How to Become a Desired Culinary Chef in International Gastronomy?

Today, there are world-famous chefs in international cuisines. Although some of these chefs are lucky, they certainly have a professional background. Some of them have come to an appreciated place in the eyes of certain press groups, food and beverage..
How to Become a Desired Culinary Chef in International Gastronomy?
How to Become a Wanted and Professional Kitchen Chef in International Gastronomy?
"Has Chef Ahmet Özdemir"
Today, there are world-famous chefs in international cuisines. Although some of these chefs are lucky, they certainly have a professional background. Some of them have come to an appreciated place in the eyes of certain press groups, food and beverage industry, accommodation enterprises, thanks to their financial strength, some of their social environment or personal skills. Regardless, the people who are sought after and who have reached a certain career stage with their efforts are also some of the public figures.
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Today, famous chefs, whose kitchen chefs increase the turnover of businesses by different concepts, and who combine the past and the future in their signature dishes by using innovative flavors and fusion combinations in new restaurants in the gastronomy sector, have also become sought-after in the gastronomy sector. Each of the famous chefs, whose transfers are paid serious amounts by the world-famous accommodation companies, has expertise in their own fields.
How to Become a Wanted and Professional Kitchen Chef in International Gastronomy?Chefs with multiple specialties are also among the more sought after and preferred chefs. Among the New Food Trends & Restaurant Trends in 2022 that I wrote before , we  can list some of the most famous cuisines that require expertise as follows;
* Turkish cuisine
* Portuguese Cuisine
* Croatian Cuisine
* Mexican Cuisine
* Japanese Kitchen
* French Cuisine
* Spanish Cuisine
* Greek Cuisine
* Italian cuisine
* Hungarian Cuisine
* Philippine Cuisine
* German kitchen
* Bulgarian Cuisine
* Polish Cuisine
* Indonesian Cuisine
* Brazilian Cuisine
* Chinese Cuisine
* Lebanese Cuisine
Although some of the world-famous cuisines have similarities with each other in product variety, there are   also products that cannot be shared on the subject of Gastronationalism & Culinary Culture Nationalism . One of the biggest factors in being a successful and sought-after chef is the kitchen, which is your main branch and on which you have the most knowledge. This is commonly known as the country of which the chief concerned is a national.
I can say that the fact that a chef can be known around the world is a matter of the popularity of the cuisine of the country he belongs to in the world. But another point I should add is the characteristics of the kitchen to which a chef belongs, which is the top priority that a chef should know. In addition to this, I can add its own culinary culture and its own culinary history. It is rare for someone who does not know  their own cuisine and their own history ( Ottoman palace cuisine , Seljuk cuisine , Mevlevi cuisine , lodge cuisine ) to have experience with other cuisines.
How to Become a Wanted and Professional Kitchen Chef in International GastronomyOf course, there are different kitchen concepts in these kitchens. Every country's cuisine has different areas within itself. To give an example of these:
* Local cuisines,
* Molecular kitchen,
* Fusion cuisine,
* Fine dining kitchen (high kitchen),
* Haute cuisine (above medium standards)
* Fast and practical meals (fast food)
* Food and entertainment (cafe-bar)
* Meat restaurants
* Fish restaurants,
* Artisan restaurants (below middle)
Although I agree with the statement that countries do not have cuisine, geographies can have cuisine; Since the owner of the relevant geography is that country, I say that "every cuisine can be promoted with the products in its own geography". In addition, when I consider the 2022 gastronomy trends and the developing gastronationalism feelings in the world, I believe that gastronationalism will increase even more in 2023 gastronomy trends.
I believe that Turkish cuisine needs new chefs equipped with traditional Turkish culinary culture and knowledge from our culinary history, and I believe that more conscious and competent academician chefs will be trained. 
Now, I will try to explain what I mean with items consisting of different questions that I often use as a technique in my articles. I am writing this article for my fellow volunteers who have just started or are interested in this profession, studying gastronomy and culinary arts. I think they will easily understand what I mean. 
Domestic or foreign gastronomy businesses that will evaluate themselves in the future will definitely ask the following questions in order to decide on their professional performance and preference while making the relevant critical analyzes about them. At the same time, they will make a positive or negative decision about themselves according to the answers to these questions. 
How to Become a Desired Culinary Chef in International Gastronomy?Of course, the questions asked below do not apply to every business. There will definitely be questions within the concept of the relevant business. While preparing this article , I acted by thinking of star and boutique hotels, à la carte cuisines  and restaurants in all concepts. In fact, if my new volunteer brothers are curious, I have clicked on the relevant article and put links so that they can have more detailed information.
My dear professional volunteer brothers, you are the future of us and our kitchen. You must not be more successful than us. You have a heavy responsibility to ensure the recognition of Turkish cuisine all over the world. Don't forget this. Knowledge is beautiful and multiplies when shared. Be sure to share your information with your employees in the future.
Remember, the more knowledge and experience you have, the more sought after you will be. If you become a craftsman with your exemplary personal character, then you are at the top. Enjoy and be useful to those around you…
Positive answers to these questions will enable them to be preferred.
* Was he brought up as a regiment or as a schoolboy?
* Does he/she speak English (read and write)?
* What are the speaking and reading levels in other foreign languages?
* Do you have computer knowledge?
* Which gastronomy university did he graduate from?
* Have you prepared a thesis on the culinary profession or gastronomy?
* Which is the kitchen department he specializes in?
* Which of the other kitchen departments does he have additional information about?
* What is the cuisine of the country you have experience with?
* Do they have experience with other country cuisines?
* What is the length of experience in the kitchens he has knowledge of?
* Which chefs did he work with?
* Do you have a professional resume summarizing your professional career ?
* Which company has worked the shortest?
* Which company has worked the longest?
* What is the length of experience in restaurants?
* How long is your experience in hotel kitchens?
* Do you have experience in the organization of a five-star hotel kitchen ?
* Is he trained in hotel kitchens or restaurant kitchens?
* Do I have information about hotel and restaurant kitchen departments? 
* What is the popularity of the restaurants he has worked for?
* What is the popularity of the hotels he has worked for?
* Which kitchen concepts have knowledge and experience about?
* Are there any international social studies related to the culinary profession ?
* How many people worked with you?
* At least how many people worked with you?
* Do you have experience abroad?
* Are there newspaper clippings related to his professional work ?
* In which countries has he worked?
* Do you have European experience?
* Do you have America experience?
* Do I have information about  hotel and restaurant cuisines ?
* What is the capacity of the restaurants he has worked for?
* What is the capacity of the hotels he has worked for?
* Which restaurant made what menus ?
* Have you had experience in first startups?
* How many restaurants opened in which country?
* How many hotels have been opened in which country?
* Have you had experience with other menu concepts?
* In which restaurant projects has it been successful?
* Do you have experience in restaurant menu engineering ?
How to Become a Desired Culinary Chef in International Gastronomy?
* Do you have experience in today's à la carte restaurants ?
* Do kitchen staff have training on staff performance?
* In which company did the most successful kitchen management ?
* Does he have knowledge of kitchen management reports ?
* What is the career information in international brand restaurants ?
* Do you have any information about guest satisfaction , especially in à la carte restaurants ?
* What is the performance evaluation about the relationship between the main kitchen and other departments in the hotel industry ?
* Are you knowledgeable about today 's Industrial Kitchen Planning ?
* Is he knowledgeable about " Dry Aged " in à la carte kitchens ?
* Have you received training on Hygiene Rules in the Gastronomy Sector ?
* Is he knowledgeable about Kitchen Trends from Past to Present ?
* Have you received HACCP training in terms of health and hygiene ?
* Does he have experience about the Characteristics of Kitchen Staff in restaurants and hotels ?
* Has he given Culinary Education until today ?
* Do you have experience in Kitchen Planning in hotels and restaurants ?
* What is Show Kitchen to this day? Is there a gastronomy business where he does " Open Kitchens " or à la carte  Kitchen Design  ?
* Which Kitchen Units do you have experience on in international kitchens ? 
* Does he know about Storage Operations in Kitchen Management ?
* Does he/she know Receiving Procedures in Kitchen Management ?
* Do you have professional articles (articles, columns) in your field?
* Does he/she have knowledge about What to Consider in Production in Kitchen Management ?
* Do you have vocational training on Efficiency in Professional Kitchen Management ?
* Has the Food & Beverage Department prepared an Organization Chart to date ?
* Which business is the most successful in Professional Hotel Kitchen Organization?
* Is he knowledgeable about the Systematic Arrangement Plan in Hotel Kitchens ?
* Do you have any personal studies on Cost Control in Hotel Businesses ?
* Do you have personal experience about Professional Cooking Equipment ?
* Does he have a personal written work on Special Cooking Sauces in a professional sense ?
* Were the samples of Open Buffet Hotel Menus of different concepts examined in their professional experience?
* Have examples of Activity & Banquet Menus been examined in the hospitality history ?
* What are their experiences about Hotel and Restaurant Menu Types ?
* What are their experiences about Hotel and Restaurant Menu Planning ?
* Were the examples of Menu Management in your professional background examined?
* What are their experiences about the Importance and Features of the Restaurant Food Menu ?
* Do you have examples of Optional Menus in your Professional History ?
* Have you examined examples of Turkish Night Menus in hotel management before ?
* Have the Far East Night Menus in different concepts been examined?
* What are the examples of Banquet Menus and Protocol Service in hotel and restaurant concepts ?
* Have you given Chopping Techniques training before?
* Do you have any written work on World Culinary History from a professional point of view ?
* Do you have any previous work on World Cuisine and Turkish Culinary Culture ?
* Do you have a professional education about Cookery History in the World ?
* Does he have an academic study on his exclusive Cooking Techniques ?
* Have you participated in Turkish Cuisine Promotion Activities in the World ?
* Have you participated in research on the Cultural History of Food in the cooking profession ?
* Have knowledge of Waste Food Management and Sustainability in professional kitchens ?
* Do you have information about Alternative Protein Sources in Nutrition ?
* Does he/she know about Raw Food "Raw Food" in professional kitchens?
* Do you have professional knowledge about the Place of Turkish Cuisine in Fine Dining Restaurants in Gastronomy ?
* Do you have information about Fusion Cuisine and Gastronomy Tourism in Gastronomy ?
* Is there an academic study on gastrodiplomacy and gastronationalism in the food, beverage and accommodation sector ?
* Do you have vocational training on Gastrodiplomacy Applications in the gastronomy sector ?
* Do you have any professional training and experience on Gastronomy Concepts before ?
How to Become a Desired Culinary Chef in International Gastronomy?
* Do you have any research on Culture and Taste Concept in Gastronomy ?
* Have you participated in domestic and foreign Gastronomy Tourism studies?
* Is there a study on the Importance of Street Tastes in Gastronomy Tourism ?
* Does he personally have research on Gastronomy and Food History ?
* Has he participated in Molecular Gastronomy studies in professional fields ?
* Do they have written Opinions on Molecular Gastronomy in different cuisines?
* Have you participated in gastronomy research on Culinary Science in writing ?
* Do you know about Edible Flowers and Micro Sprouts in Kitchens ?
* Has he participated in any field of domestic and foreign  Gastronomy City studies?
* Do you have Refined Kitchen experience as a professional ?
* Knowledge of the Role of Emotions in the International Restaurant Experience ?
* Do you have any information about Slow Food in Gastronomy and Turkey ?
* Have you participated in domestic and foreign Street Tastes Research?
* Do you have knowledge about Sous Vide Cooking Technique in professional kitchens ?
* Do you have experience about Vegan Food tourism  in gastronomy trends ?
* Do you have experience about Slow Food "Slow Food" in gastronomy trends ?
* Do you have any work on Food Stylist in restaurant and hotel businesses?
* Are there Special Meal Photo Shoots in restaurants and hotels?
* What is Steak in a la carte kitchens? Does he have a written study on Original Steak Varieties ?
* How many Grand Opening " Grand Opening " programs did he perform in his professional life?
* Has he realized the Small Opening " Small Opening " program in his professional life ?
I say again, your existing answers to the above-mentioned questions can pave the way for you to become an international chef in your field. Even if you don't have answers to every question, what happens will determine your place in your career. The majority of your answers will be the strength of your career.
Do not forget;
It is not so important that some newspapers and magazines do not include your work. Keep moving forward in your goals. It wouldn't be as bad as being subordinate to a particular cartel and their respective lodges. Just be you in your profession and work for success. One day, the press groups under the management of those cartels will have to write about you.
Being popular is not important. Being knowledgeable is important. Do not change the sense of self-confidence that knowledge and experience will give you throughout your life for temporary popularity. 
As a professional Turkish cuisine chef;
First , learn the Historical Development of our own Turkish Culinary Culture  and our own culinary history . Then build knowledge and experience from different world-famous culinary cultures on top of your existing knowledge. From time to time, in order to register your knowledge and experience, make presentations of product varieties belonging to different concepts from foreign cuisines. But give priority to examples from our own culinary culture.
If we don't keep us alive, no one will keep us alive. Remember, there is politics in the kitchen. !!!
Gastro nationalism (culinary culture nationalism) and gastrodiplomacy will be among the most important features among 2023 gastronomy trends. I especially ask you to read the article I wrote about "Gastro nationalism". As long as we are ourselves, as long as we act with our own truths and our own culinary culture in Turkish cuisine, from tents to palaces , without emulating or emulating others, we isolate ourselves from other cuisines and create awareness by appearing in the world with our different and worth-trying values.
Be tolerant of differences in international cuisines and be respectful of religion, language and race-specific behavior;
In international kitchens, there are kitchen staff consisting of citizens of different countries. There are behaviors and habits specific to religions, languages ​​and races that exist all over the world. The world is not limited to Turkish culture. that do not fit our culture and that we are not accustomed to;
* Speech Formats,
* Accent Differences,
* Gestures Indicating Happiness,
* Behaviors Indicating Sadness,
* Ways of Tasting Food,
* Different Cooking Techniques,
* Different Storage Techniques,
* New Spices Consisting of Special Spice Blends,
* Working Techniques,
* Ways of Showing Respect,
You will encounter. You will encounter different habits of each country and its citizens. You have to learn them first and then get used to them. Because before you become a team, you must know your team. The common language will be English and the common qualification will be “humanity”. The most important feature you should have, especially in your hotel kitchen work, is to be “fair” to your team. Some will want to go to church on Sunday, some will go to the mosque on Friday. Being fair and just will increase your prestige, and your craftsmanship will add new successes to your career.
Don't order! ask with your knowledge and humanity as a conscious ruler… if your request, humanity and mercy are abused by the person concerned, order using your “authority”…
Do not forget that in a big hotel and in a big restaurant serving different restaurant concept types , you are nothing by yourself. You can achieve success with the moral support of your team. For this, act mostly with your knowledge, not with your authority, so that you can touch the hearts of your employees. The only quality with which you can unite all the differences under one roof will be your humanity and fair treatment towards your team. 
Your respect for their habits and differences in religion, language and race will reflect back to you more and more. Do not forget that the Turkish nation is a nation known to the world for its truthfulness and compassion… It is befitting for us Turkish cuisine chefs to strengthen this even more with what we do....
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Has Chef Ahmet Ozdemir
Coordinator Executive Chef
International Restaurant and Cuisine Consultant