• Most Successful Kitchen Chefs
  • Most Successful Kitchen Chefs
  • Most Successful Kitchen Chefs
  • Most Successful Kitchen Chefs
  • Most Successful Kitchen Chefs
  • Most Successful Kitchen Chefs
  • Most Successful Kitchen Chefs
  • Most Successful Kitchen Chefs

How to choose the most successful kitchen chefs in the world? Relevant magazines, newspapers, gastronomy associations tv in Turkey. What are the base pay figures for businesses and chefs who will be rewarded for successful chef selections? How much do they have to advertise..

Most Successful Kitchen Chefs....Most Successful Kitchen Chefs....
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
What Do The Most Successful Kitchen Chefs Mean? How to Become a World-Famous Kitchen Chef without Even Seeing the Province? 
One of the most used terms of recent days is "Successful Kitchen Chefs." So what does this term mean? As far as I can see on the internet and social networks, different characters between the ages of 17 and 65 are tried to be introduced to the public as a successful chef, the best chef, the most knowledgeable chefs... These works consist of both written and visual media and personal efforts. Adventure lovers who were not successful in their own profession until the age of 40-45 in different professions, and after this age, they switched to the culinary profession due to their popularity and passion for hobby...
Once you see, someone you have never heard of is in the press as a "world-renowned kitchen chef" by magic hands in 3 months... When you examine the programs of these world-renowned kitchen chefs; The kitchen is poor enough to say lamb for veal, scoop for apple, scoop for skewer, stuffed for stuffing ... In the cookbooks where they dubiously say " I wrote" for centuries-old Turkish cuisine products, we come across with definitions of " Greek cuisine, French cuisine and Italian cuisine" . it's coming out!
So how does this happen? Did they really write these books? Or my related (Special Food Sauces) food brands on their behalf? Isn't it interesting when you open it and examine it, ready-made sauces and their names, flower oil and olive oil names, cream names, brand names of the pan, even salt are written in the recipes and text contents? 
Who is behind the world-famous kitchen chefs who have a " total history of 3 months" in the culinary profession ? What are their aims and objectives? You will find the answer at the end of my article on how they will profit from this fraud .
So, what is the effect of foreign food brands and related (World Food Trends) media outlets on the popularity of famous chefs that are polished and presented to the public in these 3 months? What kind of success-oriented career plan does it involve moving from an architect, engineer, lawyer to the culinary profession? The path to culinary chef in the culinary profession has recently been top-down kitchen chefs after their 40s.
I have prepared an article consisting of only questions on this subject. I think that it will attract the attention of professional volunteers who make an effort to be successful and do research on this subject. Although I am a person who started this profession by washing dishes in 1985 after primary school, I wonder if I could explain what I mean? I leave that to your discretion .
Let your conversation at the guest table not exceed 1 minute and consist of the shortest sentences...
By the way, a little advice; Don't make your guests feel like they are in the "spastic handicapped" class by telling your guests about your dishes, which are as big as a partridge egg that you put on 32 cm plates, and which are not clear from our culinary culture . Although you call it a work of art, the guests are stressed that my food is cold, let's go away. The whole meal you've been trying to explain for minutes is just a bite. Do not forget that the guests did not come to the restaurant (Restaurant Trends) to see you or chat with you, they came to eat. 
The details that I want to tell within my knowledge and experience are hidden " in the following questions ". Those who understand will definitely use it as a stepping stone in their professional careers. Those who do not understand will only be left alone in their own world of lies with popularity and successful chef, award-winning chef "idioms" ...
Most Successful Kitchen ChefsKeep Your Peaceful, Nothing Is "As It Seems" Friends....
* How to choose the most successful kitchen chefs in the world?
* Relevant magazines, newspapers, gastronomy associations tv in Turkey. What are the base pay figures for businesses and chefs who will be rewarded for successful chef selections? How much do they have to advertise to the relevant institution or foundation?
* How much do restaurant businesses donate to relevant foundations for the selection of their own chefs?
* Relevant gastronomy associations in Europe, Tv. What are the prerequisites for Chef Awards? Which rituals should the award-winning chefs accept and which lodges should they register? 
* How do hotels or restaurants (Successful Restaurants) get their chefs on TV shows?
* How do foreign food brands create their own chef?
* What are the secrets of successful kitchen chefs in Turkey and in the world? 
* What should you do to be known as a successful (Gastronomy Trends) chef in the international gastronomy world? 
* What should be done in the kitchen in (Kitchen Organizations) order to maintain the culinary profession in the best way and to achieve success with the culinary trainings received? 
* Is the way to become one of the best chefs in the world through success or popularity?
* What is the effect of being a popular chef on success in culinary work?
* How accurate is it for successful chefs to be a Culinary Consultant ?
* Can a successful kitchen chef be (Successful Restaurant) successful without social media?
* Does working in foreign countries mean you are a successful kitchen chef?
* What is the effect of your professional career in foreign countries on your success as a kitchen chef?
* Does it matter where you work in order to be a successful chef?
* Can successful chefs prepare Restaurant (My Management Systems) Management Reports ?
* Do the workplaces you have worked for have an impact on becoming a successful chef?
* Does a chief's being unemployed indicate a failure?
* Does not providing good references from any business about kitchen chefs mean that it is unsuccessful?
* Does being an internationally successful culinary chef pave the way for you to own a chef restaurant?
* How to open chef restaurants? What are the criteria for opening a chef restaurant?
* Does the success of a chef in a professional sense indicate that he will be successful in Kitchen Management ? 
* How important is it to be the "screen face" of food brands in order to be a successful chef?
* How do domestic and foreign food brands make a normal chef a world famous chef?
* Is every foreign country valid for a chef to add overseas experience to his career?
* How much does the reference of 4th and 5th world countries affect the professional career of a successful kitchen chef?
* Should he have experience in Kitchen Design and Kitchen Units in the Kitchen Organization application in restaurant businesses ?
* What are the criteria for having a career in the kitchen?
* Can chefs with international experience do Restaurant Concept Design ?
* Does writing a book in the culinary profession mean that you are a successful chef?
* Do successful kitchen chefs understand menu planning and menu analysis ?
* Is the kitchen chef who has written every book knowledgeable in the culinary profession?
* What is the difference between being knowledgeable and being practical?
* Can it be claimed that the chief who is claimed to be unsuccessful by the company he worked for is actually successful?
* Which criteria should be sought in successful or unsuccessful references about kitchen chefs given by businesses?
* Does new Kitchen Trends from Past to Present have an impact on the Organization Chart study in Industrial Kitchen Planning ?
* Is the professional training of the most successful kitchen chefs sarcastic or academic?
* What is the significance of the experience gained by being a sarcastic chef?
* Are the advantages of being an academic kitchen chef a gain or a loss?
* How high can a cynical chef rise professionally?
* Can kitchen chefs be successful in Restaurant Consulting ?
* How high can an academic kitchen chef rise in his professional career?
* Is it possible for kitchen chefs to be successful in Restaurant Management ?
* Does conveying educational and instructive information to employees make a successful chef?
* Is it enough for the chef to be knowledgeable and experienced in the kitchen team for success?
* Which chefs can do Menu Consulting ?
* Does the success of the kitchen team depend on the kitchen chef?
* Can a good kitchen chef do Gastronomy Consultancy ?
* What is the role of the kitchen chef in the success of the restaurant business or the hotel business's kitchen?
* How does the influence of print and visual media affect a career in becoming a successful kitchen chef?
* What is the role of the media in your culinary career?
* Does being popular mean being a successful chef?
* Do popular chefs know about Turkish culinary culture and culinary history?
* What is the rate of knowledge about the culinary cultures of different geographies among the regimental kitchen chefs?
* What is the difference between a food writer, a culinary researcher, and a successful kitchen chef? 
* Can I be a good food writer and a good kitchen chef?
* Can a good culinary researcher be a successful chef?
* Can a successful kitchen chef do Restaurant Management and Kitchen Planning ?
* Do successful chefs have experience with Special Cooking Sauces ?
* Does a good association president mean that a person is a successful kitchen chef?
* What effect does the kitchen chef have on the characteristics of the Kitchen Staff in Planning and Hotel Kitchen Organization ?
* Being a successful federation president is a knowledgeable kitchen chef?
* A confederation president from the culinary profession reflects that I am the most knowledgeable and most successful chef?
* People who have chosen the culinary profession after the age of 40 are successful kitchen chefs?
* Do your meals taste better when you become a popular chef?
Most Successful Kitchen Chefs....* Does appearing on television shows indicate that you are a successful chef?
* How does a cook appear on television shows?
* Are the Schedules and Minutes prepared by the kitchen chef in restaurant management ?
* Should it benefit from the experience of kitchen chefs to create a good Restaurant Concept ?
* What experience is required to make a Sample Restaurant Menu ?
* Does appearing in newspapers and magazines as a successful kitchen chef really make you a successful chef?
* What are the reasons for a chief to appear in newspapers and magazines?
* Does a good kitchen chef understand Cost-Cost Calculations ?
* How important is the thought of successful chefs to create Menu Types when opening a new restaurant with brand infrastructure ?
* Is it a sign of knowledge that any kitchen chef appears in the written and visual media?
* What is the difference between being a knowledgeable chef and being a popular chef?
* Does it mean an ignorant person who has not appeared in newspapers and magazines or even on television shows?
* What is the importance of the Organization Agreement text in restaurant management ?
* What is the difference between (Hotel Kitchen Trends) hotel kitchen chefs and restaurant kitchen chefs?
* Does being a hotel kitchen chef mean more knowledgeable?
* Are a la carte restaurant chefs more knowledgeable than hotel kitchen chefs?
* What is the difference between being a good manager and being a good kitchen chef?
* Does having press and media witnesses add flavor to the food you cook?
* When we consider Turkish cuisine , is it necessary for a successful kitchen chef to understand our Ottoman history and Ottoman Palace cuisine ?
* Can a successful kitchen chef be a good manager?
* What is the difference between being a good chef and being a fair kitchen chef?
* Does working as a kitchen chef in any business for a long time make a successful chef?
* Does being a new generation kitchen chef require computer knowledge?
* How to understand the success of the kitchen chef between Cooking Equipment and Menu Management in Kitchen Types in organization and planning ?
* What is the importance of geography knowledge among the requirements of being a successful chef?
* Can a successful kitchen chef be a consultant?
* What kind of knowledge and skills should a chef have in order to be a consultant?
* Does being a consultant kitchen chef mean that he is knowledgeable and professional?
* Can being poor be a factor in becoming a successful chef?
* Can successful kitchen chefs train Foreign Kitchen Staff ?
* Does attending festivals and fairs make you a successful chef?
* Does having certificates and achievements mean you are a successful and knowledgeable chef?
* Do extra documents without success make you successful in the kitchen?
* Should a successful kitchen chef know about Knives ?
* Is being a successful chef a factor for opening a chef restaurant?
* Is popularity important in owning a restaurant or is it knowledge and experience?
* Is the road to success in hotel kitchens (Innovative Kitchens) cost information or management and coordination?
* What is the relationship between the expectations of Efficiency in Kitchen Management and Kitchen Education among the Kitchen Departments in line with the targets ?
* Does success in management and coordination mean that you are a good kitchen chef?
* Does the work of many people in the kitchen team mean that you are a very successful chef?
* What is success in the kitchen? What are the criteria to be a successful kitchen chef?
* Will Sample Restaurant Menus made by kitchen chefs be successful?
* Does being wealthy mean you are a successful kitchen chef?
* Could having acquaintances in high positions have an impact on your becoming a successful kitchen chef?
* Does having media witnesses really make you successful in your work in the kitchen?
* Does popularity make you more successful in administration and kitchen management?
In conclusion, if I have to state;
Today, the new generation of culinary chef art requires extra experience. I want to believe that these experiences and experiences are given by people who are professionally knowledgeable in gastronomy and culinary arts. Of course, it should also be inside the person, one should follow and listen to his master and teachers by emptying his brain with the desire to learn. Just as you cannot add water to a full glass of water, you cannot put information into a full brain. I wrote an article on this subject called (Cuisine Consultancy)Turkish cuisine and Turkish chefs .
Being a successful chef is based on the desire to learn, respect for professional hierarchy, culinary culture and cultures, learning your own culinary culinary history, recognizing the products of your own geography and possessing humanity. If you have a desire to teach what you have learned with self-respect, respect for people and respect for your work, you will become a good master.
There is no manual to be a good master. You cannot know this. Your experience and career occurs because of what is going on around you, those who talk to you, your apprentices and journeymen who keep you alive, and the masters you have trained, if any. Then, when your "professional ethics" combines with the art of ahi-order ( ahilik in the Ottoman Empire ), you become a craftsman. Here, the subject has acquired a spiritual dimension. 
In the past, I wrote an article on this subject as the Traitorous Partridges Connected by the Lawrens to the Nets in Our Country Kitchen , where I covered more detailed topics...
Those who seek popularity as much as the flame of the straw that a donkey will consume in 3 meals and those who make all kinds of buffoonery about it are not craftsmen. Those who do not aim to be a craftsman in their career, are unaware of the unique treasures in their own culture, but have foreign wannabes and are assigned to try to shine someone else's tin metal as a foreign fan, the "parrots" of the relevant media or foreign food brands, and the Turkish cuisine culture muse , who has been attacking the Turkish cuisine promotions of the same institutions around the world in recent years. They will remain as " lawrens " who were appointed in the crusades in gastronomy with the aim of corrupting them. 
Do not forget ; Earlier , I wrote an article about Politics in the Kitchen ...
At the same time, they will continue to live in an empty fantasy world as if Sani is real. Do not forget that there are also crusades in gastronomy. There is politics in the kitchen and in every food we eat. These foreign food brands have big projects about carrying the products of our geography kitchen to the model shelves. They can only do these projects with the " lawrens ", whom they make talk like parrots and polish in 3 months and introduce them to the public as world-famous chefs . Do not let the tastes of Turkish cuisine from tent to palace and the taste of your hand enter the bags on the market shelves in our history .
These foreign food brands have succeeded in producing fabricated foods in Europe. In return, the terms "the valuable, the more valuable" - "handmade", " handmade " and "homemade", " homemade " have emerged in Europe. Now they are called in our country. Do not allow our culinary values ​​and culinary culture to be corrupted...
As in their own kitchens in Europe and America, where they consume 70% by freezing or canning as fabricated products in the long term;
Take it from the freezer and throw it in the oven,
Take it from the freezer, put it on the grill,
Take it from the freezer, put it in the fryer,
Put it in the pan, shake it,
Open the package, mix it with boiling water, put it in the bowl,
Open the package, put it on the plate with the sauce,
Take it from the freezer and keep it in the microwave for 3 minutes,
--and then put it on the plate and send it to the table ... The fact that our cuisine gains such a definition means that we are like them and that we forget the taste of the hand of Turkish cuisine chefs , as well as that we lost the " crusades " in gastronomy ... Don't forget...
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