What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
(Note: Google translation was used for the necessary language change in the original text.)
In the developing and globalizing world, innovations in professional kitchens in food, beverage and accommodation businesses, starting from home kitchens, have created completely different areas of expertise that should be followed. We are encountering new terms and new professions that we have not heard in the field of gastronomy and culinary cultures until yesterday.
What is interesting among the new gastronomy trends is that these terms and new occupational fields are among the new trends, not only in Turkey but all over the world, from the highest levels. Perhaps nutrition and food is one of the areas that should be followed first of all in the world.
The rapid growth of the food and beverage sector in all developed and developing countries in the world, as well as the excitement of commercial enterprises serving in the field of gastronomy, brings more striking innovations to the agenda. Social networks, ease of access to information, the Importance of Visuality in Gastronomy in restaurant food pictures Successful press studies on gastronomy targets, even local and foreign kitchen chefs, columnists and gastronomy experts still unconsciously play a role in the formation of new gastronomy trends when they say " World Cuisine ".
The Best Restaurants of the City , food and beverage businesses do not have much difficulty in introducing their innovations to the public today. Magazines and websites with the concept of gastronomy used in this field also take on duties and responsibilities in conveying new gastronomy trends to the public.
Although new presentation techniques developed by those who want to be a Professional Kitchen Chef , leading the way in gastronomy trends, sought after in International Gastronomy,  and  food trends put into practice in the kitchen as classical or technological cooking techniques, new trends are not limited to these.
If I give an example of 2023 world gastronomy trends in some main themes:
What are the 2023 World Gastronomy Trends in the Field of "Kitchen and Food"?
* New dishes,
* Food styling details along with presentation techniques,
* Cooking techniques, slow food,
* Unearthing classic dishes,
* Special test and presentation menus of chefs, edible flowers ,
* Restaurant menus adapted to special drinks ,
* Beverage menus adapted to special food presentations,
* Alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails,
* Innovative vegan food tourism and vegetarian menus,
* Cooking and show techniques at the table with butcher menus,
--Main content-determining themes can be. I will shape the new gastronomy trends that will emerge within the main headings above with relevant examples in the continuation of my article.
What are the 2023 World Gastronomy Trends in the Field of "New Restaurant Concept Types "?
* Expert concept restaurants with Menu Engineering and Menu Design applied in their field,
* Open and closed restaurants on summer and winter concept,
* Restaurants serving with only summer and only winter standard menus,
* Intercontinental, local and regional, meat or seafood, vegan and vegetarian restaurants,
* Tradesmen's restaurant, middle class and high-end restaurant concepts and A la Carte Restaurants,
* Take away, take-out, vip catering and food market restaurants,
* Country coffee, fast food, Bistro and pub restaurants,
* Development of restaurant business in Turkey and in the world , Kebab, soup and offal restaurants,
* Breakfast, pastry, cake, cookie and dessert restaurants,
* Private clubs and restaurants in the entertainment sector,
--- I will exemplify the new gastronomy trends that will come to the fore in the main themes in the continuation of my article.
What are the 2023 World Gastronomy Trends in the Field of "Accommodation Businesses"?
* Camping, bungalows, hostels and motels,
* Summer, inner city and winter Boutique hotels,
* Summer, city and winter star hotels,
* Golf, congress and all-inclusive themed hotels, 
* Ships serving for tourism and holiday purposes,
---You can find more detailed examples of the new world gastronomy trends to be implemented in 2023, in the following headings, about accommodation businesses serving in concept diversity.
The economic crises caused by the wars in the world, especially the food shortage that we will see in 2023, the global diseases caused by healthy eating and the energy crises will cause serious changes in the world gastronomy in 2023. Although these changes will be reflected in 144 different business lines in the world, I would like to include only the topics in the field of gastronomy in my article. 
** “Zero Waste Period in Gastronomy Businesses”, which I see as the most important title in 2023 World Gastronomy Trends, will be implemented at the highest level…
Even though the "showmanship" breezes in the art of cookery are exaggerated today , the developing kitchen technology, sustainability and food shortages in the world will force more stringent measures on food waste. I believe that zero waste management, especially in food, beverage and accommodation businesses, will be taken under surveillance with stricter controls and will be supported by official controls and incentives in this field in 2023.
Zero waste management, which is tried to be strengthened with new projects in Europe and America even today, is not only a method studied on food products. Starting from 2023, the zero waste period will be developed as a system that we will encounter frequently between new gastronomy researches and new gastronomy trends in much more detailed and wider areas.
7 continents and nearly 8 billion people in the world have to eat every day. While 3500 tons of food is thrown away every day in the world, this waste is seen as 1.3 billion tons of wasted food, according to annual data. According to the United Nations reports, the number of people who die from diseases caused by malnutrition while struggling with hunger is 35 million people worldwide.
Again, according to related gastronomy studies, 40% of the food produced in the world is bought by the population of developed world countries and goes to waste. Bread and unpackaged foods are among the most wasted foods. Because of these issues, I wanted to include Zero waste management and waste issues as the first title I included in my article.
** With Local Products And Local Cuisine Design and Concept, More Economic Dry Food Products Will Be Among The New Food Trends Between 2023 World Gastronomy Trends…
As a result of the economic and energy crisis in Asian and European countries, especially in the wars of Ukraine and Russia, the value of local and regional products, which are more affordable beyond sustainability, will increase. Relevant gastronomy businesses will develop their main course menus in this direction and will capture more preferable flavors with new cooking techniques, together with newer presentation techniques about these products. 
If I talk about the products that will be used the most among the new tastes; Be prepared for new flavors to be created from cereals such as broad beans, lentils, lübu, wheat, beans and chickpeas. Each geography has its own special products. There will be new varieties in the dishes that will be made from the fresh ones. These variations, which will be experienced in local and regional products, will take their place in the kitchen archives as new food varieties.
Fine dining in middle-class and high-class restaurants will definitely benefit from these new tastes. Successful chefs, who are innovative and have a clear vision for the future, will surely bring new dishes under the name of "chef's signature" to fine dining restaurant menus with new presentation techniques from these emerging flavors.
** Among the 2023 World Gastronomy Trends, the French Cuisine and the Collapse of the “Michelin Star” will continue to increase. As a proof of their double standards, michelin, who distributes stars even to street vendors in the streets in France, will start to distribute stars even to the 2nd, 3rd and 4th World Countries in order to survive.
As the Spanish and French school, the structuring standing with the support of the ready-made food brands created by the relevant monopoly, especially in Europe, is no longer in demand. In America, Michelin-starred restaurants, preferred by the wealthy coming from second and third world countries, will completely renew their restaurant menus. 
After the Second World War, the structured French cuisine, which is a project based on promotion in the world, will only take place in 2023 articles written by wannabe, far from reality and dreamy gourmets. Especially in the new crisis that will be caused by the economic crisis and energy crisis in Europe, the French Restaurant Management will try to survive with more economical meals by completely renewing the menus.
I even think that the same restaurants will add "take-out" and "come and pick up" services to their new restaurant concepts. There will not be much difference between the wages of Michelin-starred chefs and the wages of truly successful kitchen chefs. At the same time, we will get used to seeing Michelin star chefs who are still trying to keep the queue upright and are unemployed in 2023...
The dirty and dubious past of the Michelin star will be known by the whole world with its proofs within a maximum of 5 years and its true aims will be revealed with all its nakedness. Do you want the states and related restaurants that have spent so much money to get a Michelin star in the world should spend so much money to get rid of the name of this star...
Isn't it worth thinking why the food brands of the West, whose capital is the food culture of the East, should reward the culture they usurped? I would like to remind you of the words of Fidel Castro; "If your enemy is giving you a prize, you're a bitch," he says. I would like to remind you of the Crusades in Gastronomy organized in Turkey . A number of gourmets in Turkey , unfortunately, applaud so that a collapse does not occur without knowing the truth, as I do not think that the Craftsman's Understanding of Gourmets will change.
Michelin star will continue to distribute stars by contacting the tourism and culture ministries of the second and third world countries, insisting on the restaurants and chefs in the relevant countries as much as they can accept their own rules, by undermining many of its own rules that it has been implementing for years, giving up most of them at some point. In the name of this expansion, they will say, “We must take into account the formation of new culinary cultures in the globalizing world”. Whereas, in my view, they will actually initiate the beginning of their own downfall. 
We can say that another reason for this is that due to the crisis experienced by ready-to-eat food brands, the source of their financing, their products fill their expiration dates on the shelves of large supermarkets. Because foreign ready-made food brands, which started to be experienced in the early 2000s and received their share of gastronationalism trends negatively by 2020, cannot cope with this crisis. In the meantime , we can see it as a miracle in the blindness of ignorance and political decisions that they see Istanbul culinary culture and Istanbul cuisine at the last moment, which they have not wanted to see for years.
In the World Culinary History , foreign food brands have not tried any way to promote and sell their products on the market shelves. The issues I have mentioned below are the indicators of the beginning of this collapse. 
As a last resort, some foreign ready-made food brands and markets have started to change their own names and the names of the brands they produce with special names in the countries they serve. At the same time, while trying to recruit well-known local chefs in the countries they serve, they choose gastronomy students or people from professions such as architects, engineers or lawyers who are over 40 years old and can speak in the relevant media organizations (television, magazine, website, etc.).
As it is known, after polishing it in 3 months in the World Cookery History , they are trying to introduce people who have not seen their province yet as “world-famous chefs” to the public, and they will increase the dimensions of their efforts to survive, especially in Turkey. That's why you should definitely judge and research what the new chefs talk about on television screens and the related written media and their recommendations...
** In the 2023 World Gastronomy Trends, Supply Chains that will be more reliable by consumers, will provide the highest profit with the lowest cost, can always be found in the desired amount and have local characteristics will be preferred…
The impact of the economic crisis on gastronomy businesses will lead to varieties that can make maximum profit in the products they sell. For example, high-cost product varieties will be removed from restaurant food menus. It will be removed in products that are very troublesome and require superior skills. Many restaurants will try to work with lower-cost masters rather than high-cost, professional chefs. 
Not only in Turkey, but all over the world, many foods supplied from other cities will be removed from the missing lists, and restaurant menus in the middle and lower classes will be reviewed. These developments will largely be reflected in many of the high-class restaurant and restaurant groups. By contacting local producers, the products specified in the desired weights will be produced throughout the season.
These developments in the supply chain will be reflected in the hotel businesses to a large extent. In fact, the activity and banquet menus will be renewed in hotel businesses, and the details of the program to be implemented in these organizations will be re-evaluated by the hotel management. Large supply chains will soon have to keep up with these others, so they will update their product ranges that support local.
** More Gastronationalism and Culinary Culture Practices Will Begin, Especially in Asian and Arab Countries.
Every country has a geography. The culinary cultures of the countries, as well as the foods grown in this geography, the fusion accumulation of the traditions, customs and traditions of the people living in the geography and the main values ​​of this culture as Artisan Dishes and Foods . Although the runes of foreign food brands and fast food culture are tried by the people living in the region for a while, these habits are temporary. 
Although internet searches are increasing about How Many Types of Steak Are There, What Are the Original Steak Varieties , each culinary culture is trying to place these issues within their own culinary cultures within the 2023 gastronomy trends.
Every nation wants to exist in the international arena with its own culture and wants to be remembered and known with its own. Although these habits are sometimes found attractive by other cultures, they are one of the indispensable elements for the members of that culture. It is not right to be despised and humiliated by other cultures and people at the same time.
In any part of the world, hamburgers are not distributed in a funeral home or at a wedding (this may be in the USA (!)), dishes in the traditional culture of the people are made and these dishes have a unifying aspect. Only people who are wannabes and have lost their own identity do not like their own culinary culture. Basically, it is a mental illness. I wrote an article about what is Gastronationalism & What is Culinary Nationalism ? You can review for more information.
Every meal can be consumed in clean and hygienic conditions if it is prepared by the master of the foundation. Since the colonial activities and culinary cultures of the second and third world countries are occupied by the related countries, developed European countries and America, the people living in these countries do not know their own culinary cultures. There are investigative and savior warriors in every living people. 
These saviors appear one day, and they create a spark for everything to change in an instant, and they enable people to head towards a goal with a few related academic studies. It is the word “our” that is effective here. Our word and the  Importance of Visuality in Gastronomy mean a lot. (our food, our product, our culture, our table, our geography, etc.)
** Gastronomy Businesses Using Green Energy, Especially in Developed World Principles, Will Be Preferred in 2023 World Gastronomy Trends…
You will come across the slogan “We use green energy” written in striking green fonts under the menus of many restaurants and hotels. These slogans will even appear in television, newspaper and magazine advertisements of the relevant gastronomy businesses. Most of the users will prefer businesses using green energy by considering these slogans.
In fact, in order to draw attention to the use of green energy, many restaurants and hotel businesses will start to use wind energy and solar energy panels, as well as many electricity companies will start to sell only green energy over the same power lines, and these efforts will be popular with users.
** The Era of Sustainable Products from Soil to Plate Will Begin with Lower Costs…
In some cities in different countries of the world, there will be new developments on agriculture and agriculture of varying scales. There will be new gardens like greengrocers selling directly from the garden, especially for homes and workplaces. These businesses, which sell from the field, will soon form customer portfolios of varying scales.
These businesses, which are very profitable for both parties, will start to sell while they are still in the product branch. The number of these enterprises, which are formed in response to supply and demand, will increase in a short time and they will become a new business line and a lucrative market in gastronomy and agriculture. This new market, which will come to life especially in Turkey and European countries, will become an indispensable supply chain for individual users, restaurant and hotel businesses.
** More Affordable Restaurants And More Affordable Meals And Food Markets Will Be Among The New World Gastronomy Trends In 2023…
The guest portfolios of small artisan restaurants and cafes on the streets will increase. Particularly in European countries and America, areas where food is sold by kilo will be created in some of the markets of different sizes. In this food market, which is almost a new line of business, you can either take the food you buy by kilo to your home, or you can consume it in the area you bought it if you wish.
As doner and pizza consumers increase in Europe, middle-class and high-class restaurants will suffer the biggest loss of customers, and these losses will increase unemployment. In addition to the energy crisis, especially European countries are facing difficult times in gastronomy. If I talk about the menus of these food markets, you will be able to find more varieties than a normal restaurant menu.
** The Use of Ready Sauce and Ready Food Products on the Market Shelves Will Reduce to Minimum Levels…
Ready meals and many ready-to-eat food brands will also experience their most difficult days in 2023. Especially in Europe, many ready-to-eat food brands will start to shrink and lay off staff due to the costs arising from the energy crisis. They will stop the production of many of the product ranges on the market shelves.
Most of the ready-to-eat food brands in Europe and America will either close or have to partner with Turkish brands. In the world, 2023 will be known as the century of Turkey. While many Turkish companies are growing with new opportunities and new partnerships in Turkish Cuisine and gastronomy in the world , some brands in Europe will not even have a chance to compete with Turkish companies.
Many companies producing on gastronomy in Europe will move their factories to Turkey and the Republic of Turkey will give these companies much better opportunities and tax exemptions. Since these factories, which carry their production bases to Turkey, will make a great contribution to employment, unemployment will decrease to a great extent in the century of Turkey, and Turkey will also become a production base in gastronomy.
** Diet Menus Period Will Begin in Middle Class and High Restaurants…
Healthy eating will become one of the most important habits in the new world gastronomy trends in 2023. The aging world population will create new business lines in the gastronomy sector. After the second quarter of 2023, you will encounter diet menus in many restaurants. In fact, in many ready-to-eat food companies that serve home, diet menus will appear in more than one variety.
In order to make diet menus attractive, the same companies will apply discounts on these menus in the first place with more economical prices. Not only that, they will start weekly and monthly diet menu subscriptions. In fact, under these menus, there will be healthy nutrition recommendations by the same dietitians, as well as the names of famous dietitians.
** Vegan Tastes and Vegan Menus Will Become Necessary in Every Restaurant Group in the Face of Requests Made by Restaurant Guests…
As vegan and vegetarian flavors are getting more and more attention day by day, this habit in developed world countries will start to be in demand in the second and third world countries over time. New restaurants with only vegan and vegetarian features will be opened by chain brand restaurants and new entrepreneurs in gastronomy, and such menus will be offered to users in regular restaurants.
Some establishments in the ready-to-eat meals sector that serve the home will take the issue more seriously and create a market in this regard by developing ready-made sauces in addition to vegan and vegetarian dishes. In this regard, in addition to the conscious choices of the new generation youth, some of them are unconsciously influenced by psychological tendencies, wannabe and curiosity, and they can see this as an option and turn it into a preference.
** In 2023, Digital Gastronomy Preferences Will Increase Among New World Gastronomy Trends, and there will be a high increase in Come Take and Take-out Concepts…
High floors, urbanization, crowded traffic, an increasingly expensive life, living alone, saving time and transportation difficulties will play an active role in the creation of different options in gastronomy. Especially in developed world countries and big metropolises, private companies will be formed, providing services in the field of couriers, which play a leading role in delivery and home delivery.
In fact, licensed couriers who know the fields and know the regions will be formed and this will become a lucrative profession. At the same time, some restaurant chains will begin to serve their regulars not only with food service, but also for vip organizations that will be held at home, villas and offices, known as catering, with the digital menu options they offer over the internet. 
** Edible Insects In Asian And European Gastronomy Will Be More Preferred By New Regulars Among New World Gastronomy Trends In 2023…
Edible insects, that is, Alternative Protein Sources in Nutrition, which we see among the most popular street foods in countries such as China, Japan, Korea and India in Asian culture, will now appear on the streets of Europe and America. Although there is no such practice within the rules of the health departments of the relevant countries, edible insects such as fried ants, fried scorpions, boiled frog legs with soy sauce, grilled voles, dried snakes have already begun to be sold on the streets.
Some of the new generation youth, who are open to some innovations, will try them, as it arouses curiosity in people and this type of food is thought to be a kind of aphrodisiac. Although this type of food is not preferred in Muslim countries, it has already begun to be consumed rather than being a choice for European and American youth.
** Especially in Europe and America, Halal Gastronomy Age Will Reach Much Higher Dimensions, Middle Class and High Class Halal Restaurants Will Experience Their Best Periods in 2023…
The number of world halal summits is increasing. At the same time, international organizations that attach importance to halal food and halal food consumption began to tighten their controls. Especially in European countries and America, halal organizations are followed carefully by public movements and foundations. We have already begun to see "halal" stickers on the doors of the city's best restaurants, with rules that are stricter than a Michelin star.
In 2023, when healthy nutrition is at the top of the list, Raw Food and halal restaurants, which are increasing day by day in European countries and America, which are leading the new world gastronomy trends, have become more preferred than other restaurants. Especially in these countries, a large part of the Jewish and Muslim people look for "halal" stickers or emblems on the doors of the restaurants they go to, while others ask whether there is pork before ordering. 
In the new period   , digital studies on What is A la Carte Restaurant will increase, and new structures will be formed on What Should Be Considered in Restaurant Promotions or "Open Kitchens", that is, the Features of the Show Kitchen , in this regard.
If there is a product containing pork in the restaurant, they do not prefer to eat in these restaurants. If we consider the latest gastronomic researches in terms of healthy nutrition, it is a fact that beef and lamb are healthier than pork in every way. At the same time, pork does not have enough digestion time and it is forbidden to serve Undercooked Pork   and medium cooked options in restaurants in the relevant countries in accordance with the laws of the health department in order to completely kill the bacteria in it.
In the recent studies of international organizations advocating halal food, pork and its contribution, which is one of the most important reasons for getting a Michelin star; The health departments of Muslim countries are informed by checking the food codes in the contents of biscuits, chocolate, confectionery and other food products. In 2023, it is   expected that the import of foods with pork codes will be banned in many countries.
*** Within the New World Gastronomy Trends, New Hotel Trends to be Implemented in 2023 in International City and Holiday Tourism Accommodation Businesses…***
Although hotel trends and restaurant trends are different from each other, I will try to talk about them under the heading of gastronomy trends within my knowledge and experience. In fact, I had meetings with some hotel professionals in order to make my article useful in a wider range on this subject. 
The thing I should say at the beginning is that you should definitely give a few privileges to your guests who prefer your hotel for the second and third times, and you must have a department or a digital system that controls and detects this.
** The Quality of Business Owners, Employees as well as Guests and Feeling Good in the Space They Are In is Very Important…
Hospitality is a team business. Being successful of a person does not mean much in tourism and hotel management. Everyone on the team has to be successful. Motivation-based management, which can instill control, timing, task responsibility, reward, team mentality, always wins in tourism. 
Responsible in hotel management If you don't have a good team, even if you invest billions of dollars in the business as an employer, that ship will not run. If your colleagues are not smiling, remember that the guests you host in your establishment do not smile either.
The word "customer" is not used in the hospitality industry. People who prefer you and your business are welcomed as if they are guests at your home, even if they are in your business as a requirement of Turkish hospitality, and they are called "guests". No matter how many and perfect the treats and services offered to the guests are, tourism businesses that have employees who add energy to them and reflect this to the guests in a positive sense always win in every way.
** It is important to give hotel guests different gastronomic experiences and to give them real stories to tell their friends when they leave the hotel…
If you are providing holiday services in tourism and hotel management, do not serve the guests who prefer you with examples from their own cultures during their holidays. They already know this and have visited another country and culture other than their own to experience difference. Maybe you can give your guests a night of their own culture with a special organization one day of the week.
In your guest satisfaction-oriented organizations, you can experience the stories of local and regional dishes of the country you are in and taste their flavors. Of course, while preparing these delicacies, a fusion transition should be calculated in some cooking techniques and presentations, taking into account the food cultures of the guest groups . At the same time, there should be alternative options along with the variety of dishes that arise from vegan, vegetarian, meat and fish options in the flavors offered.
** Touches such as local music and dance are also important in your hotel business, if you make a French person live like in France, he will get bored after a while…
Based on the agency groups you have worked with, you must have an organization and entertainment program, taking into account the diversity of your guests. Such programs must be shown on the day the guest arrives at the hotel or they must be placed in an area where they can see it. The guest must be aware of the paid and free activities. In all organizations, local culture and then cultural examples from different world countries should be kept alive.
Informative brochures about the city you have been to should be presented to the guests in the form of both digital and printed brochures. (map, historical and cultural sites, landscapes, private parks, museums, places to visit, etc.)
** In 2023 World Hotel Trends, Cleanliness, Hygiene and Security have gained even more importance than before, and it is very important for the guest to see and believe in such applications in a physical sense. We see an increase in research on how to make hotel kitchen according to new gastronomic trends .
Reflecting the works in the main kitchen and kitchen sections of the hotel with screens to some areas deemed appropriate by the hotel management to be seen by the guests can gain the guest's confidence in cleaning issues.
It is one of the most important features to ensure that the toilets and sinks in the common areas are checked at frequent intervals and that there is hand hygiene in these areas. Another issue is that most of the service equipment offered to the guests is for personal use only.
The fact that the importance given to the cleanliness of areas such as service cafes, gardens and beaches is felt by the guests physically and the necessary information and warnings are located in visible areas will increase guest satisfaction and may make you preferred by guests and their friends in a more crowded way.
** Health services are also important in 2023 world hotel trends. A clinic where the guest will go safely when they get sick, a doctor who can diagnose, and the insurance that will pay for the damage will increase guest satisfaction in the future.
Although it is obligatory to have a doctor in hotels above certain standards in developed world countries, this rule is still invalid in some countries. Especially after the pandemic, tourism businesses in the world are trying to increase their guest portfolio while trying to fix their new economy.
One of the most important issues in this regard is health. In the hotel business, any guest should be able to see the doctor's intervention as soon as possible. (this time may be 3-5 minutes) even the hotel doctor checking the common areas where the guests receive service at certain times of the day, reporting the negative issues to the hotel management and seeing these checks by the guests will prevent many psychological complaints.
Thanks to social networks and digital gastronomy, distances are close, and a gastronomic development on the other side of the world can instantly become one of the most popular gastronomy trends all over the world. Today, professional kitchens have the characteristics of a pharmaceutical laboratory. Kitchens equipped with highly advanced hygiene technologies have also participated in this race with new cooking and presentation techniques in order to apply new restaurant and kitchen trends.
Second and third world countries have joined this race with the recollection of traditional cuisine cultures, gastronationalism and new cuisine trends. We see a rebellion in the field of culinary cultures today, where the local and the local come to the fore in the countries that have been colonized by the European states for different reasons.
In today's world, when the sense of intercontinental belonging and local and regional gastronomy values ​​that play a unifying role are at their peak, the governors appointed to third world countries by European states and America and the administration of states that have been seized by coups are now much more difficult. Encouraging policies, enviable project fashion trends in social engineering, impositions of project culinary culture, and new plans of think tanks used to guide lifestyle fail even before they are implemented.
Some of the politics and policies implemented in the world will now be cuisine-based, and they will try everything to achieve their goals through local and regional food products, together with cuisine and culinary cultures in world gastronomy, through existing food brands. It is also a fact that as of 2023, developed or undeveloped world countries will allocate budgets that they have not allocated to gastronomy and gastronomy tourism from their budgets.
Finally, I have to say that gastrodiplomacy, gastronationalism and registered dishes along with the gastronomic signs of geographies will help to reveal new world realities on this road that is rapidly advancing towards the top. In the past, many geographical indications and registered dishes that European countries have registered in their own name will be re-registered by the institutions of the same states to their real owners, with the real owners emerging and claiming rights.
Towards the end of 2023, it will be possible to see the gastronomic races of intercontinental culinary cultures in the world and the most obvious practices and developments of the wars to establish supremacy in terms of food, culture and identity, which will be caused by food competitions and food presentations in order to be victorious in these races.
It consists of my personal thoughts based on my experience of 480 thousand km in four continents, 44 countries and the world. At the same time, my professional resume is based on my one-to-one experiences, as well as the conversations I have had with world-renowned hotel managers, gourmets, successful chefs and restaurant managers in tourism and gastronomy .
*** You can contact me through my contact information for more information on the subjects specified by labeling, taking into account my professional background in the above article, and to get support for Restaurant ConsultingKitchen Consulting  in the titles within my Service Areas. ***
Coord. Chef Ahmet ÖZDEMİR
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What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?
What Are The 2023 World Gastronomy Trends?