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It is very important that the first systems are installed correctly when opening a new restaurant. It is dangerous for people to break the rules taken together by the management in food and beverage businesses. The appearance of the dishes in poor quality and non-standard shapes and flavors is a harbinger of bigger problems. Success is inevitable if the right organization, control and follow-up in accordance with the standards is done by people who are knowledgeable about the subject.

The kitchen is important, it is not the 100% source of success or failure. Relevant factors should be investigated when necessary.
Kitchen consultancy consists entirely of the establishment of the standards of the business, the preparation of the kitchen organization, the  management circular  and the success-oriented synchronization of the systems. Just as you can get performance when all the gears of an engine are working, success can be achieved in the kitchen with the perfect performance of each staff member. This sort of pays off in exchange for both workers and the correct placement of kitchen units and cooking equipment throughout the kitchen.
Instilling a team mentality in all departments can be the key to success...
Success in a good restaurant management is not just about fulfilling the responsibilities of any of the relevant departments. Success is teamwork. It can be caught in return for the harmonious work of all departments in connection with each other. Staff with the mentality that can say we did it, not those who say they did it, can achieve success more quickly. What are the responsibilities of restaurant management in this regard ?
Sometimes problems in restaurant and hotel businesses are not as discussed, they can occur from external sources...
Sometimes, even though the problems are seen as kitchen, they can be out of service. Even though the source of the problems seems to be the service or the kitchen, in fact, the source of the problem can also be found in the management circular of the Retoran. The most important detail here is to identify the source of the problem. This determination is sometimes hidden in the researches of experienced and knowledgeable people with operator blindness and similar methods.
Kitchen ConsultingDisruption of the decisions taken together in daily rules, restaurant and kitchen management may cause you to encounter problems that you never expected...
How Do I Work on International Culinary Consulting and Food and Beverage Consulting?
Within the scope of the agreed concept, duration and articles of agreement in the text of the agreement, after a mutual date was agreed upon by contacting me beforehand in Turkey and abroad.
Who Wants to Work With Me? What are my Service Areas in Kitchen Consulting and Food and Beverage Consulting?
• Those Who Will Open New Restaurants , System and Operation of the Whole Restaurant (Small Opening and Grand Opening Min. 6-7 Months) 
• All Kitchen and Service Vocational Trainings
• Food and Beverage Businesses  That Have Opened Restaurants Before But Couldn't Achieve The Success They Desired ,
•  Those who aim to change the concept by purchasing a ready-made restaurant with attractive prices,
• Those who want to increase their service quality by purchasing  a new restaurant ,
•  Boutique Hotels with International Standards
•  Star Hotels with International Standards (Inner City or Touristic)
•  First Kitchen Installations
•  Food and Beverage Menu Designs, " Menu Consultancy " Those Who Want to Change the Menu,
•  Those Who Want Patented Meals Only for the Related Business, 
• Only Those  Who Want Cooking Techniques   Specific to the Related Business  ,
•  Those Who Want New Unique Meal Designs Only for the Related Business,
• Those Who Want To  Raise Awareness For That Business Only, Menu Types , Menu Planning , Menu Analysis ,  Menu Management  and Special Presentation Techniques,
•  Special State Meals,
•  Private Holding Board of Directors Meals,
•  Corporate Companies ( Banquet, Protocol, Organization )
All these are primarily shaped according to the service options that will be requested by me. It is important which service any business owner or institution wants from me. After preparing the feasibility of options on the needed issues, I present my work program with time, cost and "target" results in line with mutual agreement.
Working Method -01-
New Restaurant Opening “My Preferred”
After contacting me and on the agreed date and time, I will be at the relevant place. So to speak, I work on the condition that from the very beginning, I take the 4 walls and the owner of the business together with him or the person appointed by me and deliver it on a turnkey basis. This person will be trained in the future as the manager or supervisor of the restaurant , who will specifically inform about guest relations, cost-cost ,  surveys and forms , reports and personnel management ,  and will have the knowledge to control that business in all areas. At the same time, this person will control all official transactions and finances of the business.(If the person in this staff is already familiar with the subject and has the necessary information, it will be better and things will progress faster.)
What is My Restaurant Concept Tender ?
My work begins according to the concept requested by the business owner. But still, I conduct examinations in the relevant city for 1 week and present the most appropriate concept to the management with the feasibility I have prepared here. Sometimes different results may come out, but the decision is theirs.
After the concept decision is taken, I hold a meeting with the business owner or the tradesmen determined by the management, such as interior architects, exterior architects, electrical and plumbers, and discuss the working method, delivery dates and important exceptions, and present them to the person I am responsible for in the form of a written document.
I personally follow the developments during the construction. On the one hand, while the work continues, on the other hand, I deal with the preparations we will need when the business is opened, such as menus, printed documents, promotional activities, public relations and personnel selections we will need. 
I don't have my own team . I create the team that the business will need and train the personnel who pass the interview alone as the company's own team.
In particular , I subject the inexperienced “journalist” personnel selected by the business management, who will work in the kitchen , to certain tests, “who only know how to hold a knife”. The most important thing I want here is reliability, willingness and ability of the person. Because at this stage, these people will become masters who deserve a salary of approximately 2.5 or 3 times after the training I have given while they deserve only the minimum wage.

Kitchen Consulting

Another point that I pay attention to is that the previous experience of these people is not important. It will only be enough for them to make the menu here as I teach. Experienced and costly personnel are not required for this. 
I would like the kitchen staff, who were specially selected 1.5 months before the establishment of the business, to be hired with half a salary. I start vocational training according to the prepared restaurant menus and menu types . The duration of these trainings varies according to the richness of the prepared menu and the quality standards of the restaurant. This is definitely stated in the text of the agreement. 
I ensure that the kitchen is designed according to the prepared menu and I make the necessary cost calculations and ensure that the relevant people are entered into the relevant system. In the meantime, I write articles to the media about the new restaurant that will be opened in the relevant region and give recipes and make sure that the name of the business is mentioned sufficiently at the beginning of the image and that it is curious.
When opening a new restaurant , I go to the last stage in all my works by ensuring that the promotions programmed in the written and visual media begin 15 days before the opening.
10 days before the pre-determined small opening of the food and beverage business, I ensure that all personnel start full-time work, and I start vocational training for at least 6 hours a day.
In order to have a permanent restaurant in the sector , I  make the small opening on the scheduled date and ensure that the real operation is started within my complete control. For the first 15 days, the enterprise will operate at 50% capacity. As the sole authorized person, I can take decisions for the benefit of the enterprise in this matter and other matters specified in the text of the agreement. Maybe you may not understand my side and my decisions at first. But you can be sure that you will understand with admiration in the future. 
3 months after the opening, I give the relevant reports about the personnel who can manage in the kitchen and the living room to the person I am responsible for and give priority to the training of the people we agree with and convey the necessary information from the professional point of view.
In the first 3 months, I spend more time in the kitchen as a one-on-one operation. I personally check the restaurant during the service for short periods. I focus on training during non-service hours. But in the future, I start to focus on the restaurant by authorizing the people I have trained in their own fields, provided that they are under my control, and I follow the developments.
How To Have The Best Restaurants In The City:
The reputation that a newly opened business will leave on its guests, especially within a period of 3 months, is very important. You can see this success with negative or positive movements in the guest traffic 6-7 months after the first opening.
I make the preparations for the grand opening of the business to take place approximately in the 6th month from the first opening date or on the previously agreed date.
In the meantime, I control both the restaurant and the kitchen with my management and control procedures, reports, circulars and charts, and inform the person I am responsible for negative and positive issues on the relevant dates. 
One week after the grand opening, I make the necessary updates on all menu costs, reports, management circular and guest relations and present the bone staff to the person I am responsible for with a report. By explaining the necessary criteria, I personally implement the issues we have agreed upon and authorize the identified persons and inform the staff with a memorandum. 

Kitchen consultancy is the service provided by a professional consultant to improve the kitchen operations of a business or organization, to provide efficiency and to increase quality. Kitchen consultants are professionals who specialize in areas such as food preparation, kitchen layout, equipment selection, menu planning, hygiene and occupational safety.
The most important duties of the kitchen consultant are:
Kitchen Analysis: Evaluates kitchen operations and determines the effectiveness and efficiency of existing processes. Analyzes areas such as workflow, equipment usage, stock management, cost control.
Kitchen Layout and Equipment Selection: It plans the kitchen layout and guides the equipment selection. Increases productivity and improves workflow by providing an ergonomic layout.
Menu Planning and Development: Makes menu planning in accordance with business objectives. It offers menu suggestions by considering factors such as cost control, product quality and customer demands.
Hygiene and Occupational Safety: Sets kitchen hygiene and occupational safety standards and supervises practices. It creates hygiene protocols suitable for the enterprise and provides training of personnel.
Kitchen Staff Training: Develops and implements training programs to increase the competencies of kitchen staff. With a good training, the performance and productivity of the personnel are increased.
The importance of culinary consulting arises from several reasons:
Expertise and Experience: Culinary consultants are people who specialize and have experience in kitchen management. They have the necessary knowledge and skills on issues such as food preparation, hygiene and equipment use.
Operational Efficiency: Kitchen consultants can reduce costs and save time by increasing the efficiency of kitchen operations. They provide a more efficient kitchen by optimizing factors such as kitchen layout, equipment selection, and workflow.
Quality Control: Kitchen consultants help maintain quality standards by managing kitchen operations. With well-planned menus, the right kitchen processes and quality control procedures, customers are served a consistent and high quality meal.
Hygiene and Occupational Safety: Kitchen consultants create a health-safe kitchen environment by determining hygiene and occupational safety standards. This is important to ensure food safety and customer satisfaction.
Cost Control and Profitability: Kitchen consultants can make strategic plans to reduce costs and increase profitability. It increases the profitability of the business with factors such as efficient workflow, stock management, correct product selection.
Working with culinary consultants is essential for optimizing a business's kitchen operations and achieving better results. Consultants guide businesses, provide efficiency and increase quality with their expertise and experience. Businesses can gain competitive advantage by utilizing the knowledge and objective perspective of kitchen consultants.
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