest, do
not put your hands in your pockets and use your body language properly
- Do not abuse the goodwill of the guests, do not punish the guest who does not have a good dialogue with you and is not satisfied with you, with a lower quality of service and behavior
- Do not tell others what the guest tells you privately and their secrets
- Do not leak information about other guests to the guests
- Give the guest the feeling that he is special
- Use an expression of confidence and interest on your face
- Do not mumble during the process and do not talk about the process you are doing by tilting your head. 
Maintain eye contact with the guest -
Check your tone of voice and body language
- Repeat the guest's name often.
- Demonstrate that you are tough and reliable
- Discipline is not about crushing your subordinates, issuing orders. Remember that love is at the heart of everything
- say "we did" instead of "I did it". If (.................) is a family, you are only one member of that family. The guest, who is satisfied with the family, comes to (.................) again.
- Ignore the guest's shame
- Do not disturb the guest with your eyes - Do not touch the guest with
your hands, do not touch his body, hair, shoulder
- You should also moderate your private life and behavior, except for (..................). hold
- Do not take or direct the guest to shopping stores other than
(..................) - (..................) Do not remove or bring anything to (.........) without permission
- (............... ) ...) do not smoke and do not drink or eat anything other than the beverage rights granted to you
- Do not discriminate between staff and guests according to their hometowns and cities, do not be prejudiced. Evaluate staff based on personality and ability to do the job
- Put yourself in the guests ' shoes - Do
not belittle or mock the guest because of his dressing style, social status and speaking style -
Decorate your relationship with the guest and your conversations with few but good jokes
- Do not stay away from the guest you are talking to to answer or help someone else. If you need to deal with the other party, get permission from the guest
- Do not interfere in affairs outside of your authority and responsibilities. Contact the person in charge of that job immediately or suggest that the guest contact that person-department
- Give importance to team spirit rather than stating or implying to the guest that only you can do the job. Make sure another friend can do what you're going to do in your absence.
- Do not hide information, because you are held responsible for this situation
- Do your job properly
- You don't get anywhere by slandering others and belittling what they do.
- State your ideas clearly. Don't testify what you don't believe in fear
- Don't cringe at anyone, don't let it happen to you, too
- Don't ignore your guests and superiors. greet them politely
- Treat your colleagues with respect, do not belittle them, do not insult them, do not talk behind their backs
- Do not unnecessarily interfere with the work of your colleague. Watch, handle each other's deficiencies and mistakes without making the guest feel
- Be harmonious, loving and respectful in your relations with your superiors and subordinates
- Ensure that all your friends in your department are at an adequate level. Don't run to every job and here and there. This behavior will disturb the guest as well as the one-man image is unprofessional
- Turn the problem into the guest's satisfaction
- Make the guest feel that you are responsible for solving the problem
- Do not make long explanations
- If you cannot solve the problem at that moment, tell the guest clearly and let the guest know that a certain time will pass
- Listen to the guest's complaint in a place where others will not hear it according to its importance
- Do not discriminate among the guests according to their social status
- Ask questions and take notes on the subject that caused the
guest's complaint - Suggest solutions for the guest's complaint, talk to the authorities. If the problem is serious or if you think it will reach a serious level, inform your superiors
- Keep a record of guest complaints, actions and results, present it to the senior management
- Notify the guest of the result and contact the guest to see if the issue has been resolved
- Don't sway or underestimate the guests.
- Do not say negative words about the guest (..................) and the staff, blame anyone or the guest (.................. ..) and do not express that you share various negative opinions about the employees
- Understand the guest's complaint well, anticipate how much the problem can grow when it is indifferent, feel the intention of the guest in front of you
- Do not make the guest feel the problem caused by the guest or your job immediately, discuss the situation with your superiors if necessary
- Offer alternatives to the guest, do not use words like no
- (..... Apologize to the guest for any errors caused by
- Stand upright in front of a guest with a complaint and look the guest in the eye. Rather than standing behind the desk, it is necessary to stand next to the guest. Because the desk looks like a psychological barrier to the guest and causes him to exaggerate the problem.
- Always be calm and positive. When the guest complains, do not show disapproval and disbelief.
- Try to resolve the complaint.
- Always act on complaints. What you consider small may seem very important to the guest.
- Dealing with guest complaints requires seriousness and diplomacy. Bad news about a guest (..................) who left unsatisfied with (..................) makes propaganda. Remember, too, that some guests like to complain.
- Even if the guest is wrong, do not say that you cannot agree with him, as this will make the guest even more angry.
- Do not express your personal opinion about the complaint
- Determine what the guest really wants.
- Stay with the guest. Do not walk away from the guest to help someone else or answer the phone
- Keep the item or person the guest is complaining about out of their sight, as this may upset the guest's nerves.
- If you express that you are sorry, you may have calmed even a difficult guest if you apologize. Apologizing is not an expression of weakness or guilt.
- Do not try to judge (.................) by making excuses for the cause of the complaint. Don't say things like "that guy is new or we're very busy these days". 
- Do not make the guest feel that (.................) is in the interest of the alternative you offer
- Do not argue with the guest, do not be arrogant
- Use your professionalism to overcome problems
- Inform the relevant personnel to solve the problem
- Based on providing a service or product rather than paying for a guest complaint
- Coordinate with other departments and staff if necessary to resolve the issue
- Make a plan to resolve the problem
If you are ready to achieve success, grow together, win together, be remembered together in our field, with the power of being a family, if you are ready to be us, not me, "(..................)" is in the professional Service staff. Your place is ready in…
 MANAGEMENT CIRCULAR, International food and beverage consultancy, kitchen consultancy
He is responsible for all kinds of negative or positive situations of the business without excuse.
It is responsible for having all the printed documents prepared and approved by the management filled by the relevant responsibilities daily, weekly and monthly and checking their accuracy.
While the establishment is responsible for standing by the work during the opening hours, it has to be present in person, especially at opening or closing times.
At the end of the evening work, the board of directors has to take delivery of the safe and act as it deems appropriate.
It has to prepare the weekly work schedules of the personnel working in both the kitchen, the living room and the entire facility.
All kinds of construction, electricity, electronics, accounting, kitchen, living room, official and informal payments and receivables and payments of the enterprise
organization, guest relations, security, has to follow.
should resolve the problems that the department heads could not solve.
Our cashiers are the secretary and assistant of the business manager.
He will be aware of everything, he will decide everything, but he will stay behind.
All kinds of dominance of the enterprise is in his own hands and he is responsible for giving an account to the board of directors for all kinds of functioning of the enterprise.
All working personnel should be in touch with our employees about their days off, working pairs, material and moral issues.
in the morning of every day: Vega has to match the data in the cashier's book and the accounting book and ensure the reconciliation in the figures.
does not always have to be in the business. It increases our portfolio of guests by making interested visits in their free time and increases the popularity of the establishment in the public.
organization manager
10+ are responsible for every phase of any organization.
Before the organization takes place, it is responsible for controlling all the details mentioned above.
He is obliged to fill in the relevant documents given to him and submit them to the business manager, saloon and kitchen chefs.
It has the right to call the board of directors to a meeting to discuss the prices and conditions and evaluate the last details in any organization where the business can gain money and vision.
If the board of directors does not come to the meeting at the specified time, it has the right to decide on its own.
It is responsible for having the salon and kitchen chefs prepare the items specified in the organization and for checking the taste of the products to be given and correcting them.
It can instruct and guide both the kitchen and the restaurant team.
has the right to implement any item specified in the organization's order.
He has to resolve all disputes regarding the organization between the business manager and the living room and kitchen and turn them into the business interest.
It has to be delivered to the relevant officer under the same conditions from the entrance of each guest through the door until he/she sits down on his/her table.
In order not to break the bakeries, he is obliged to apply the changes in the menu, as well as to take the extra of the said changes.
He should be in the relevant area one hour before the start of the organization and should not lose his control over the personnel until the end.
should always check the number of parts agreed and the number of incoming parts in organizations. Payments must be made according to the number of parts agreed in the contract.
In the first place, it will be more important for the business if it gives priority to the down payment that can be made in advance, rather than the long-term payment commitments in the organizations. 
In the morning they have to check the cash register and the correctness of the cash advance.
They will remind the relevant reservations to the operating manager and the organization responsible.
Up to 10 people can take reservations over the specified template and save them in the relevant reservation book.
For reservations of 10 + persons and larger, they will contact the person or institution responsible with the business organization manager or the business manager.
They are responsible for all kinds of printed documents and materials at the cashier's desk.
They will not allow anyone to sit or work at the cashier's desk, except for the organization manager and the operating manager.
At the end of the day, they will definitely close their cash registers, take the end of the day from POS machines, fill in the relevant cashier delivery report, and after entering the same information in their own books, they will ensure that the accountant receives the filled report.
No payment will be made from the cash register.
cash proceeds will be based on the part that the management deems appropriate, and this account will be deposited in the bank as of the moment or in the morning and pasted into the cash book of the relevant day.
cashiers are in the definition of administrative personnel. Where the guest receives service, they can get service and as they are subordinate to the business manager, they are directly accountable to the business manager. They are responsible for checking their level with other personnel.
If the organization responsible or the operating manager is not in the business, he informs the guests who want to achieve both titles in any way and takes the relevant note and delivers it to the addressee during the said period.
Purchasing Circular
All kinds of purchases will be made 3 days a week on “Tuesday, Wednesday and Friday”. 
Tuesdays: dry food and charcuterie
Wednesdays: Salon deficiencies
Fridays: vegetable group
The officials in the relevant departments will write and prepare their lists on the purchase request form before the accounting officer leaves, and they will hand it over to the accounting officer by having it signed by the department heads. The accounting officer will have the business manager approved by evaluating the price offers from 3 different companies, which are equivalent in parts, and by writing the minimum-maximum amounts. Again, a list will be sent to the purchasing officer together with the price offers from the evening.
It is responsible for informing the purchasing officer of the materials we need for accounting price surveys, in written form, with the address and number of the "price offer". 
Accounting officer and purchasing officer are the direct addressees for the purchase. Both depend on the business manager. 
After the purchase is made, the goods will be weighed, received and signed by the kitchen and accounting officer, and the relevant documents will be put in a plastic pocket and put in a folder together with the receipts and invoices, provided that it can be understood that they belong to a single day. 
The purchased materials will be entered into the stock program as of that day in the form of “kg, piece, parcel”. 
Every weekend, related purchasing and price researches will be submitted to the management's information as an attachment to the invoices and will be evaluated. 
Purchasing officer; It will take the initiative about the tradesmen who need to buy the materials needed for cash, credit cards and maturity and
will inform the management about the necessary reasons. 
It is beneficial to make the purchase from a single source and on-site for at least 1.5 months in order to make the relevant evaluations and to have a good command of the subject. “In terms of selection of reliable tradesmen, determination of maturity and payment methods.” 
Then, after the necessary determinations are made, it can be ensured that the tradesmen, whose approval has been obtained gradually, can bring our deficiencies to the enterprise within the scope of the orders given, on the condition of quality control and returning them back. 
Payment days to the tradesmen should be arranged according to the 01- 10- and 20th of each month. The payment must be made personally by the accounting officer against a receipt.
Payments are given to the business manager as a list 1 day in advance and can be made after the approval of the board of directors (the list must be signed by 3 business partners). 
For each day of shopping, the per diem and salary that the management deems appropriate is given to the purchasing officer. fuel, on the other hand, is appreciated by the management upon the request of the purchasing officer in return for the fuel receipt, taking into account the distance traveled.
Payments made other than receipts, invoices, collector's receipts, waybills or a 3-signature report containing signed contact information will not be considered. 
The accounting officer and the kitchen staff will not accept materials against undocumented dry words.
When the purchasing officer brings the missing materials to the establishment, a report will be kept by the accounting officer for the missing material that is listed but could not be supplied, stating the reason in writing and "signed by the kitchen supervisor, purchasing officer and accounting officer and presented to the business manager.
A product with insufficient quality control, which is not accepted by the kitchen staff in the products purchased, will be replaced by the product of the desired quality during the day by the purchasing officer and delivered to the kitchen with a second report with 3 signatures.
Except for the influx of abnormal guests and sudden organizations that are not in the reservation, the weekly leave of the person in charge in the relevant department will be canceled and penalized in case of problems that may arise with missing or forgotten products.
Official payments, deposits to the bank, withdrawals from the bank, receipts will be made by the purchasing officer. The right to carry credit cards belonging to the enterprise belongs only to the purchasing officer and the second person to be decided by the management. The persons in question have to prepare a report at the end of the day about how many times and for what payment they have used their credit cards, and submit them to the accounting officer.
Not all of the rules mentioned above have anything to do with insecurity. The important issue includes the fact that the business can continue its principles in the same order, even if the persons and titles change. business interests are taken into account in the first degree. Purchasing is responsible for auditing accounting and accounting for purchasing. It will certainly serve the interests of the business for both titles and persons to share their current information with each other.