• Caution When Opening New Restaurant

Your business type defines the way your restaurant takes orders, sells food, and handles service. However, restaurant opening costs also determine staffing requirements and the size of your investment. Consider that new types of businesses such as “ghost (cloud) kitchen..


Caution When Opening New Restaurant...Caution When Opening New Restaurant...
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
What should be done in order to have the best restaurant chains when I say what kind of place should I open?
 What Should I Consider When Opening a New Restaurant?
 What should be considered when opening a new restaurant ?
 What are the things to consider when opening a new restaurant?
 How to become a permanent restaurant owner ?
 Where should I open my restaurant? 
 If I open my restaurant from scratch, what should I consider when choosing my restaurant name ? 
 Or should I open a branch of a restaurant chain? 
 What should be done in order to have the best restaurant chains when I say what kind of place should I open?
 How should you decide on the concept of your new restaurant ?
 What dishes will be on the menu, and what will the prices be? 
 Who can I set up my best restaurant management system in the most accurate way?
 Do you have a manual for opening a new restaurant ?
 Who can I find to do the hardest jobs in my new restaurant that I will open ?
 Who can provide staff training for my newly opened restaurant ?
 How do I find a food and beverage consultant for your new restaurant ?
 Should I get a kitchen consultancy service for my chain restaurant ?
Unanswered questions such as and many more different thoughts may bother you for a while…
 So that you can have famous and famous restaurants in the best cities of the world ,
 In order to open restaurants with the most impressive ambiance,
 In order for your name to be mentioned successfully in the food and beverage industry ,
 In order to be your leading restaurants in the gastronomy sector,
 In order for the restaurant you have opened not to close after 1 year, 
 In order to have  the most famous restaurants of your city ,
 In order to be the operator or owner of the most successful restaurants,
 In order to have the best restaurants and restaurants as a person or institution,
 In order not to make supplier mistakes in the restaurant you just opened, 
 In order for you to be better known for your service quality in the first restaurant to which you have attached your capital,
 To be the best in kitchen and food service while dreaming of the best restaurant,
 To correctly configure your corporate identity in your new restaurant chain,
 In order not to make the same expenses 2 or 3 times while you want to have a permanent restaurant in your city ,
 In order for you not to decide to open a restaurant by saying I understand from food ,
 In order to make a clearer plan and budget for opening a new restaurant,
 When you decide to open a new restaurant, in order to take the right steps from the beginning,
 In order to better calculate the guest portfolio of the new restaurant you opened ,
 In order to make your small and big openings with the least mistakes in your new restaurant chain ,
 In order to establish a staff working system that works well for the best restaurant chains ,
 In order to have the best restaurant concept in your city,
 In order to have the best and most accurate sample restaurant menus in the city where you will open a new restaurant ,
 In order to successfully complete your new restaurant of your dreams with your targeted budget ,
 In order to make money by seeing your profitability with real cost multipliers in your new restaurant, not so-called ,
 In order to be one of the leading names in the gastronomy sector in your country,
 In order for you to receive the key delivery of your new restaurant within the agreed period of time , as it has started to make money ,
 In order to create the most striking concept  and  concepts in your new restaurant that everyone will admire ,
 In order for you to catch the latest gastronomy trends in the world,
 For those who want to open new restaurants and as new entrepreneurs, you can move forward with sure steps,
 In order not to open a new restaurant just to have a restaurant,
 In order to ensure that your new restaurant, which you want to be among the best in the city  , is made in the most correct way  , with Optional Menus ,  food menu, seating areas, service  areas  and architectural combinations ,
 To see that quality is applied as a standard, not the best, in your new restaurant,
 While the new restaurant is opening, so that your friends that you can't break will not drag you into possible mistakes ,
 In order not to spoil your recipes in line with the real or unrealistic criticism of each guest ,
 In order for you to not have staff who know everything, but only staff who know the new restaurant management and  principles ,
 In order for you to have kitchen staff who not only know every kitchen but can make your menu completely,
 For your service personnel who do not know everywhere, but only know your guest portfolio ,
 So that you can happily watch your new restaurant, which you opened with big dreams, like an immersive movie whenever you want ,
 In order for you to see your thoughts on success in your new restaurant come true step by step ,
 You may be searching for the right topic in the right place.
 Contact us to talk more and details….
I Want to Open a New Restaurant in the City : What Should I Do?
Number of catering establishments; It is increasing day by day with the habit of eating out, ordering and using pick-up service. Would you like to be a part of the growing food industry by opening your own restaurant and get your share of the cake? Your answer is “Yes!” If so, be sure to check out our guide, which is full of what you need to open a restaurant and all the information you'll need.
Turkish Cuisine Chefs, Turkish Chef, Restaurant Consultancy, Kitchen ConsultancyBe sure to read our comprehensive content on Concept Selection, Menu Preparation, Location Selection and Restaurant Design, Documents Required for Establishing a Sole Proprietorship-Opening a Restaurant, and Operations Management and Administrative Processes, which will attract the attention of anyone who says "I want to open a restaurant" or "How to open a restaurant". We have also compiled for you the Industrial Kitchen Equipments that you can use in your business, what you need to open a cafe and the article How to Design a Menu.
How to Design and Select a Restaurant Concept to Be Successful ?
The first step in opening a restaurant is to clearly define your concept. The concept of your restaurant determines the service style of your business, the food it offers, your guest audience, the ambiance of the place, its location, in short, the boundaries of your business in the eyes of your guests. The parallelism of all these elements that determine your concept will contribute to the achievement of sustainable goals of your business and to gain the loyalty of your guests.
To create an effective new  restaurant concept ...
Make your concept different from your competitors
Make sure you gain a competitive advantage not only in the food you serve, but also in the experience you offer. Do not forget that concepts such as "From Farm to Table" and "Waste Free Kitchen" that focus on people and the environment have become increasingly important lately.
Make the necessary  cost calculation well.. 
Your business type defines the way your restaurant takes orders, sells food, and handles service. However, restaurant opening costs also determine staffing requirements and the size of your investment. Consider that new types of businesses such as “ghost (cloud) kitchen”, “pop-up kitchen” have emerged, in addition to genres such as Artisans Restaurant and hamburger restaurants.
In the new restaurant management , turn to the concepts suitable for the guest portfolio you are targeting...
While determining your customer base, determine your concept by considering the demands and cultural values ​​of different age groups, rather than grouping them only according to income distribution.
Make sure it is suitable for the location you choose for sure success ...
Location selection is one of the factors that greatly affect your business. You need to choose a location suitable for your concept, taking into account factors such as the demographic structure of the region of the selected location, the traffic situation, the frequency of public transportation and the pedestrian flow at certain times of the day.
How to Prepare Sample Restaurant Menus ?
The menus, which are the heart of food and beverage businesses; It is one of the most effective marketing tools for your business, including the personnel and equipment needed, beyond the food and beverage list offered to the customer. The preparation of an effective menu will also contribute to the operational efficiency of your business in the following processes.
Determine restaurant menu types
The first step in the menu creation process is to determine the menu type in accordance with the business type. Decide whether your menu will be an à la carte, daily menu, or a recent, customized menu where customers create their own dishes.
Determine the principles of Restaurant Menu Planning and Menu analysis well...
Start by listing the food groups you want to include on your menu. Here, it is important to choose depending on your concept and business type. Groups such as salads, hot and cold starters, main courses and desserts vary according to the type of business. You can learn about the points you should pay attention to when choosing your menu items from our How to Prepare a Menu article.
Create your necessary menu analysis, menu management , banquet protocol and recipes
In order to provide the same standard and quality service to your customers, you need to be sensitive during the recipe preparation process. In order to create a standard recipe, include information such as the portion of the food, the unit of measure and its preparation in the recipe you have prepared. Do not forget to specify the allergen products in the prescriptions separately in your menu.
Make restaurant organization agreement and Cost calculation... 
In order to maintain financial stability in businesses, the next step after the recipe determination process is to calculate the cost. You can calculate the cost of the purchased items according to the portion and product amount in the recipes you create. During the processing of the products, the waste rate may vary according to the product groups and cooking technique. Do not forget to consider this situation.
Make your menu visible 
Finally, make your menu visible to your customers. You can have your menu designed for printing according to your concept or you can create your digital menu with "QR code".
Check Location Selection and brand restaurant Restaurant Design...
After completing the concept and menu development processes, the next step you need to take is the selection of the location and the design of the restaurant.
After you complete the selection of a location suitable for your concept and budget, you can start the projecting process. Planning that is not well detailed and does not meet your needs may require you to make changes that may cause a financial burden over time. In addition to seeking professional help at this stage, it is also important to have a strong concept and menu.
When opening a new restaurant  in your area , the main points you should pay attention to when choosing a location are:
* Make sure the location is suitable for your concept.
* Pay attention to the location selection suitable for your customer base.
* Choose a location that fits your target business size.
* Pay attention to visibility.
* Make sure that the location you choose has the appropriate conditions for the production process of your business. 
Purchasing and Stock Management in the restaurant management circular
The first thought that comes to everyone's mind when opening a restaurant is cost. You may find yourself thinking about many questions such as "how much capital is required to open a restaurant, how much does it cost to open a restaurant, how much can I set up this kitchen, how much do I buy my table and chair, where do I buy my products, how will I check the prices, how often should I buy supplies".
We can divide the expenses of a business into “recurring items” and “one time purchase”. For example, when you set up your kitchen while opening your business, you can collect these costs at once, but you may have to buy the products you need in your business every week, maybe every day. At the first stage, you can consider your expenses for installation as an initial purchase or a one-time purchase. One of the major expenditure items in your business is the cost of restaurant products and kitchen equipment you use.
Recurring purchase items include the cost of the products you use in your kitchen, the rent of your business, your gas and/or electricity bills, your employees' salary, and taxes. In some businesses, natural gas, rent and employee expenses are calculated as fixed expenses. However, this does not guarantee that the figures will remain constant. In addition to fixed costs, there are also variable costs.
Food costs come first among the monthly expenses that vary for a restaurant or cafe business. It is important to identify the right suppliers when choosing the products to process in your prescriptions. In addition, it is important for expense management to store the products you buy, taking into account the allergens, storage conditions and expiration dates. There is a rule that is heard and important in kitchen businesses: “FIFO First-In-First-Out”; that is, first-in, first-out. The important thing here is that you benefit from your products before their expiration date and manage your current stock well.
A second slogan in stock management is “Par Stock”, that is, the safe stock you will hold in your hand. You can organize your buying cycle based on your menu and sales data. (Now it's also possible to do this digitally.
A second slogan in stock management is “Par Stock”, your safe stock to keep. You can organize your buying cycle based on your menu and sales data. (Now it's also possible to do this digitally.
Your daily average sales data shows you how much of the products you commonly use in your prescriptions should be in your inventory as safe stock. Your inventory is an investment tool for you, you should also consider the loss rates of your product in the price-performance balance.
Imagine that you have breakfast service in the open buffet in your business. You do not want the cheddar cheese to be discolored and dried. Did you know that choosing a product with a high milk rate and high quality in cheddar cheese can provide a company with a 20% improvement in cost items as well as customer satisfaction?
The products you serve are your voice at your customer's table. If the products you choose just because the price is affordable, if they don't show the desired performance, they may pose a threat to both your business and the health of your customers.
Legal Responsibilities To Have The Best Restaurants In The City On Your Own Lane
When it comes to the terms of opening a restaurant, you need to be a legal entity at the top of this list. This process can take place through multiple methods, such as a sole proprietorship or a joint stock company. Today, limited and joint stock companies require a capital investment, whereas there is no such obligation to set up a sole proprietorship. Before sharing the necessary permits and documents to open a restaurant, you can learn the documents required to open a sole proprietorship in our article “Required Documents to Establish a Sole Proprietorship-Open a Restaurant”.
After establishing your company, you must obtain your business license from the relevant Chamber of Commerce where you are registered. The paperwork and permit process required by each business for its activity may differ. After receiving the activity certificate of your food and beverage business, you need 2 more documents to open your business:
Business License from your municipality,
You must obtain the business registration certificate from the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture, Food and Livestock.
As the products you will put into service in your business differ, you will have to obtain additional licenses. For example, if you are going to operate a hookah cafe, you need to obtain a "Hookah and Tobacco Product Delivery Certificate of Conformity" from the Tobacco and Alcohol Market Regulatory Authority (TAPDK). You can get information about licenses and permits via the Turkish Presidency Legislation Information System.
Restaurant Management and Administrative Processes in Operation
Before opening the doors of your business to your customers, one last area you need to organize is determining how you will manage your process. When it comes to restaurant management, the problems that are often encountered are usually the smallest details; like shift arrangements, cleaning days, courier petrol.
You can compare these controls to a corkscrew control. The corkscrew is one of the most forgotten products by catering companies at events, and the product is usually checked at the last second while the equipment is loaded into the vehicle. This product, which is apparently a very small detail, is a product that should not be skipped in order not to get into a difficult situation for the customer.
The same goes for shift scheduling, the courier's gas or daily cleaning routines we mentioned above. Considering the needs and working hours of your business, you need to make daily, weekly and monthly plans. Here, as well as administrative processes such as tracking the shifts and overtime of your employees, operational processes such as determining working hours are also observed.
Financial and Administrative Restaurant Management Reports and Administrative Processes
In terms of accounting, you may need to follow-up documents and payments on subjects such as expense items, income statements, payrolls, health insurance, and if necessary, you can use alternative digital tools for these. Today, most businesses prefer to spend more productive time with their guests by managing the process through financial advisors.
* Current legislation may differ from the information listed above. The licensing procedures implemented by each relevant municipality may differ.
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