What are the 2023 Tourism Trends

The word "customer" is not used in the hospitality industry. People who prefer you and your business (if we take Turkey into account) are welcomed as if they are guests at your home, even if they are in your business as a requirement of Turkish hospitality, and they are called “guests”. No matter how many and..
What are the 2023 Tourism Trends
What are the 2023 Tourism Trends...What are the 2023 Tourism Trends...
*** Within the New World Gastronomy Trends, New Hotel Trends to be Implemented in 2023 in International City and Holiday Tourism Accommodation Businesses…***
Although hotel trends and restaurant trends, Tourism Trends are different from each other, I will try to talk about them under the heading of gastronomy trends within my knowledge and experience. In fact, I had meetings with some hotel professionals in order to make my article useful in a wider range on this subject. 
The first thing I should say is that you should definitely give a few privileges to your guests who choose your hotel for the second and third times, and you must have a department or a digital system that controls and detects this.
** The Quality of Business Owners, Employees as well as Guests and Feeling Good in the Space They Are In is Very Important…
Hospitality is a team business. Being successful of a person does not mean much in tourism and hotel management. Everyone on the team has to be successful. Motivation-based management, which can instill control, timing, task responsibility, reward, team mentality, always wins in tourism. 
Responsible in hotel management If you don't have a good team, even if you invest billions of dollars in the business as an employer, that ship will not run. If your colleagues are not smiling, remember that the guests you host in your establishment do not smile either.
The word "customer" is not used in the hospitality industry. People who prefer you and your business (if we take Turkey into account) are welcomed as if they are guests at your home, even if they are in your business as a requirement of Turkish hospitality, and they are called “guests”. No matter how many and perfect the treats and services offered to the guests are, tourism businesses that have employees who add energy to them and reflect this to the guests in a positive sense always win in every way.
** It is important to give hotel guests different gastronomic experiences and to give them real stories to tell their friends when they leave the hotel…
If you are providing holiday services in tourism and hotel management, do not serve the guests who prefer you with examples from their own cultures during their holidays. They already know this and have visited another country and culture other than their own to experience difference. Maybe you can give your guests a night of their own culture with a special organization one day of the week.
In your guest satisfaction-oriented organizations, you can experience the stories of local and regional dishes of the country you are in and taste their flavors. Of course, while preparing these delicacies, a fusion transition should be calculated in some cooking techniques and presentations, taking into account the food cultures of the guest groups . At the same time, there should be alternative options along with the variety of dishes that arise from vegan, vegetarian, meat and fish options in the flavors offered.
** Touches such as local music and dance are also important in your hotel business, if you make a French person live like in France, he will get bored after a while…
Based on the agency groups you have worked with, you must have an organization and entertainment program, taking into account the diversity of your guests. Such programs must be shown on the day the guest arrives at the hotel or they must be placed in an area where they can see it. The guest must be aware of the paid and free activities. In all organizations, local culture and then cultural examples from different world countries should be kept alive.
Informative brochures about the city you have been to should be presented to the guests in the form of both digital and printed brochures. (map, historical and cultural sites, landscapes, private parks, museums, places to visit, etc.)
** In 2023 World Hotel Trends, Cleanliness, Hygiene and Security have gained even more importance than before, and it is very important for the guest to see and believe in such applications in a physical sense. We see an increase in research on how to make hotel cuisine according to new gastronomic trends .
Reflecting the works in the main kitchen and kitchen sections of the hotel with screens to some areas deemed appropriate by the hotel management to be seen by the guests can gain the guest's confidence in cleaning issues.
It is one of the most important features to ensure that the toilets and sinks in the common areas are checked at frequent intervals and that there is hand hygiene in these areas. Another issue is that most of the service equipment offered to the guests is for personal use only.
The fact that the importance given to the cleanliness of areas such as service cafes, gardens and beaches is felt by the guests physically, the necessary information and warnings are located in visible areas will increase guest satisfaction and may make you preferred by guests and their friends in a more crowded way.
** Health services are also important in 2023 world hotel trends. A clinic where the guest will go safely when they get sick, a doctor who can diagnose, and the insurance that will pay for the damage will increase guest satisfaction in the future.
What are the 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
Although it is obligatory to have a doctor in hotels above certain standards in developed world countries, this rule is still invalid in some countries. Especially after the pandemic, tourism businesses in the world are trying to increase their guest portfolio while trying to fix their new economy.
One of the most important issues in this regard is health. In the hotel business, any guest should be able to see the doctor's intervention as soon as possible. (this time may be 3-5 minutes) even the hotel doctor checking the common areas where the guests receive service at certain times of the day, reporting the negative issues to the hotel management and seeing these checks by the guests will prevent many psychological complaints.
Thanks to social networks and digital gastronomy, distances are close, and a gastronomic development on the other side of the world can instantly become one of the most popular gastronomy trends all over the world. Today, professional kitchens have the characteristics of a pharmaceutical laboratory. Kitchens equipped with highly advanced hygiene technologies have also participated in this race with new cooking and presentation techniques in order to apply new restaurant and kitchen trends.
Second and third world countries have joined this race with the recollection of traditional cuisine cultures, gastronationalism and new cuisine trends. We see a rebellion in the field of culinary cultures today, where the local and the local come to the fore in the countries that have been colonized by the European states for different reasons.
In today's world, when the sense of intercontinental belonging and local and regional gastronomy values ​​that play a unifying role are at their peak, the governors appointed to third world countries by European states and America and the administration of states that have been seized by coups are now much more difficult. Encouraging policies, enviable project fashion trends in social engineering, impositions of project culinary culture, and new plans of think tanks used to guide lifestyle fail even before they are implemented.
Some of the politics and policies implemented in the world will now be cuisine-based, and they will try everything to achieve their goals through local and regional food products, together with cuisine and culinary cultures in world gastronomy, through existing food brands. It is also a fact that as of 2023, developed or undeveloped world countries will allocate budgets that they have not allocated so far to gastronomy and gastronomy tourism, Sustainable Tourism Management "Ecotourism" from their budgets.
Finally, I have to say that gastrodiplomacy, gastronationalism and registered dishes along with the gastronomic signs of geographies will help to reveal new world realities on this road that is rapidly advancing towards the top. In the past , culinary  activities in Europe and many geographical indications and registered dishes registered by European countries in their own name will be re-registered by the institutions of the same states, with the real owners emerging and claiming rights. 


The fact that European countries, after all, have the registry books in their hands, delete the products that they registered unique to themselves by saying "Oh sorry, it was a mistake", will start to be evaluated as "fresh water cunning" in the world public opinion, and the already known double standards will be a result of the same exploited second and third world countries. will be more registered. Towards the end of 2023, it will be possible to see the most obvious applications and developments of the gastronomic races of intercontinental culinary cultures with Gastrodiplomacy Practices and Gastronomy Concepts in the world, and the wars to establish dominance in terms of food, culture and identity, which will be caused by food competitions and food presentations to be victorious in these races .
It consists of my personal thoughts based on my experience of 480 thousand km in four continents, 44 countries and the world. At the same time, my professional resume is based on my one-to-one experiences, as well as the conversations I have had with world-renowned hotel managers, gourmets, successful chefs and restaurant managers in tourism and gastronomy .
Now I am happy to share the views of my young colleague "Yaşar Kaypak" on the world Gastronomy trends in 2023....
Personally, I include the thoughts of my young colleagues, one of the future Turkish cuisine chefs, in every article. Again, I asked my dear colleague " Yaşar Kaypak " about the world Gastronomy trends in 2023 and I particularly wanted to include the text he sent me in my article. I believe that the Turkish cuisine chefs of the future will guide the world gastronomy more successfully with their related articles and academic training, much more than we do. 
We have become great masters now. Our way is their way and our purpose is the goal of repair. They are aware of their responsibilities and I believe that they will duly and duly fulfill the trust they have received from us, and I wish them endless success in their work...
*** We Are In The Gastronomy Trend Orientation And Development In 2023....
Although it seems that it will be common to keep local cuisines at the forefront and to reveal the cuisines of the communities that have lived in the geography of the countries and integrate them into your day, as it is desired and foreseen every year, casual dining concepts will increase a little more as it was last year. 
Visual and textural qualities will rise to the upper segments with the increase in the number of people who prioritize the importance of technique and use current technology in the kitchen. It will be a year when we will hear the name of the modern tavern concept more. 
We will continue to add to a year where the value of personnel in professional kitchens can be known more and they can achieve higher quality living standards.  
Just as the crises experienced on a global basis create the kitchens shaped by the diseases, it may be the case that the effects of the crises in the kitchens can be intense. 
However, in this way, the number of chefs who will realize the importance of using the product correctly and without waste, and even the value of the product will increase. Even if industrial kitchens continue to take shape very quickly day by day, it will be good for all of us to maintain some standards. 
In the developing world of gastronomy, we are waiting for a year in which it will be beneficial to take a step without forgetting that new ideas are a bomb ready to explode at any moment and knowing that the ground is full.
The original text, which is accepted as a source, is as follows. Google translation was used for the necessary language change.
Ahmet Ozdemir
Coord. Executive Chef 
International Restaurant and Cuisine Consultant
Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine World Volunteer Ambassador