• What are Banquet Menus and Protocol Services?
  • What are Banquet Menus and Protocol Services?
  • What are Banquet Menus and Protocol Services?
  • What are Banquet Menus and Protocol Services?
  • What are Banquet Menus and Protocol Services?

What is a banquet? Who Is Feasted? What is the purpose of the banquet? What is a banquet? Who Is Feasted? What is the purpose of the banquet? Who Feasts? How should the service and kitchen staff behave in the banquet organization? What are the protocols of the banquet organization?

What are Banquet Menus and Protocol Services? What is a banquet?  Who Is Feasted?  What is the purpose of the banquet?
What is a banquet? Who Is Feasted? What is the purpose of the banquet? Who Feasts? How should the service and kitchen staff behave in the banquet organization? What are the protocols of the banquet organization? Which questionnaires and forms are prepared and delivered to the management? How does the restaurant business prepare an organizational agreement text for the banquet? Where Are Banquets Held? Who attends the banquet? What is the purpose of banquet menus? What are the banquet rules, especially in hotel businesses? How are the most important Banquet criteria applied?
Who determines the rules of the banquet organization? What is the difference between protocol meals and banquet organization? How many people do official protocol dinners consist of? What is the importance of the number of people in the banquet protocol? How to make menus with banquet planning options ? What are the rules to be considered in banquet planning and sample hotel menus for the banquet ? Who runs the banquet service? How is a food menu prepared by restaurant management in banquet organizations ? Which dishes are prioritized by kitchen management in banquet menu planning and menu analysis ?
How many sections does the banquet menu consist of? What connections should be made between the banquet food menu and the banquet beverage menu? Which charts and minutes should be drawn up? What are the features of the banquet drink menu? How is the banquet beverage menu set in menu management ? How many kinds of drinks are in the banquet beverage menu in restaurant management ? According to whom to act in beverage service, how cost calculations are made? Who has the priority of service in banquet food service? How is the table arrangement in the banquet organization? What service should be thrown at the banquet table?
You can also examine the related academic study that I accept as a resource and that I would like to benefit from by presenting it to your information below.
Definition and Importance of Banquet Protocol and Catering Services: 
Instructor See. Feeling Tibet Akgul
In terms of hotel businesses, banquets are invitations whose menu and number of participants are predetermined in halls arranged to serve the purpose.
Importance of Banquet Organization 
* It creates an important opportunity for the promotion of the business. 
* Physical capacity can be used at the maximum level in organizations such as banquets, cocktails, invitations for special occasions, etc. 
* Especially in dinner parties, since the purchases are made in bulk, it is easy and economical and because the menu is predetermined, the waste can be kept at a minimum level. Thus, the storage cost can be avoided. 
* Knowing the number of people to attend and the menu in advance facilitates the planning of the kitchen and service personnel. Efficient use of the workforce is ensured. 
* Knowing the menu and the number of attendees in advance minimizes the risk of the business regarding the sale of goods and services. 
* The average revenue per person is quite high, especially in dinner parties. 
What are the Indirect Contributions of Banquet Organization for Hotel Businesses? 
* Banquet organizations contribute to promotion, which means an increase in the room occupancy rate of hotel businesses. The increase in the occupancy rate of the hotel contributes to the increase in sales in other consumption units of the business. 
* Due to the banquet organization, the hotel's parking lot, hairdresser, flowers, etc. an increase in side income. 
* Guests who come to the hotel due to the banquet organization can extend their stay after the invitation or make their pre-invitation check-in in advance. This increases hotel occupancy. 
* If the hotel has contracted services such as receiving commissions on sales (photographer, rental car, etc.), it also contributes to the increase in commission income to be obtained from these income increases created by banquet organizations. 
What are the Banquet Menu Types ?
Special Entertainments: 
Social activities, celebrations, religious celebrations (makes up the largest market share) 
Business Lunches: 
Meetings, conferences, celebrations 
Official Protocol meals: 
celebrations, award ceremonies, meals in his honor 
Meals given for other reasons: 
sports activities, award ceremonies, weekly meetings, banquet organization 
Banquet activities in large hotel organizations are carried out under the responsibility of the banquet manager. 
There are professional banquet personnel trained for banquet services. 
For banquet services in chain hotel businesses, it provides service with special banquet kitchen and kitchen personnel as well as special banquet personnel. 
What is the Importance of Planning the Feast and the Planning Process?
For a successful banquet organization, it is important to coordinate well with the other departments of the hotel as well as the internal coordination of the food and beverage department and to ensure unity of purpose in the business. 
* Unity of purpose, 
* Communication, 
* Information, 
* Coordination 
Many hotel businesses create a project team for the banquet to be successful. 
In the Project Team: 
Sales manager, Food and beverage manager, Banquet manager, Head Chef, Front Office manager. 
At the banquet planning meetings, the details are discussed within the framework of the obligations regarding the banquet. In other words, the division of labor and coordination regarding the meeting to be held are determined at these meetings. As a result of the clear division of labor, the report regarding the banquet is sent to the relevant managers (banquet office, purchasing, accounting, warehouse, etc.). 
What are the Works of Food and Beverage Department Manager, Banquet Manager and Banquet Chef?
* Menu planning 
* Pricing of the menu 
* Planning the table layout 
* Determination of service flow order 
* Planning of Mise en place works 
* Preparation of the timetable for the banquet 
* Preparation of weekly banquet lists and determination of hall allocations 
* Other planning work 
Regardless of the reason for the banquet...
* Predetermined menu 
* Knowing the number of customers in advance 
* It is necessary to determine and organize the hall suitable for the purpose. 
What are the Banquet Staff and Their Responsibilities?
1-Banqueting Manager: 
* Responsible for the overall management of the banquet. 
* Discusses, evaluates and decides on the banquet menu, table plan, selling price, drinks, music and all related matters with customers. 
* He publishes the information about the banquet he has received with a report. 
*Works with the banquet manager. 
* Makes correspondence inside and outside the hotel. 
* Writing and duplicating the reports to be sent to the departments, delivering them to the relevant departments and following up. 
* Conducts interviews with customers when the banqueting manager is not present. 
* Responsible for all kinds of filing operations. 
3-Banqueting Chef Waiter: 
* Responsible for the irresponsible flow of banquet staff and banquet service. 
* Provides extra qualified personnel when it does not have enough permanent staff. 
* Manages the service. 
4-Dispense bartender: 
* Responsible for the management of the bars in the banquet organization. 
* Review of bar stocks before the banquet. 
* Follows up cash payments. 
* Provides supervision of bar staff 
* Following the restocking of the bar stocks after the banquet. 
5-Banquet Beverage Waiter: 
* Dispense works in coordination with the bartender. 
* Dispense undertakes this task in hotels where there is no bartender. 
* It ensures that the banquet drink service is carried out by the beverage waiters in accordance with the rules. 
6-Permanent banquet service personnel: 
* Experienced personnel who can take responsibility for all kinds of banquet organizations. 
* Responsible for Mice-en-place operations and service. 
7-Extra service personnel: 
Personnel who work independently in the hotel industry without being affiliated with any business and go to hotels when demanded. 
* Performs heavy work in the preparation of banquet halls in the permanent staff. 
Banquet Hall: 
It is the hall where all kinds of banquets, balls and cocktails are held and generally has a stage and dance floor for its purpose. Being on the ground floor of the enterprise is important in terms of preventing noise. 
What Information Should Be Included in Banquet Plans?
1.  The name of the hall 
2.  square meters 
3.  On which floor is it 
4.  Hall ceiling height 
5.  Capacities (cocktails, sit-down meals, etc.)  
6.  Technical facilities (sound and music arrangement, sound control, dia projection, overhead projector, tv, video, dvd voice recorder, cordless phone, lapel microphone, writing board, laser pointer, digital internet, screen, cinevision, etc.) 
7.  The dimensions of the hall (width and height) 
8.  Other features (podium, stage, stage backdrop, insulation, etc.) 
What are the Points to Consider for the Functionality of Banquet Halls?
* It should have the flexibility to appeal to different organizations. (cocktail, buffet, celebration, etc.) 
* Its location should facilitate the workflow. (communication with kitchen and bar, customer entrance and exit to the hall and service doors) 
* Its location should facilitate the supply of materials (distance of the warehouse from the banquet hall, etc.) 
* Care should be taken to create areas where tables can be stacked 
* Other (light pattern, sound system, acoustic situation, location of cloakrooms, etc.) 
* The decoration of the banquet halls is closely related to the purpose of the banquet. 
* The color, shape, pattern and size of the items used should be compatible with the characteristics of the space.  
* The lighting and the colors to be used in that environment should be compatible. 
* Table cloth, napkin, flower etc. materials are compatible with the colors on the wall and floor and are suitable for the atmosphere desired to be created. 
* Contrasting colors should be adjusted well to create a lively atmosphere. 
What are the Considerations for the Colors Used?
* The size of the banquet hall 
* Ceiling height 
* Shape of the usage area 
* Lighting format 
* Type of materials used in the banquet hall 
* Dominant colors in other materials and articles 
* Customer profile 
* View of fixed furniture and flooring in the banquet hall 
What is the Acceptance of the Banquet and the Banquet Agreement?
The banquet manager must have access to data at all times so that he can present choices to customers. 
These data are: 
* Hall chart showing the capacities, features and equipment possibilities of the halls, 
* Banquet reservation list showing the reservation status of the halls 
* Pre-prepared Menu samples with different prices and content for various organizations 
* Hall sketches showing table layout options for various organizations 
What Information Should Be Obtained in the First Stage?
* The purpose of the banquet 
* Condition of the hall 
* Number of guests to attend 
* Maximum capacity of the hall 
* Staff facilities 
* Material possibilities 
* Timing issue 
Once the banquet manager and the client have agreed on all aspects of the banquet, this agreement is put in writing. This agreement text is called banquet contract / banquet contract. 
Information Required in the Banquet Agreement (Acceptance of the Banquet)
* Name, address, telephone of the person or organization holding the banquet 
* Type of banquet (wedding, April, celebration, etc.) 
* Date and day of the banquet, 
* Start and end time of the banquet 
* Number of invitees (minimum and maximum) 
* Guaranteed cover count (latest figure must be notified 24 hours in advance) 
* Price per person 
* Agreed Menu, extra food and drink requests 
* Drink service 
* Menu and name cards and printing decision, 
* Agreed Hall and Table layout/plan seating plan, 
* Music, sound system, podium, microphone, lighting, flowers and similar requests, 
* Special information about guests: does not eat meat, disabled and so on. 
* If speeches are to be made, the order and time 
* Extra food and drink requests 
* Payment Method / Deposit 
* Consent of the parties 
What are the Factors Affecting the Price in Banquet Organization?
* Menu 
* Feature of the banquet to be on weekdays or weekends 
* Number of invitees 
* Relationship and recognition of the banquet organization or organizer with the hotel 
* The status and duration of the guests' stay at the hotel 
* Other services requested by the organizer 
If the existing halls are rented without food and beverage service, what is the pricing?
* Depreciation of halls, 
* Cost of electricity, ventilation, some technical services 
* Desired profit margin 
This practice in the sector is generally in the form of renting the square meter of the hall on an hourly or daily basis in dollars or euros. 
What is a Banquet Order (Banqueting Memorandum)?
* The acceptance of a banquet is the beginning of the work related to that banquet for the hotel. 
* The banquet manager is responsible for the timely and complete management of all works. 
* Units receiving the Banquet Order make plans for their own works. 
What are Banquet Menus?
* Having menu options prepared by the hotel's banquet management for different organizations provides great benefits for the business and customers. 
This App is For Customer: 
* Provides the opportunity to choose a menu suitable for the budget from among various options 
* The business encounters fewer problems during the organization of the banquet with a pre-costed and pre-determined menu. 
* Banquet menus are no different from meal menus. But it covers richer foods and drinks. 
* It should differ from the standard menus according to the purpose of the banquet. The meals in the menu should be arranged according to the nature of the banquet. 
* While preparing the Menu sets for the banquet organization, the hotels should focus on the most requested organizations and the Menus requested in these organizations. 
* These menus should be made into a set and presented to the customer's preference. 
* A banquet set can be organized into the following subheadings: 
* Gala Dinner Menus (means the meal given in honor. Generally, there is an open buffet application. 
* Business Lunch Menus (lunch and dinner) 
* Wedding, engagement, etc. ceremonial menus 
* Cocktail Menus 
* Catering Menus that can be given at meetings, etc. 
What are the Points to Consider While Preparing the Banquet Menu?
* Menus that require special features should not be included in the menus organized for large banquets. It will be difficult to make soufflé, flambe, etc. 
* The composition of the menu should be suitable for the purpose of editing. Including turkey on the New Year's menu 
* Menus in the set should be reviewed. Seasonal conditions, Changes that may occur in the menu cost, etc. 
* If there is a restrictive prerequisite or equipment shortage, a solution must be found. 
* The foods in the cold appetizer plate must be specified individually or in groups (olive oil dishes, etc.). 
* Banquet Menus should reflect the character of the business. 
What are the Basic Principles in Selecting Wine for the Menu?
* In general, bitter, very sweet or eggy foods and wine are not suitable. 
* The selected drink should contribute to the flavor of the food. 
* Heavy drinks should be avoided in summer. 
What are the Preliminary Studies of Banquet Organization?
* In accordance with the negotiations between the banquet manager and the customer, the preliminary work of the organization is carried out at the hotel. 
* These works are mostly forwarded to the relevant departments and persons such as the banquet service chief, chef, floor chef, saloon porter, etc. 
* After this information reaches them with the banquet order, they start the preparations. 
What are the Activities of the Banquet Service Chief?
* Planning the service and service flow order 
* Planning of Mice en place (How should the kitchen layout be) studies 
* Drawing a sketch of the table and table plan 
* Removing the material list 
As the head chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR, I see the source:
Mr. Instructor See. I sincerely thank Duygu Tibet Akgül for her academic studies titled "The Definition and Importance of Banquet and Catering Services " and wish her success in her professional life . It will definitely be considered as an example by those who need it in professional kitchens and the culinary community .
What is a banquet?  Who Is Feasted?  What is the purpose of the banquet?
What is a banquet?  Who Is Feasted?  What is the purpose of the banquet?
Banquet & Banquet Organization Menu Types, Arrangement and Presentation Breakfast Types Room Service
Res. See. Dr. Reha KILIÇHAN
The Meaning and Importance of the Feast
* Feast; It means a meal of a social nature, for a specific purpose, served to a certain number of groups. In our country, the banquet is also known as "Banquette" (banquet), which comes from the French.
* Luxury hotels generate a significant portion of their food and beverage revenues from banquet revenues.
* Banquets gain more importance over time as an income and advertising element for the business. For this reason, there is a department responsible only for the banquet in large enterprises.
* While the banquet manager is at the head of the banquet department, there are also enough service personnel for the Maitre d'hotel, secretary and banquet halls in charge of this department.
Banquet Reservation
* Banquets must be booked in advance. The person who will make the reservation can use fax, telephone, telegram, letter, etc. You can make a reservation by using it, or you can make a reservation by coming in person.
* In order to avoid any problems while making a banquet reservation, a "banquet reservation form" must be filled and a written agreement must be made.
* Points to Consider in Banquet Reservation;
* Any possibility to be considered as money or service should be discussed.
* Menus at various prices should be prepared in order to facilitate the meeting with the person giving the banquet.
* The guest should be informed about the banquet halls and table plans by making advance preparations.
* Reservation forms should be used in order to record the points discussed and decided during the reservation negotiations.
* Banquet reservation must be made into a written agreement.
* It should not be turned into a print form when giving advice to the banquet host. 
Banquet Reservation is made by following the steps below;
* Necessary material should be prepared before the guest comes to the meeting.
* The guest must be welcomed, his name and surname must be learned and recorded in the reservation form.
* The type of banquet must be determined.
* The date and time of the banquet and the number of people who will receive food must be determined.
* The guest's requests and ability to pay should be determined and recommendations and suggestions should be made accordingly.
* Price per person must be negotiated under the specified conditions.
* Special requests flowers, special orchestra, etc. should be determined.
* How the payment will be made should be determined.
* The issues that are finalized in the reservation form should be made into a contract.
* A copy of the contract text should be given to the guest while a copy remains with the business.
* After the guest is sent off properly, necessary preparations should be made and the banquet order form should be filled and sent to the relevant departments.
Banquet Menus
* Banquet menus have all the features of Table d' Hote menu.
* Care should be taken to avoid undesirable situations and problems in the selection of meals in the banquet menus.
* The purpose of the banquet, the characteristics of the guests, the form of payment, etc. Various menus can be prepared taking into account the Banquet menus consist of at least four dishes.
Below is an example of a simple banquet menu. 
Cold hors d'oeuvres - Rich hors d'oeuvre plate
Hot hors d'oeuvres - Spring rolls-Mitite meatballs
Main course - Mexican steak
Dessert - Creme caramel
Points to Consider While Preparing the Banquet Menu
* Meals on banquet menus must be of the type that can be prepared in advance and kept waiting.
* Meals in the banquet menu must be suitable for banquet service.
* If the guest is preparing the menu himself, he should be informed about the dishes that are difficult or impossible to prepare.
* The recommended menu must be appropriate for the time of the banquet.
* The quality of the menu card, font, layout, etc. must be fit for purpose.
* The type of banquet must be determined.
* The characteristics of the guests coming to the banquet are young, old, religious belief, vegetarian, etc. should be determined.
* The season in which the banquet will be held must be taken into account.
* Banquet time and service style should be determined.
* It should be determined what the kitchen staff can do.
* What can be done with kitchen equipment should be determined.
* Which dishes are suitable for banquet service should be determined.
Banquet Preparations
Table Seating Arrangement at Banquets
* The type of banquet determines the seating arrangement at the tables. The seating arrangement differs in family invitations, official / protocol dinners, wedding and engagement ceremonies.
* It should be determined how many people will sit at the head table.
* The order of importance of the guests should be determined.
* In line with the data received, guests should be placed in order of importance and according to their gender.
* It should be checked whether men, women or spouses come together, whether there are women at the table ends, and if there is a problem, it should be corrected.
Seating arrangement at official/protocol meals;
* The number of guests to attend must be determined.
* The desired table layout must be determined.
* The guest of honor must be ranked according to the hosts.
* It should be determined how many people will sit at the head table.
* The order of importance of the guests should be determined.
* It should be determined how many of the table arms will be, whether the arms will be used in two directions, whether the ends will be used or not.
* Seating arrangement should be created in line with the above data.
* It should be checked whether there are spouses, gentlemen, women or women coming to the end, and if there is a problem, it should be corrected. 
Rules to be Considered by Service Attendants in Protocol Service
* In official protocols at banquets, the waiter should serve six people or a maximum of eight people.
* The busboy should not serve, he should only provide the connection between the kitchen and the living room.
* Sommelier/Wine waiter must serve drinks to a maximum of 16 people.
* If the wine has already been identified as a brand on the protocol table, it should not be presented to anyone for tasting and should be served according to the protocol order.
* The Maitre d'hotel must stand at the head of the banquet table, three meters from the table, and direct the service by simply nodding.
* After the service person starts the service, they should come in a single line with the food in their hands, move to the serving places on the table, and start the service at the same time after receiving the signal.
* Silence is very important at the protocol feast.
* The service attendant must wear uniforms of the same color and use white gloves. 
Rules to be Considered by Service Attendants in Protocol Service
* If Heads of State and their wives are at the protocol table, two substitute waiters should be assigned and four of them should simultaneously serve the Heads of State and their spouses with the waiters on duty at the table. This practice should continue in the same way until the end of the service.
* After the Heads of State and their spouses are served at the same time, two spare waiters should be withdrawn from the service and the main duty waiters of the table should be served first to the ladies and then to the gentlemen.
* Blanks should not be taken at the protocol table before all guests have finished their meal. Blanks must be collected after receiving the sign of the Maitre d'hotel.
* The second dish should be served in the same way. Blanks should be collected in the same way and this practice should continue until the end of the meal.
* Main course garnishes must be served separately. If the French service method is applied, the main course should be brought with a side dish and it should be ensured that the guests can easily transfer it to their own plate.
* Drinking glasses and empty coffee cups should not be removed before guests leave.
Preparation of the Banquet Hall
The plan of the hall should be drawn up and prepared with great care. The preparation of the hall should be done by following the steps below.
* Task distribution should be made.
* Tools and equipment should be cleaned and polished.
* The cleanliness of the hall should be supervised.
* Tables should be prepared as in the hall and table layout plan prepared in advance.
* Tablecloths should be laid in accordance with the standards of the enterprise.
* Chairs should be placed in the places indicated in the plan.
* Covers should be placed on the tables according to the menu.
* Guest numbers should be placed according to the plan of the seating areas.
* Decorative ornamental plants, vases, etc. should be placed.
* Light, sound scheme, etc. preparations must be made by the technical service.
* If necessary, a gift place should be arranged.
* Cake, dance and orchestra places should be arranged in accordance with the hall plan.
* The area required for the buffet service should be planned and made ready for presentation.
* If necessary, a bar should be set up before meals and for buffet-style banquets.
* Air conditioners should be operated according to the season and the room should be brought to the desired temperature.
* In buffet style banquets, the heaters in the buffet should be operated and the hot meals to be served should be placed in their places a short while before the service.
* Final preparations must be supervised and ready to greet guests.
Banquet Menu Types and Arrangement
* Menu is a word of French origin, meaning “small”, “few”. It is used in the sense of "food and beverage list" in businesses.
* Mainly menus; Modern Menu, Classic Menu, Table D'hote Menu, A La Carte (A la Carte) Menu
* Menus according to the time it is served; Breakfast Menu, Lunch Menu, Brunch Menu, Dinner Menu, Supper Menu, Afternoon Tea Menu, High Tea Menu
* Menus by business type; Room Service Menu, Cafe Menu, Banquet Menu, Periodic Menu, Daily Menu
Banquet Menu Cards
* The cards that contain information such as the names of the food and beverages offered to the guests, how they are prepared, what garnishes and sauces they are served with, the price of the food, and even the weight of the portion in some of them are called "menu cards".
Points to Consider While Preparing Menu Cards;
* Menus should be written on a quality paper or cardboard.
* Explanations should be sufficient and short.
* Expressions and language that guests can understand should be used.
* No changes should be made on the prices that make the guest suspicious.
* Menus should be kept clean, old menus should be renewed.
* It should be stated whether the prices on the menu cards include value added tax and service charge.
Banquet Menu Arrangement
* The classical menu order should be taken into account while creating the menu.
* Attention should be paid to time and seasonal characteristics.
* First of all, main dishes should be determined.
* Repetition of similar dishes should be avoided.
* Attention should be paid to the color harmony and consistency of the food.
* The capacity of the kitchen should be considered.
* Different cooking methods should be used.
* Care should be taken for whom the menus are prepared.
Service to the Guest at the Banquet, Welcoming the Guest and Presenting the Table
* According to the time of the day, if known, by first name or surname, if not known, "Sir, Madam" should be greeted by addressing.
* Eye contact should be established, greeted with a smiling face and movements should not be exaggerated.
* Guests must be escorted to the table.
* If working with a reservation, it should be learned whether the guest has made a reservation or not.
* If they come without a reservation and there is an empty place in the hall without a reservation, the guests should be taken to the table without waiting.
* The table should be determined according to the characteristics of the guests who come without a reservation, and if they will wait in the bar or lobby, a menu should be given for them to view.
* Incoming guests should never be seated at a table that has not been cleaned or prepared.
* At the time of sitting at the table, the guests should be helped to sit by pulling out their chairs.
* The guests should be introduced to the service person who will take the order.
* After the guests are introduced, the service staff should greet the guests with sincere and polite speeches and gestures.
* As the greeter leaves the table, he wishes the guests a good time.
Banquet Menu Card Presentation and Order Taking Menu Presentation
* The service person should present the menu card in accordance with the rules and ask the guests whether they will have snacks.
* The menu card should be opened on the first pages and given to the ladies first and then to the gentlemen from the right side of the guest.
* Leave the table to allow time for guests to choose a meal.
Receiving Banquet Orders
Points to Consider When Taking Orders;
* While taking the order, the face of the service attendant should be facing the guest and eye contact should be established.
* Do not stand behind the guest who placed the order.
* Do not lean over the guest, on the table or chair.
* Be ready to make recommendations and answer questions.
* If there is a statement stating that he does not want advice, he should not be insistent.
* When there is a request out of the menu, the guest should be told "I need to ask the kitchen".
* Special requests (undercooked, without onions, etc.) should be recorded next to the name of the dish.
* In the proposals made to the guest, questions with no yes or no answers should be moderated.
* When the guest's order is finished, the entries recorded in the order slip should be repeated verbally and the guest's approval should be provided.
Service During the Banquet Meal
* As soon as the guest sits at the table, any candles should be lit.
* Beverage and menu cards must be presented.
* Bread, water, butter should be served.
* Snack orders should be taken, if any.
* The snack should be served as soon as possible.
* Beverage orders must be taken and glasses to be used in line with the order must be placed.
* If the drink is started early, it should be served.
* Meal orders must be taken, and if necessary, changes and additions must be made to the cover.
* First meal must be served.
* Signs indicating that the meal is over should be followed, blanks should not be removed before all of the people at the same table have finished their meal, or should be removed after the guest's permission is obtained.
* After removing the blanks from the first dish, the sets of the second dish should be prepared and the meal should be served according to the serving method.
* A certain order should be followed in the service of the meal, and this order should be observed in the third and fourth meals, starting from the exit from the kitchen.
* If necessary, the hand washing bowl “Fingerbowl” and the residual plate “deset” should be added.
* If garnishes and sauces are served separately, they should be given during the meal.
* Hot meals should be served on a hot plate and cold meals should be served on a cold plate.
* After the main course is finished, the crumbs should be swept away.
* Dessert orders should be taken, the sets should be prepared, they should be served according to the serving method and the blanks should be removed.
* Coffee and liquor must be served.
* When the meal is finished and guests request an account, the account must be issued and presented.
Dealing with the Banquet Guest and their Complaints
* In the food and beverage section, all bilateral relations are carried out by the service personnel from the guest's entrance to the restaurant until his departure. The positive effect that the service personnel will have on the guest will have a negative effect on the mistakes they will make while forming a good idea against the business.
* For this reason, the service personnel should represent the company in the best way and be able to easily solve some of the problems they encounter. If there are problems that cannot be solved, they should be reported to their superiors.
Points to Consider in Resolving Guest Complaints;
* The guest should be made to feel that he is given importance by speech and manners.
* The guest should be treated kindly and made to feel proud to serve him.
* Children's groups, children's chair, etc. special requests must be met.
* Guests' body language and behavior should be observed.
* The service should be provided in a way that does not interrupt the conversations of the guests.
* Quick meals should be recommended for guests in a hurry.
* Guest complaints should be taken into account, and if there is a problem, it should be resolved.
* Disabled guests should be seated at an easy-to-reach table and in suitable places where service personnel can easily see them.
* Speak slowly and clearly with foreign guests.
* Necessary actions should be taken in case of any accident or spillage.
Banquet Breakfast Types and Room Service
* Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, taken in the morning. Breakfast has undergone major changes until today, making breakfast menus richer and lighter.
* For example, while grilled and cold meats were included in some breakfast menus in the past, lighter foods are preferred recently.
* While cooked food is still seen in England and America, it disappears as it is not preferred in the European continent.
Banquet Breakfast Menus
Continental Breakfast
* Hot drinks such as tea, coffee, cocoa, etc. Butter,
* Honey, jam, Bread varieties.
English Breakfast
* Hot drinks, milk tea, coffee, Fruit or vegetable juice,
* Butter, Jam, honey, marmalade, Bread varieties,
* Breakfast sausages, Eggs, Cold meats
* Pisces, Cereals.
American Breakfast
* Hot drinks coffee, tea, cocoa,
* Cold drinks, ice water, compote, fruit and vegetable juices,
* Fresh fruits, Cold meats, ham, sausage,
* Butter, Honey, jam, marmalade, Bread varieties,
* Fish varieties, Meat varieties, Egg and omelette varieties,
* Pancakes (cinnamon, lemon, orange) Cereals.
Turkish Breakfast
* Tea varieties from hot drinks (plain, lemon, fruit, herbal, etc.) Butter, Jam, honey,
* Cheese varieties, Olive varieties, Fried bread,
* Cucumber, tomato, Egg types, Cold meats (ham, salami etc.)
Breakfast Service
* Preliminary preparations must be completed before starting the breakfast service. The preparations to be made in the morning are as follows.
* Preparations to be made in the Breakfast Office
* Coffee water should be prepared,
* Prepare tea
* Prepare a toaster,
* Slicing bread, preparing roll breads for service,
* Croissants, buttered egg muffins, etc. must prepare the bread,
* Prepare squeezed fruit juices or concentrated drinks,
* If using pressed butter, it must be prepared.
* Preparations to be made in the restaurant
* The covers should be removed from the evening,
* If not, napkins should be prepared and placed,
* Milk, jam, honey, butter should be prepared on the tables,
* If it is not put on the table, sugar should be put,
* If necessary, the cups placed in the evening should be corrected.
* Preparations to be made in the Servant
* Squeezed fruit juices should be added,
* Butter, jam, honey, cold milk, cream should be put,
* Mustard and necessary sauces should be added.
* After all the preparations are completed and inspected, the guests begin to wait for the breakfast service.
* Points to Consider in Breakfast Service;
* As soon as the guest sits down, he/she should be taken care of as soon as possible.
* Food and drinks should be delivered to the guest before they get cold.
* Deficiencies on the table must be completed according to the order.
* Attention should be paid to safety while transporting food and beverages.
* Toasted breads should not be stacked on top of each other or they should be wrapped tightly.
Room service
* Room service; It is the section that serves the food and drinks of the guests in their rooms.
* Room service is available until midnight in some hotels, only for breakfast in some hotels, and 24 hours in some hotels.
* The organization of room service personnel varies according to the size of the hotel, working hours and service quality.
* Small inner city hotels and motels often do not have room service. In large enterprises, this department is quite crowded with a manager and many personnel.
* Orders in room service; The menu card from the rooms or by phone is taken and evaluated.
Taking Orders by Phone in Room Service is done by following the steps below;
* When picking up the ringing phone, it should be addressed as "good morning, good afternoon, good evening" according to the time of day.
* “How can I help you?” should be asked.
* Initial information should be written on the order slip.
* Orders must be recorded.
* Details must be recorded.
* Should help the guest when hesitant.
* Sales techniques should be used.
* Service time must be learned.
* Must be repeated and approved by the guest.
* Must hang up the phone with thanks.
* The name of the waiter to be sent must be recorded.
* The waiter, who brings the tray or the cart to the door of the room, performs the service in the room by following the steps below.
* The door number on the bill of exchange should be compared with the room number.
* Even if it is known that there is no guest in the room, the door should not be entered without knocking,
* The door should be knocked with a sound that the guest inside can hear,
* After knocking on the door, the guest should be expected to answer,
* According to the time of day when entering, "good day" etc. should be addressed.
* According to the guest's request, the trolley should be placed in the middle of the room, near the window or close to the bed.
* Some services should be performed if necessary and desired.
* Ask if there is any other need.
* Statement of account must be signed.
* The guest should leave the room by saying " Bon Appetit ".
* Statement of account must be given to the order taker.
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