Why Is My Restaurant Failing? Why Is My Job Bad?

Why do revenues not cover expenses? Why don't people choose my restaurant, What kind of cook should I hire? Why am I not a wanted restaurant? Why are so many personnel changing? Why do cooks quit? Why am I getting so many complaints? What should I do to earn money? Why don't my staff show dedication?
Why Is My Restaurant Failing? Why Is My Job Bad?
Why Is My Restaurant Failing? Why Is My Job Bad?Why Is My Restaurant Failing? Why Is My Job Bad?
Ahmet Ozdemir- Coord. Executive Chef 
Culinary training is one of the indispensable trainings for restaurant businesses today. In this regard, the subject of guest satisfaction-oriented trainings in restaurant management is a separate topic. Because today, there are restaurants with many different concepts.
According to New Food Trends and Restaurant Trends in Gastronomy in 2022 , every food and beverage business in the sector should receive the vocational training they need according to their restaurant concept. (My Restaurant Failing) Vocational training required by both service personnel and kitchen staff in some restaurants is among the new trends.
Some of the Most Asked Questions in Many Restaurant Businesses are as follows;
* My turnovers are good but why am I not making a profit?
* Why do revenues not cover expenses?
* Why don't people choose my restaurant,
* What kind of cook should I hire?
* Why am I not a wanted restaurant?
* Why are so many personnel changing?
* Why do cooks quit?
* Why am I getting so many complaints?
* What should I do to earn money?
* Why don't my staff show dedication?
* Why can't I listen to my staff?
* Why is my restaurant failing?
* Why don't guests come to my restaurant?
* How do I make money in my restaurant?
* Why can't I make money at my restaurant?
* Why is my food not liked?
What Is The Question Employers Never Ask Themselves In Many Restaurant Businesses?
"Why am I doing so well at my restaurant?"
Especially after the Small Opening "Small Opening" program, the restaurant establishments that work for the Grand Opening "Grand Opening" program are shaking their guests with an air of testing. Relevant restaurant managements are trying to have the Best Restaurants in the City while investigating the criteria among the Reasons for Guests to Prefer Restaurants .
Restaurant managers, who try to accept guests by forgetting the limitations of their infrastructure, relying on the features of both Menu Designs and Restaurant Concept Varieties, without taking into account the training of the kitchen and service department, are not aware that they are drifting towards an abyss in reality...
The energy spent personally by the kitchen chefs working with devotion on Kitchen Planning and the Relationship of the Main Kitchen with Other Departments is not sustainable, and as soon as the kitchen organization, which is not supported in the restaurant management circular, reaches a certain limit, it will be reflected in the Survey and Forms and the business will lose guests.
Why Is My Restaurant Failing, Why Is My Job Bad?
Even though the officials in the current Restaurant Management will realize that they have made one of the most common mistakes when opening a restaurant in order to become a permanent restaurant owner , when the guests come back after the grand opening, the termination of their jobs by the chefs they consider unsuccessful will not only bring new problems to the business. .
Although such problems, especially in the chain Marka Restaurant , are reflected in all the restaurants of the chain and come to the central management within 3-4 months and are determined by the necessary restaurant consultants and operator blindness experts, there is still time for success-oriented treatment.
What Should I Consider When Opening a New Restaurant Now , in which training areas should I get consultancy? I will ask some questions below for those who say what should I do for sure success in gastronomy and my own restaurant concept ;
* I wonder if some of your thoughts - no, it's not like that! Kitchen chefs who say "Boss" don't suit you?
* I wonder if you think you are knowledgeable because you are authorized?
* Do you think you have A la Carte Kitchen features?
* What is the difference between a sarcastic kitchen chef and an academic kitchen chef?

How can I reach Turkish cuisine chefs?

* Do you interfere with the Kitchen Organization made by the Chef ?
* Have you ever needed a Culinary Education suitable for your concept ?
* Have you ever tested the accuracy of Kitchen Planning ?
* Is it difficult to get along with experienced and sarcastic kitchen chefs? 
* Do you have experience with Dry Aged & Steakhouse criteria?
* Do you believe that you can do anything by command?
* Do you have the best Steak Restaurant infrastructure? 
* What studies have you done on Efficiency in Kitchen Management recently ? What are your criteria as to whether it is necessary or not?
* What changes have you made in the most recent Restaurant Management Circular ?
* Have you ever intervened in Kitchen Management when necessary?
* Do you want to work with kitchen chefs who say that everything you say is understood, sir?
* How much time do you spend on Restaurant Management Reports each day?
* Have you ever had the thought that the Food & Beverage Department Organization Chart , which is one of your related departments, is not appropriate?
* Are knowledgeable chefs asking for too much salary compared to the restaurant budget ?
* Cost-Cost Calculations in Current Budget Restaurant Management
* Are there workflow task files of the Kitchen Staff working in the current Kitchen Departments ?
* Are you sure that the Hygiene Rules are applied in your existing kitchen types ?
* Have you ever made an analysis with the kitchen staff about the adequacy of the Kitchen Units in your kitchen departments ?
* Have you requested a report from your employees on the adequacy or insufficiency of Cooking Equipment in the kitchen department ?
* Do your kitchen staff have the necessary experience to work in the show kitchen ?
* Do your kitchen staff have HACCP training certificates?
* Does the phenomenon of the kitchen chef make the food more delicious'?
* Is your kitchen chef a popular chef or a knowledgeable chef?
* Are you sure that your kitchen chef has the capacity to do Kitchen Organization?
* Have you requested Special Cooking Sauces for your business from your kitchen chefs ? Do you believe this is necessary?
* Do you think that sufficient Schedules and Minutes have been prepared for your personnel ?
* Do you believe you can achieve success with popular chefs?
* Have you had a study on the Characteristics of Kitchen Staff according to your restaurant business ?
* Has anyone ever complained about the Kitchen Design of your restaurant business ?
* Do you have a show kitchen at the restaurant?
* How many separate documents do you use for Receipts in restaurant management ?
* Do you think the Restaurant Management has control over everything?
* When was the last time you did research on the latest trend Kitchen Trends ?
* How many separate tracking processes do you use for Storage Operations in stock management ?
* Does the chef's popularity affect guest satisfaction ?
* Do you think there is enough Knife Assortment in the show kitchen?
* As management, have you paid your staff salaries for the last 3 months on time?
* As management, can your staff use their weekly leaves without any problems?
* As management, how many of your last staff members have you asked about their problems in their private life?
* Can you discern the difference between being authoritative and being knowledgeable?
In Different Restaurant Concept Types  ;
International Restaurant and Cuisine Consultant Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine World Volunteer Ambassador
Refined restaurant, mid-range restaurant, Avangard restaurant, high-end restaurant, Elegant restaurant, artisan restaurant, Haute Cuisine, high-class restaurant in the business center, Fine Dining restaurant, fish restaurant by the sea, Flame Cuisine, meat restaurant in the forest, Casual Dining restaurant, local restaurant, Best Steak Restaurants and even more restaurant managers with many restaurant concepts…
Now, if you answer these questions honestly, you will find the answer to how well you control your restaurant business. Of course, one cannot lie to oneself, when you look in the mirror, the truth yells at your face.
Restaurant managers, who think that success does not belong to individuals, and that it is shared in a team mentality that protects their business with the text of the organization agreement when necessary , are always the managers who have received the most appreciation in guest satisfaction.
Success or failure in restaurant management can sometimes be hidden in the following questions...
* In the natural taste of a cook,
* In the sincere smile of a busboy,
* In the dedication of your employees,
* When you are a taste stop,
* In the population of the restaurant owner,
* In your restaurant decoration,
* At your restaurant location,
* In the presentation of your special meal,
* In the freshness of your local products…
---And there may be many objects and behaviors that you do not know yet. But this success is not only hidden in a person or a product, but the fusion and accumulation of all of them have ensured success. For this reason, instead of looking for reasons by worrying and worrying only when your business is bad, try to protect your values ​​when your business is good and to discover why your business is good.
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Ahmet Ozdemir
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