How to Export and Import Hotel and Restaurant Equipment?

In Türkiye, this system works as follows, These companies can sometimes sell any product cheaper than the manufacturer. So how does this happen? How does this system work in exports? How to make the right purchase? What features to look for when comparing any product? Which ways are used for transfers from Türkiye? What are the documents used in export? What is Proforma Invoice? What is Original Invoice?
How to Export and Import Hotel and Restaurant Equipment?
What is the Operation of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment Stores in Türkiye?What is the Operation of Hotel and Restaurant Equipment Stores in Türkiye?
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
In different countries of the world, trade is carried out by different methods. There is great variation in how this system works in many countries. In some countries, any product is sold only by the brand to which it belongs, while in some countries, products belonging to these brands are sold by other authorized businesses.
In Türkiye, this system works as follows:
Along with restaurant and hotel kitchens, there are factories where products belonging to the service and restaurant group are produced. Some factories do not have a brand. It produces the desired product groups with the name of the desired brands. The company that wants can make products with the name they want in these factories. Products with advertising and promotion are more expensive. 
But a product of the same quality can be made by another company from the same mold and with the same features. There are no advertisements or promotions. The price against other product can sometimes be half as low. Because it does not make advertising and promotion costs and reflects this amount as a discount on the price of the product.
The reason for the high price of well-known brands is due to the additional reflection of advertising and promotion costs on the products.
Any company can open a store in the relevant area even though it does not actually own a product. So how does this happen?
It makes special agreements with all brands in Türkiye. Receives special discounts on all products. It brings together not only one brand but hundreds of brands in a single show room. None of these are their own product. (Hotel and Restaurant Equipment) But it is authorized to sell. These types of stores are preferred because people who will open new restaurants and hotels in the gastronomy sector, who need any product, can find all the products they want in a single store.
Because there are definitely a few pieces of each product in these stores. These stores do not buy these products with money. It was left as a "sample" to this store by the relevant brand. These are the items left to that store and given as escrow for the customer to see and examine and evaluate the product.
Such stores show these escrow products to their customers and take orders from them. It orders the received orders to the main factory and delivers them to the demanding companies on time. In other words, in a sense, these stores work by taking a commission on the related products.
These companies can sometimes sell any product cheaper than the manufacturer. So how does this happen?
The main factory may have any financial difficulties. In such cases, a message is sent to the dealers. Some products can make discounts between 30% and 70% with cash. This is actually not a normal practice. This is called a "spot". It is a special application to the companies that it has authorized to sell its goods. Dealers with upfront money take advantage of these opportunities.
To give an example in this system, a plate or pot that costs 10 dollars in a company that is the main producer can be sold for 6-7 dollars in authorized dealers. This is called "spot product" selling. 
How does this system work in exports?
Not every company has export authorization in Türkiye. Some companies only work on exports. In fact, some of these companies do not have any products in their own name. It collects the products of the relevant brands and carries out the export by adding an additional +05% commission to the average total invoice amounts. 
How to make the right purchase? What features to look for when comparing any product?
The researches to be done in the machines in the kitchen equipment and the features to be sought are different. In other equipment, the features to be evaluated carry different details. At the same time, since the tools and equipment to be used in the service, bar and restaurant sections have different characteristics, their comparisons will also be different.
Some features sought in tools and equipment;
* What brand is it produced by?
* What is weight gram?
* What are the size measures?
* What is the amortization life?
* Sustainability of the product,
* What is the supply status of the same product when you need it again?
Some features sought in machines;
* Electricity reception intervals,
* Tried in different cuisines,
* The outdoor temperature it needs for performance,
* Amortization life,
* Warranty period given by the owner of the brand,
* How long will it take to intervene by the authorized service in case of any malfunction?
* Spare parts supply status and spare part prices.
Which ways are used for transfers from Türkiye?
Transfer of materials to the 2nd and 3rd countries, provided that Türkiye is the country where the exchange will be made;
* Highway,
* Airline,
* Seaway,
It is done with. The options on this subject are applied according to the distance degrees of the countries to which the material will be transferred. At the same time, different options can be used according to the urgency, taking into account the commercial laws of the country to which the material will be transferred.
What are the documents used in export?
What are Commercial Invoices?
Commercial invoices, which are the account documents sent by the seller to the buyer, in which information such as the type, name, quantity, unit sales price, delivery method and total price of a sold goods are declared, are issued by the exporter with a financial stamp or notarization.
What is Proforma Invoice?
It is a proposal with the aim of giving information, which includes the unit price of the good, its features and sales conditions by the exporter at the agreement stage.
How to Export and Import Hotel and Restaurant Equipment?
What is Original Invoice?
It is a sales document issued by the seller on behalf of the buyer.
What is Freight Invoice?
In the sales invoice related to the goods, the freight amount can be shown as part of the price of the goods or separately.
What are Circulation Documents?
What is A.TR Movement Certificate?
It is the document used in the export of industrial and processed agricultural products within the scope of the Customs Union Agreement.
What is ATR Roaming Certificate for Simplified Procedure?
Real and legal persons who are authorized as "Approved Exporters" by the Undersecretariat of Customs may be authorized to issue A.TR Movement Documents, which are issued by the customs administrations or the organizations given by these administrations, without the obligation of visa processing to the customs administration.
Exporters who want to benefit from the simplified process apply to the Undersecretariat (General Directorate of Customs) by filling out the application form and the undertaking.
What is EUR-MED Circulation Certificate?
It is the document used in bilateral or cross cumulations within the framework of Pan-European and Pan-European Mediterranean origin cumulation.
What is EUR.1 Roaming Certificate?
It is the document used in the export of goods covered by Free Trade Agreements and ECSC products, agricultural products originating from the EU.
Certificate of Origin / What is a Special Certificate of Origin?
It is a document approved by the Chamber to which the exporter is affiliated and showing the origin of the exported goods. A special certificate of origin (Form-A) must be issued for exports to countries within this scope in order to benefit from the concessional customs rates applied by the countries within the scope of the Generalized Preferences (Preferences) System.
Documented countries: Japan, Russian Federation, Belarus, Ukraine
What is the Document Not Included in the Arab Boycott List?
Companies that will export to Arab countries must apply to the Chamber of Commerce to obtain a document stating that they are not included in the Arab Boycott List. Following the determination that the company is not among the exporting companies boycotted by the Arab countries as a result of the examination, the document prepared is approved by the Chamber.
What is ATA Carnet?
It is the document that replaces the guarantee that allows the temporary acceptance of the goods without being subject to customs duty. ATA carnets, the validity period of which is 1 year from the date of issue, can be obtained from the Chambers authorized by the Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Türkiye (TOBB) upon submission of a petition, letter of guarantee, undertaking, certificate of authorization, photocopy of the circular of signature and a general list stating the type, number and unit price of the goods to be exported. It is returned to the Chamber after being used.
What is a TIR Carnet?
TIR Carnets, which can be obtained from the Chambers authorized by TOBB, are the documents that guarantee the customs duties of the goods in the vehicles. TIR Carnets are returned to the Chamber after the transportation procedures are completed.
What is an Insurance Certificate?
It is made by the exporter in line with the information and instructions given by the importer and on the account of the importer. In this way, commercial goods are insured against risks.
What is Parcel Curriculum List?
It is a list that indicates the quantities, prices of the goods to be exported and the number of packages contained in the containers. Information about the parcel that is too comprehensive to fit on the invoice is poured into this list.
What is a Packing List?
The packing list includes how much goods are loaded on which vehicle, the weight of each unit, package, sack, etc. It can be requested by customs administrations and insurance companies in case of damage.
What is Bill of Lading?
It is a valuable document that shows that the goods have been received for transportation and will be delivered at the destination.
What is Halal Certificate?
It is the document that Islamic countries demand for meat imports and proves that animal slaughter is in compliance with Islamic rules. This document is issued by the mufti.
What is a Radiation Certificate?
The Radiation Certificate is the document that proves that agricultural products do not contain more than an acceptable amount of radiation or are radiation-free. The importer may request a Radiation Certificate by notifying the exporter that he will not accept more than a certain radiation degree in a certain weight of agricultural product. The institution authorized to issue this document is the Atomic Energy Commission.
What is a Health Certificate?
It is a document that shows whether the exported goods comply with the health conditions. It is obtained from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs, the Ministry of Forestry or the relevant departments of universities.
What is Analysis Report?
It is a necessary report that requires analysis, especially in food and chemicals.
What is Standardization Control Certificate?
An application should be made to the Regional Directorates of the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade in order to show that the exported goods comply with the applicable inspection regulations and the mandatory standards in practice and that they can be exported. This document must be submitted to the relevant customs at the time of export.
What is Exchange Registration Statement?
It is sought before the customs registration of the exit declarations in order to ensure that income tax withholding is made from the agricultural products that are in the List of Goods Listed on the Exchange and will be exported.
What are Other Documents?
For forest products, such as an agency or ration certificate issued from the production site, and a license for products whose export is subject to the permission of the relevant institutions.
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