• What is Kitchen Organization?
  • What is Kitchen Organization?
  • What is Kitchen Organization?
  • What is Kitchen Organization?
  • What is Kitchen Organization?

Kitchen manager; It consists of the chef and his assistants. The kitchen manager is responsible to the food and beverage manager in all matters related to the kitchen and reports to this person. It is the responsibility of the kitchen manager to convey the decisions taken by the hotel senior management..

What is Kitchen Organization?
You can view the Hotel Kitchen Organization , which I have prepared for wikipedia as a starting note,  by clicking the link.
What is Kitchen Organization, How to organize in the kitchen? Which part of the kitchen does which work? How is the work shared between the kitchen departments? How is the workflow between the kitchen departments in hotel kitchens and restaurant kitchens?
Main Parts of the Kitchen:
* Pick up
* Storage
* Preparation and cooking
* Dish washing and garbage collection 
* Management
Receiving Section:
In this section, the food items that have been purchased and brought to the hotel are received by checking the quantity, quality and price.
In large hotel businesses, this department is usually subordinate to the purchasing directorate.
This section should be close to the kitchen and storage areas.
It is mostly located at the back of the hotel and has an area where incoming goods can be unloaded.
There should also be a room where the control of the food materials coming to the hotel can be done.
In this room, there should be a scale for weighing, scales, a sink and a cabinet for the tools to be used.
Storage Section:
Considering the purpose of use in a hotel business, two main groups of warehouses, called main warehouses and kitchen underarm warehouses, emerge.
There is a warehouse clerk responsible for these warehouses.
When the kitchen requests materials from the warehouses, a request slip is filled in and this receipt is signed by the kitchen manager, and the material is output from the warehouse to the kitchen.
In large hotel establishments, each preparation and cooking unit usually has its own warehouses.
These warehouses can be at different temperatures according to the food material to be stored.
The employees of the unit using the warehouse and the kitchen manager in general are responsible for these warehouses.
Preparation and Cooking Sections:
In the preparation section, food materials are made ready for cooking. Therefore, this section should be close to the cooking section.
The cooking section, on the other hand, consists of areas where all kinds of food materials are cooked and is usually located in the middle of the kitchen.
What is Kitchen Organization?
In hotel businesses, these sections appear as different sections according to food materials: 
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Hot Kitchen:
It is the section where all kinds of hot foods and sauces are prepared and usually the heaviest load is in this section.
Meals such as hot sauces, sauces and juicy dishes, side dishes, soups, broths, pilafs, pastas, hot fish dishes, kebabs and grills, boiled stews, deep-fried and pan-fried dishes are made.
This kitchen includes a sauce cook, a vegetable cook, a soup cook and a grill cook.
The hot kitchen is mostly located in the central part of the kitchen.
In addition, the hot kitchen must have a connection with the service area. Thus, the food can be served before it gets cold.
Equipment such as ovens, stoves, tilt and pressure cookers, grills, deep fryers, bain marie, salamander are found here.
What are Kitchen Units?Cold Kitchen:
Olive oil dishes, cold meats, appetizers, cold sauces and salads, pates, smoked meats, oil and ice sculptures, various ornaments are prepared from vegetables.
Major equipment; It consists of work benches, sinks, mixer, slicing machines, blender, counter type cooler, cold room.
Usually close to the hot kitchen. Thus, the cooking processes that need to be carried out are done in the hot kitchen.
It should also be linked to the vegetable preparation section.
Because a significant part of the vegetables that are sorted, washed and chopped in the vegetable preparation section are used in the cold kitchen.
Patisserie :
It is the section where all kinds of desserts, cakes, ice cream and pastries are prepared and various breads are baked.
Responsible is the pastry chef.
In addition, department cooks such as ice cream maker and baker take part.
Ovens where dough is cooked, dough kneading and rolling machines, mixer, ice cream machine, deep freezer, cold room, stove, scales, cake molds are the most common tools.
Butcher :
The meat to be used is separated from the bones, nerves and fat, shredded and made ready for use, in line with the requests of the departments.
The head of this department is the butcher chief.
Meat stump, meat grinder, rows, sharpening machine, meat transport trolleys with hooks, cold room, deep freezer, meat-bone saw are the tools in this section.
Vegetable Preparation Section:
In this section, the preliminary preparation of the vegetables needed in the hot and cold kitchen is done.
This section should be positioned in close connection with the hot and cold kitchen.
In this section, there are potato peeling machine, slicing and chopping machines, vegetable washing machine, other peeling tools, sinks where vegetables can be washed.
Breakfast section:
In this section, the preparations for the breakfast buffet are carried out.
The slicing machine used in slicing ham, cheddar cheese and salami is one of the most important equipment of this section.
There is also a work bench and a cold room in this section.
Dish Washing and Garbage Collection Department (Stewarding):
* In the kitchen; It is the section where the kitchen dishes formed during production, production and service are washed and garbage is collected and thrown away.
* Department employees are called stewards.
* At the beginning of this section is the chief steward.
* Equipment; It consists of tools such as dishwashing machine, dishwashing bench, stacking shelves, glass washing machine, garbage room, garbage bins.
* kitchen manager; It consists of the chef and his assistants.
* The kitchen manager is responsible to the food and beverage manager in all matters related to the kitchen and reports to this person.
* It is the responsibility of the kitchen manager to convey the decisions taken by the hotel senior management to the kitchen staff and put them into practice.
* In the kitchen, the chef's office should be in a place where you can see all the kitchen parts.
* In addition, the part facing the working areas should be made of glass.
* At office; Works such as preparing menus, writing food recipes, arranging the work schedules of the personnel, filling in material request slips are carried out.
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