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My dear colleagues and brothers and sisters who are new to cooking and culinary arts, My dear colleagues and brothers and sisters who are new to cooking and culinary arts, 
I, Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR, as an international and intercontinental restaurant consultant and culinary consultant, am a world ambassador of Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine. Based on my own experiences, I would like to emphasize the importance and happiness of providing pro bono service in line with our common goals in this field . In this service race, only our colleagues who run for the same purposes can know the value of those who lead the way...
Instead of chasing popularity on social networks, producing and sharing information is a healthier choice. Sharing knowledge among our colleagues will contribute greatly to the training of professional chefs of the future and the promotion of Turkish cuisine worldwide. In this context, my personal efforts and work consist only of my personal means , without receiving support from any association, federation or confederation , and are carried out with the idea of ​​a social duty.
My goal is to better promote our cuisine worldwide and bring it to the place it deserves.
In this process, I am grateful to the Turkish chef news editors who I supported within my own financial means. However, I have to regretfully state that fairs and festivals held for the promotion of our cuisine often become a means of " profit making ".
We witness that the budgets allocated by the state are not spent sufficiently on this area. A large part of these budgets is shared among some culinary associations and federations that use the name of our cuisine. The fact that the presidents of these institutions do not even have an article written about Turkish culinary culture and its promotion is an indication of this indifference.
The truth is that wherever there is money and profit in this field, there are people and institutions whose real purpose is not to promote Turkish Cuisine. On the other hand, those like me who act with personal means continue to share their knowledge and experiences about Turkish cuisine with a sense of social duty.
My dear professional volunteer brothers, the more information you share, the more beautiful and more it increases.
I believe that this awareness will take us forward in our profession and cuisine. Remember, certificates of achievement received from associations and federations do not make you knowledgeable and successful. The important thing is to combine knowledge with your experience and professional ethics and to achieve craftsmanship and perfection through the Ahi relationship.
Being knowledgeable and sharing that knowledge with your colleagues is the key to success in your career. Improve yourself and your culture, add value to both yourself and Turkish cuisine by sharing your professional knowledge. Remember, if we have more knowledge together, if we learn our own culture and history and reflect our knowledge in our kitchens, menus and dinner plates, Turkish cuisine will win in the world.
As Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR , I wish you success in this journey, and as a lover of Turkish cuisine, I believe that we will protect this valuable heritage together and develop our historical taste legacies from the past by carrying them to the future in the best possible way. You can review and benefit from the 394 personal articles and 364 reference works I have shared below by clicking on the " red " raised words or by copying and pasting  the links under the titles into your browser.
May God bless you for these services . But you can also add your own information to this information and share it with your kitchen staff and other colleagues who are devoted to the culinary profession, for the future of Turkish cuisine in the world ...
For more detailed information, please use the English language option in my more up-to-date cooking library.
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
International And Intercontinental
Restaurant Consultant and Kitchen Consultant
World Ambassador of Ottoman and Turkish Cuisine
Turkish Cuisine Chefs, Turkish Chef, Restaurant Consultancy, Kitchen Consultancy.
*** You can contact me through my contact information for more information on the subjects specified by labeling, taking into account my professional background in the above article, and to get support for Restaurant ConsultingKitchen Consulting  in the titles within my Service Areas. ***
Dear Colleagues and Future Chefs,
Information only gains meaning and multiplies when shared. Rich contents such as Turkish nutritional culture, halva tradition, and food epics are part of our historical and cultural heritage. Discover this heritage with works such as Kitâbü't Tabbâhîn and Melceü't-Tabbâhîn, as well as resources such as the Ottoman Culinary Dictionary and Surname-i Hümayun. In the future, as I mentioned in my 2024  World Gastronomy and Tourism Trends  article, you will carry this valuable heritage; Prepare yourself for this journey in the best way possible with your love for our profession and cuisine.
Remember, although the awards and medals received from relevant associations and federations symbolize success, real knowledge and success are gained in the field. The important thing is not popularity, but being knowledgeable. When you combine your knowledge, experience and professional ethics,  you will achieve excellence, as I mentioned in restaurant trends in 2024. When you blend it with the Ahi culture, you will exceed the limits in your career in the menu trends of the future. Remember, others notice true value and success without you having to try to see it.
Honesty and wisdom are proven by actions, not just words. Popularity  will come automatically when others start talking about you in Restaurants of the Future . This is part of your research and learning process. Increase your knowledge on subjects such as Ottoman sherbets, palace cuisine, the history of soup, and  expand the richness of Turkish cuisine by sharing this information with your colleagues.
Remember the beauty of sharing knowledge: You have knowledge, I have knowledge. When we share our knowledge,   both parties become richer, as I mentioned in my Restaurant Cuisine Trends article. This process will contribute to the success of Turkish cuisine in the global arena.
On this journey, shed light on the future of Turkish cuisine in 2024 Food Trends by sharing information about our culture and history with your colleagues  . "If we don't know us, who will know us? If we don't keep us alive, who will keep us alive?" Act with thought. In this journey,   I would like to thank every colleague like you who loves and values ​​Turkish cuisine for New Gastronomy Trends and wish them success.
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